Guide: 5 Alternatives To PayPal For Online Transactions

PayPal can use the most used online transaction service, but that doesn’t mean it has no flaws. It is not available in some countries, and the fee is also quite high, especially for the international transactions. Not to mention the PayPal’s habit of blocking accounts for the least of reasons. Whether you can’t use or don’t want to use the PayPal service, there are many reliable alternatives to PayPal for online transactionsBelow I have evaluated 5 of the best PayPal alternatives that make transferring money online easier.


TransferWise is my choice for international transactions because of the astonishingly low remuneration and mid-market prices. TransferWise is simple for every transaction charges 1% of the total amount transferred with a minimum of $ 3, it’s almost 1/3 of the fee that PayPal charges. Best of all it is uses mid-market exchange rate for conversiontherefore, you can be sure to get the best rates without TransferWise fees. Another great feature is that the transferred amount is directly deposited into the bank account of the recipient, and the sender can pay via both a bank account and a debit / credit card (debit / credit card fees may be charged depending on the bank). In addition to personal transactions, TransferWise also offers a neat solution for companies with its Borderless accounts feature The fee is the same as in-person transactions, but without the minimum transaction feeYou get a comprehensive dashboard to view all your transactions in multiple currencies and even make automatic payments

The payment processing time is very fast also. Although it says it can take 2-4 days I have never seen a delay of more than 1 day. ‘ 1% fee on all transactions with a minimum of $ 3 on all personal transactions. Extremely low cost for international money transfers. Middle market conversion rate. Reliable business account. Easy to use and the recipient does not need a bill. Supports many countries where PayPal is not available or limited, such as Bangladesh, India or Pakistan. Only supports international money transfer. Help page Sign up Contact TWTW Currency Converter


Skrill is bad similar to PayPal in effectYou link a bank account or debit / card to your Skrill account and send / receive money. Just the service charges a 1.9% fee for a transfer between Skrill wallets It’s still quite a bit less than PayPal and there are no special rates for different countries / currencies

However, the problem comes with international money transfers where the accounts use different currencies. Skrill charges a 3.99% currency conversion fee, so the international bank transfer can cost nearly 6% of the total amount It gets worse if your bank currency is not supported by Skrill (40 currencies are supported). Money will be converted when both receiving money and withdrawing it to your bank account. And your bank may even add a feeAll this could lead to up up to 12-15% charge for receiving / sending money.

If you live in Europe, you can also get a free Skrill Prepaid Mastercard with use the money directly in the Skrill wallet wherever Mastercard is acceptedWhile not as widely accepted as PayPal, many online stores accept payment through Skrill. This includes GoDaddy, Shutterstock, Skype, Playing Asia and much more. 1.9% fixed fee on transactions where each currency conversion in the process costs 3.99%. Low fees for same-currency transfers. Has a special Prepaid Mastercard. Many stores support Skrill payments. Currency conversion can be a real problem and may require additional verification to increase the maximum wallet limit. Support Pricing Sign up


Transfast is bad similar to TransferWise because it allows you to deposit directly into the recipient’s bank account. However, only US residents can use the service to send money worldwide. It supports online transactions in the US and 50 other countriesSome of the unsupported PayPal countries are also supported.

Transfast charges a flat $ 4.99 for each transaction and does not charge any fees above $ 1000 transfers. Transfers to some countries are also free, such as India or Nigeria. Unfortunately it is uses its own exchange rates for currency conversion that depends on the currency itself. However, the exchange rate is quite competitive, you can check it on the Transfast calculator.

$ 4.99 fixed fee for transactions and no fees for transactions over $ 1000It has its own competitive exchange rates that you can calculate on the pricing page. Suitable for large transactions. Supports countries not supported by PayPal. Can send money locally in the US. Only US residents can send money.


Payoneer is quite different from PayPal, but it is still a great online transaction method. Payoneer works via a Payoneer Mastercard that to your home free with an annual maintenance fee of $ 25 (billed at the end of the year). You can use the card wherever Mastercard is accepted

Payoneer was created primarily to help you receive payments from US companies such as Wish, Fiverr, PayPal and over 3,500 more. You can then withdraw the payment from an ATM or spend it directly with the Mastercard. There is no charge for sending and receiving payments from other Payoneer card users. And there is one 2% withdrawal fee when you withdraw the money in your local currency However, if you receive money from a company, they may charge you their own fee (check the company page for this).

Free transactions between two Payoneer accounts. 2% fee for withdrawing money from an ATM. Free Mastercard Easily get money from popular companies No fees for transactions between Payoneer accounts Cheap withdrawal fees. It is difficult to fund a Payoneer card as the local bank cannot be confirmed. Frequently asked questionsPricesSign upContact Payoneer

Xpress Money

Xpress Money is a good option for this cheap money transfer between 165+ countriesUnderstanding the fee structure can be a bit difficult, but their currency converter can do all the calculations for you. The fee depends on where you send the amount, but it usually is anywhere from 1-2% of the total amountIn addition, if the amount is large enough, there is no charge at all (depending on the currency sent). For example the transactions are free for AUD currency if it exceeds AUD 300

They have their own exchange rate, of course, but the rates are very competitive and even better than TransfastYou can send money from both nearby agents and an online account. however, the online account is only limited to some countriessuch as USA, Australia and UK etc. Xpress Money also offers multiple ways to receive the amountYou can pick up cash from an agent nearby (more than 200,000 agents worldwide), receive it in a bank account or even get it free to your home (supported countries only). Depending on the reception method, it can take anywhere between 2-5 days to receive moneyAlthough with cash pick up I could always receive the amount the next day.

The costs depend on the currency you are sending, but usually it is between 1-2%. The transactions also become free after a certain threshold. You can check out the currency converter (link above) to get the exact cost estimate and exchange rate. Cheap rates. Many ways to receive money. More than 80 currencies supported. Online account is limited to some countries. Tariff structure is difficult to understand.


Most of these services offer a better solution for international money transfer, but Skrill is a good solution if you want to exchange money in the same currency. TransferWise is the cheapest solution on this list, but if you want to receive money from a company, give Payoneer a try.

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