They enjoy looking at them, tapping and swiping the screen, playing iPhone games, and, above all, enjoying videos on them. Possibly the best tablet you can buy right now is an iPad. They are strong, adaptable, and durable. It will eventually be necessary for you to replace or upgrade your equipment, though. You’ll probably sell or give your device away when you do that. You should be aware that your iPad has a lot of highly sensitive personal data on it. Everything is there, including login information, photos, business emails, and private communications. We mentioned below are the 5 things to do before giving family member an iPhone or iPad.

5 things to do before giving family member an iPhone or iPad

Set up an Apple ID for them

An Apple ID is required for all Apple devices. It is essentially the gated garden of Apple’s entire system. Therefore, it’s beneficial if you set up that for them ahead — both the linked email account and password — if you’re giving an iPhone or iPad to an older person and they’ve never used an iPhone, iPad, or Mac before. And if you do, be sure to store that data in a password organizer like 1Password or LastPass so you can access it quickly. You are welcome to use your elder relative’s existing Apple ID if they have one since it should be linked to all of their data and downloads. If you haven’t already, We would also advise having this information close at hand to assist with any account issues that might come up in the future.

Get their Wi-Fi connections ready

Without some sort of data link, an iPhone or an iPad are worthless. An iPhone that you give someone should already be connected to the internet. However, the iPad only uses Wi-Fi unless you pay for the Wi-Fi+Cellular models. If the recipient of the iPhone or iPad typically stays at home, try pre-configuring their Wi-Fi there. Additionally, if they frequently visit someone else’s house or even a go-to coffee shop, see if you can connect the device to such networks. It relieves them of one worry and probably saves you from making a few more troubleshooting calls in the future.

Set up Family Sharing

Family Sharing is an Apple feature that enables members of the same household to share purchased material among their various Apple IDs. Other helpful features are available for both parents and relatives of older individuals. Using Family Sharing, for instance, parents can remotely set parental controls, such as screen time restrictions. If enabled, family members will also be able to communicate their whereabouts more readily with one another. You can even limit a child’s device’s access to system settings like the Camera. A Family Sharing group may consist of up to six individuals. If enabled, the “Family Organizer,” who is the person who creates the family group, will be charged for purchases made by other family members. To add a family member over 13 who already has an Apple ID, do this.

Download their favorite apps

Applications run on an Apple device. If you’re setting up an iPad for a family member, you might want to install some entertaining or practical apps on the tablet before giving it to them. For kids, this can include a variety of educational games or applications. Family members of elderly relatives may benefit from Facebook, Zoom, and other communication tools. In the same line, it might be a good idea to remove any programmes that you don’t want the younger or older user to have access to or that they don’t require. Web browsers and the Mail app should probably be avoided when using them on a youngster.

Set Up Parental Controls

Setting up Parental Controls in advance is a smart idea if you’re handing an iPad to a younger user. Ask to Buy, which requires youngsters to ask your permission before making a purchase, is one feature you should enable. It’s also a good idea to use Screen Time, which enables users to set limitations on how frequently they use their smartphone or specific apps. If a youngster requests it, you can “give” them more time past the allotted amount of time for screens.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on 5 things to do before giving family member an iPhone or iPad. Since they work well for both younger and older users, Apple’s iPads are a great item to retain in the family and pass on to a family member. Similar to this, lots of people buy more recent iPad models especially for elderly or younger users.

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