The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite comes in two versions: Wi-Fi only (32 GB or 64 GB) and LTE (32 GB). The 32 GB models come standard with 3 GB of RAM, while the US-exclusive 64 GB model has 4 GB of RAM, which should increase multitasking capability. All models have expandable storage via microSD (up to 1 TB) and can be charged and transferred via USB-C. In terms of aesthetics, the device looks and feels good for the price. It is available in gray or silver. With the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, you get everything a tablet needs: a larger screen, up-to-date software, and powerful hardware at an entry-level price. Since it was only launched in 2021, Samsung also regularly offers special deals for all variants of this device.Despite its age, the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite has been promised three years of major OS updates and four years of security patch updates. This means that Samsung’s affordable device, which has already received the Android 12 update, will receive Android 13 and 14 upon release. Given the rapid evolution of One UI into a feature-rich interpretation of Android, we think this is a huge boon. With the LTE version, you can add a SIM card to connect anywhere via carrier data.However, if you opt for the base model, you can always download maps for offline use or rely on Wi-Fi hotspots. The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite’s casing is primarily made of sturdy aluminum, with plastic areas on the top and bottom. The use of metal adds a touch of high-end to the budget tablet. As for battery life, you can expect 10-12 hours of screen time on a full charge in real-world situations like watching movies and browsing the web, depending on the brightness setting. If you use the device intensively at maximum brightness, you can expect about four hours before it is empty. Charging from zero to 100% takes about four hours at a maximum charging power of 15W. This is quite normal for most inexpensive tablets.

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