Any Android security code must be entered straight into the dialer in order to run. If input correctly, the code should automatically respond, but you may also need to press Dial. Coders have a long-standing custom of hiding baked goods in hidden passages (or perhaps just in cute little Easter eggs) that can only be accessible by entering a unique “key.” In the mobile age, such tradition thus endures. we mentioned below are the 8 Android Secret Codes You Should Know.

8 Android Secret Codes You Should Know

Use USSD Secret Codes on Android

It’s easier than you might think to use hidden USSD codes on an Android phone. It’s no longer necessary to go to your Android settings and search for the particular menu items or features you wish to use. To input secret codes on Android, follow these steps.

Android Secret Security Codes You Should Try

View the Phone’s IMEI

USSD code: *#06# You may view the IMEI number of your Android phone with this secret code. Another crucial unique identification for your device is the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), which serves as the digital fingerprint for your smartphone. IMEI codes are often pre-printed on the back of your smartphone. But if you want to see it, you’ll have to take off the back casing. Use this code instead if you don’t know how to remove the back of your device or just can’t. When purchasing a used phone, for instance, checking the IMEI data can be useful.

Check SAR Level

USSD code: *#07# You can use this code to view your Android phone’s SAR level. When using an Android device, your body absorbs electromagnetic energy depending on the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) level of the device in question. At the time of writing, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) mandates that cellphones have a maximum SAR level of 1.6 watts per kilogramme. You may check if your Android smartphone has already exceeded this limit by using this code. If so, it might be time to think about getting a new phone.

Perform GPS System Test

USSD code: ##1472365## Use this popular USSD code to verify the strength or effectiveness of your Android GPS (Global Positioning System). Knowing whether your smartphone’s GPS is on or off can help you avoid a number of unfortunate circumstances, such as losing your phone or having it stolen. You may use its GPS to find your phone if it’s on and functioning.

Do a Touchscreen Test

USSD code: ##2664## This security code allows you to test whether your device’s touchscreen is functional, just like the GPS test code. It will be useful if you decide to buy a used phone.

Enable General Test Mode

USSD code: #0# The “General Test Mode” features on your Android phone should be accessed or turned on if it isn’t already. Access to different testing capabilities, including grip sensor, RGB testing, subkey, barcode emulator test, LED, front camera, touch testing, and device version information, will be available after entering this code. There’s a good probability someone is tampering with your phone if one or two of these metrics show problems.

View Smartphone Battery, WLAN, and Other Info

USSD code: ##4636## This code can be used to view battery, WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network), and other supplementary phone data. Thanks to the usage statistics and Wi-Fi information shown, you may use this standard USSD code to learn more about WLAN and battery condition as well as who accesses your apps.

View Firmware Information

USSD code: ##49862650468##* Android users can benefit from firmware information in a variety of ways, including knowing whether their device’s firmware has been modified, which could potentially result in system harm. By using this top-secret security code, you can retrieve the vital data related to your original Android firmware. Personal digital assistant (PDA), RF (Radio Frequency) call date, smartphone type, hardware, and production date are a few of these specifics.

View Camera Information

USSD code: ##34971539## You can use this code to view your phone’s camera firmware details, including the number of cameras, maximum zoom, and firmware version. The overall security of your system may be impacted by the camera firmware. Actually, accessing smartphone cameras is a common part of fraudulent activities. Knowing the specifics of your Android camera’s firmware will help you spot any potential tampering by cybercriminals.

Final Words

So here we conclude our article on 8 Android Secret Codes You Should Know. The most widely used mobile operating system is Android. It is a free, open-source smartphone built on the Linux OS and created by Google. The security and functioning of your smartphone are ensured by pre-installed and automatically active features on your Android device.

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