The headphone pads are thick and soft, making it easy to achieve a comfortable seal. The fabric on the ear cushions doesn’t trap nearly as much heat as faux leather, so your ears and head stay cool even after hours of wear. Gamers with glasses should also enjoy this headset as hidden glasses channels are engraved into the pads to reduce the tension that is so common and facilitate a decent seal. A velor option would still be desirable, but Razer has been using this solution for a while and it works well. The Razer Kraken Ultimate offers very good isolation for a gaming headset. It’s nothing close to active noise cancellation, but the headset’s thick and soft ear cushions do a good job of blocking out the kind of noise you’d encounter at home. This is a pure PC headset, after all, you don’t have to block out noisy cafes or buses on the go. The Razer Kraken Ultimate offers a fairly accurate sound for a gaming headset. There is a notable overemphasis of bass in the 50-200 Hz range, and a consistent, if slight, underemphasis in the mid and high ranges. That’s not to say things get too out of hand, but a frequency response like this runs the risk of auditory masking, where some sounds drown out others due to improper balance. The microphone of the Razer Kraken Ultimate is not particularly remarkable. As with most gaming headset mics, there is a steep attenuation in the bass range up to about 400 Hz and a slight boost in the treble. This means that sibilants come through loud and clear, which is important for making speech sound natural. However, people with lower voices will find that they sometimes sound a bit like they are speaking into a tin can, as the underemphasized bass can take away much of the natural timbre.

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