However, this feature is limited to Samsung devices. Unfortunately, the uninterrupted battery life of less than five hours is a bit disappointing, even though the carrying case allows for about three additional charges if needed. One way to distinguish the Galaxy Buds 2 from their siblings is their design. If the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are most like beans, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are most like pebbles: they are small, mostly round, and very smooth. They fit into a rounded plastic case that can also be easily slipped into a pocket. Once you open the case, you see the Buds themselves in one of four colors: lavender, olive, white, and graphite. The Buds themselves and the inside of the case have their own color, but the outside of the case does not – it is always white. According to Samsung, the new Galaxy Buds 2 are 15% smaller and 20% lighter than the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, making them easier to wear for longer periods of time. The downside to the smaller size is that they are a bit more difficult to handle and can slip out of the case and ears more easily. Fortunately, since the Buds are magnetically attached to the metal charging pins in the case, this doesn’t happen as often, but we definitely advise being careful when taking them out of the case or putting them back in, lest they accidentally fall out and bounce somewhere out of reach. Of course, when talking about the new Galaxy Buds 2, you have to talk about noise cancellation – something that was missing from the original Galaxy Buds. Noise cancellation is activated by holding down the touchpad of an earbud. You can customize this feature through the Galaxy Wearable app, such as calling your virtual assistant, but we recommend using at least one of the noise cancellation controls. A recent firmware update also added the ability to enable ANC even if you’re only using one earpiece. Speaking of assistants: We’re a little disappointed that Samsung didn’t include an assistant in the Galaxy Buds 2 that always listens. That could mean they’re less appealing to people who don’t want to tap a button to summon their voice assistant. Pressing the noise cancellation button again switches to ambient mode, which provides the Buds with outside noise. This may sound like the exact opposite of what you want, but it’s surprisingly helpful when you want to have a conversation without taking the Buds out, or when you’re waiting for your flight number to be called. The firmware update mentioned above also added the ability to activate ambient mode during a call, so you can hear things around you even while on the phone.

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