With the help of the web-based Google Sheets application, users can create, edit and share spreadsheets online in real time. Google’s product has features common to spreadsheets, such as the ability to add, delete, and sort rows and columns. However, unlike other spreadsheet applications, Google Sheets also allows multiple geographically dispersed users to work together on a spreadsheet at the same time and chat via an integrated instant messaging program. Spreadsheets can be loaded immediately by users from their computers or mobile devices. Users can see other users’ changes as they are made, and the app automatically saves all changes. We mentioned below are the 4 ways to search data in Google Sheets🇧🇷

4 ways to search data in Google Sheets

Search using the Find option to highlight all matching cells in the worksheet

using search feature in Google Sheets, you can quickly identify cells that contain a certain string of text if you have cells containing text and want to do so. Remember this is a component of choice final of substitution that we will discuss in the following section. If you want to quickly search the entire worksheet and highlight cells that contain the matching string, choose this option. Suppose you have the dataset described below and you want to identify all cells that have the name “Tag”: Use the arrows in the Find what field that point up and down if you want to go through each cell one at a time. You can also check the result visually because all matching cells are highlighted in green. You can use this quick method in the morning to see if any cells match your text string, then go through them one at a time. You can use the full-featured find and replace dialog functionality in Google Sheets if you need a little more flexibility when searching for data.

Search using find and replace

The dataset being displayed is very straightforward, so it’s clear that you can find what you need by simply looking at it. to make the tutorial simple and easy to understand, we kept it simple. Let’s say we want to find the cells that contain the name “Paul”. The steps you must follow to locate them are listed below:

Find and replace options

There are many more options available than just Find, Replace and Search if you look at the Find and Replace dialog. You can further narrow your search using each of these other options to get the results you want. Let’s look at some of these possibilities:

Search using conditional formatting (to find and highlight cells with search string)

The approach described above finds cells that contain a search string and chooses them one at a time. Instead, you can use Google Sheets’ conditional formatting function to search and highlight all cells that contain your search term. To find all cells in the same dataset that contain the name “Paul”, follow these steps:

Final Words

Often, you can search rows of data in a spreadsheet to find a specific keyword. It’s simple to do this manually on smaller worksheets. Large spreadsheets make this almost impossible, however. Fortunately, Google Sheets comes with a ton of built-in features. features that simplify searching for data in your spreadsheets. We hope that our article on “4 Ways to Search Data in Google Sheets” will certainly help you to do that.

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