Advantages and Disadvantages of Sending Mass Text as a Business

Choosing the most effective way to communicate is crucial for any business. It makes things happen – whether you’re trying to create awareness or sell your product or service. But, the direct and personal interaction of the marketing and communication channel remains the most preferred. Therefore, SMS is still the highlight for many companies, mainly because it has a higher open rate than other forms. Bulk SMS is also known as Bulk Text Messages, Bulk SMS, or Text Blast. It helps to spread large amounts of information through text messages in a very general approach. Bulk SMS allows you to send bulk messages to a target audience simultaneously. Because of this, many lines of business, such as schools, banking, media, and entertainment, still use text messaging to attract and retain customers. The benefits of bulk SMS service are hard to ignore. This article will discuss five reasons you should consider bulk SMS service for your business. In addition, we also inform you about the top four free bulk SMS services you can use to your advantage.

Pros of companies that send a bulk text

Bulk SMS has come a long way from the spam messages you may have received a decade ago. Backed by powerful software such as MessageMedia’s bulk SMS, regulated by compliance requirements, and enhanced by a few learned best practices, bulk copying is a favorite of many savvy companies. Recipients are prepared to like your content. Since your SMS services require customers to sign up to receive texts, you can ensure they are interested in your content. Essentially, you are reaching out to your loyal and potential customer base. (In others words, the perfect audience for upselling.) You can send texts at the perfect time. When you send an email, there’s no way of knowing when your audience will read it. They can open your email right away or within a week. When you send a bulk SMS, there’s a good chance your recipients will read it right away. After all, 90% of texts are read within the first three seconds of receipt. Your messages go straight to the point. There’s no room for monologues in text messages – which is good. Today’s consumers have very short attention spans, although there is debate as to whether our attention spans are just 8 seconds. You don’t have the time or energy to sift through lengthy emails to get to your main message. You can get your news across instantly without room for fluff in texts. There are many uses for bulk SMS. When most professionals hear “bulk SMS”, they think of 500 identical 50% off coupons sent via SMS. If you hit bulk SMS, campaigns aren’t like that. Today’s bulk SMS messages can send appointment reminders, elegant event invitations, and helpful customer loyalty offers. These texts can be personalized for each recipient and targeted to small groups of users to give the impression that each text was sent individually. They also achieve a high open rate; On average, 98% of SMS messages are read. Technology makes bulk SMS manageable at scale. Some companies may be interested in bulk SMS but worried about logistics. Today’s bulk SMS platforms allow businesses to send personalized texts to customers and reply to a standard inbox. Replies sent to the shared inbox can be quickly assigned and responded to by a team of customer service representatives. Bulk SMS is accessible. While mass mailing and even email can cost businesses a good penny, sending a mass message can be much more affordable. Major business platforms offer transparent upfront pricing to pay per SMS to ensure your company only pays for the number of times you send.

Cons of companies sending a bulk text

The benefits of bulk texting are many, but nothing is perfect. Read on to learn about the few challenges your business will face when adopting bulk SMS. Compliance requires a few steps. As with email marketing, consumers must opt in before receiving a single bulk message. (It’s US law). Fortunately, the activation process can be as simple as asking customers to text your work SMS number with a one-word passcode. If you have a robust enterprise SMS platform, it can be configured to automatically add customers to your selected recipient list, further simplifying the process. Also, granting explicit permission to send text messages to recipients means they are prepared to receive your notifications. You cannot send messages very often. On the other hand, customers can unsubscribe from your SMS services at any time, and this process should also be easy for them. (The SMS business platform you choose should automatically unsubscribe recipients when they receive messages containing words such as STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, or QUIT.) Due to this limitation, you cannot bombard customers with your content — if you do, they may get angry and abandon your program altogether. You can’t embellish your message (too much). Bulk text is elegant in its own right, but you can’t beautify it with your marketing team’s knowledge of HTML. However, you can add emojis, GIFs, standalone images, and links. Any beautiful HTML content you want to share – like newsletters or event invites – can be sent via a link and viewed in a browser.

Final note

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