A front camera up to 48MP, a macro camera for close-ups, a low light mode, a night-shot type IR mode, and a true professional grade thermal imaging camera are all included in the AGM Glory G1S Phone, a tough smartphone running Android 11. It has tough, reinforced corners, a screen protector that is already installed, a protective ridge around the screen, and rubber plugs in every connector. It even includes a laser pointer and an integrated LED light. This camera is for those who work hard and don’t mind getting their hands filthy. It’s a digital Swiss Army knife that can fit on any tool belt. you can read our article on AGM Glory G1S review.


It’s encouraging to see that AGM has embraced the stylistic trend away from making everything rough appear to have been manufactured for the military. Even though this phone wasn’t made to be used underwater, the Glory G1S seems to draw inspiration from diving gear. Understated black with orange accents. Furthermore, the coating, which AGM refers to as having a “Aramid-like texture and Bayer Soft Rubber,” offers enough traction so that the G1S shouldn’t readily slip from the hand. The phone looks to have been modularized into a core chassis, battery, cameras, and a top module based on an overview of the many Glory variants that AGM produces. The 6.53-inch FHD+ (2340 x 1080) screen, 6.53-inch SoC, and charging dock are all shared by all of them, however their batteries, storage options, and cameras vary. The G1S is the lightest in its series at 315g and has the best camera options, but it has a smaller than average 5500mAh battery and doesn’t support wireless charging. Three aspects of this design are noteworthy, but one in particular deals with a problem that has plagued many robust designs. That is the charging port, or more precisely the rubber plug that must be removed each time the phone is linked to a computer or other device for direct data transfer or charging.

AGM Glory G1S review: Display

AGM’s display is an IPS panel with extended Full HD resolution. Unfortunately, the maximum brightness of 390 cd/m2 in our spectrophotometer test does not convince and is more akin to a display from five years ago than a modern smartphone screen. When using a work device like the AMG Glory G1S frequently outdoors and in other bright conditions, this is extremely important. It has a 23401080 LTPS TFT screen. The brightness is sufficient to prevent the colors from seeming overly bright or too faint depending on the lighting conditions. The colors are fairly vibrant. Unfortunately, despite having the necessary hardware for high-resolution video playback and the necessary processing capacity, the phone does not allow high-resolution streaming services; instead, you can only stream content in 480p from Netflix and Disney+.


Launching with Android 11, the AGM Glory G1S is almost two generations behind the most recent Google-produced software. Our review unit has the Android security update from January 5, 2022. Having such an outdated security update on the phone is hardly a good sign for long-term support, but we haven’t heard anything from AGM regarding plans for Android updates. also you can check our article on AGM Glory G1S review. The gist of this phone is that you should only purchase it if you like what it already has, not what it might develop into. Businesses need security updates, so maybe there will be activity soon. There is no bloatware or other apps installed on the G1S; it runs a stock version of Android. The compass, FM radio, and “IRCamera” for thermal photography are the only other apps, all of which are geared toward improving the experience of using a particular item. The notification shade’s optional tile for the laser pointer controller is visible. There is a setting for the left side user-defined key in addition to all of the stock Android settings. You can programme this key to activate features like as Google Assistant, push-to-talk, audio playback, and the camera. Right now, it’s configured for the laser pointer.

AGM Glory G1S review: Hardware and performance

The majority of these phones that we’ve seen in recent years have been constructed using budget-friendly SoCs from MediaTek and other SoC manufacturers. Glory G1S has the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 SoC as the Moto G50, Redmi Note 10 JE, and a number of Nokia models, including the XR20, X100, X20, and X10. Therefore, AGM did not move in that way. This chip’s core is an Octa-core CPU made up of two units of the 2GHz Kryo 540 Prime CPU based on the A76 and six units of the Kryo 560 based on the A55. On the G1S, the Snapdragon 480 is a top-notch SoC that performs superbly, especially when power saving is important. The G1S is designed to provide consistently over the course of one or two working days and has two performance and six efficiency configured cores. Additionally, this isn’t a design where battery life quickly diminishes, even with the AGM Glory series’ smallest battery. It’s not all good news, though. Widevine stream certification, a secure method that regulates the calibre of streaming services, is something that few Chinese phone manufacturers are willing to pay for. The G1S is another another device that only has Widevine L3 stream certification but has a screen with a resolution high enough for 1080p and 5G connectivity. Therefore, 480p is the highest quality streaming you will receive from the majority of services, including Netflix and Disney+.


The primary camera uses a Sony IMX582 sensor and has a 48 megapixel resolution. Poor HDR photos have bright patches that are partially overlit. The detail reproduction, though, is respectable. Bulky portions quickly appear large. However, there are issues with the camera, particularly in low light, where there are heavy artefacts produced and there isn’t much drawing in the dark anyhow. The AGM Glory G1S, however, is equipped with a special camera for these circumstances: a rear-view camera with an infrared diode that can capture images with a resolution of 20 megapixels, although naturally only in black and white. In exchange, the camera is also capable of seeing in total darkness. In our test images, the subject is clearly visible and reasonably sharp. The camera also has the ability to record videos at a frame rate of 25. There is only a 2-megapixel macro lens for incredibly close-up shots instead of a wide-angle camera. A maximum of 1080p and 60 frames per second are recorded by the primary camera. Both autofocus and automatic exposure function pretty consistently and instantly. The photo quality is respectable and has acceptable exposure. also you can learn our article on AGM Glory G1S review.

AGM Glory G1S review: Battery life

A Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G system-on-chip (SoC) and a Qualcomm Adreno 619 GPU power the AGM Glory G1S. Although the Snapdragon 480’s processing capability does not compare to those of processors found in high-end smartphones, it is incredibly power-efficient and does not quickly deplete the Glory G1S’s 5500 mAh battery. The phone includes 128 gigabytes of internal memory, 8 gigabytes of RAM, and a micro-SD card for additional storage. Despite having less processing power than high-end phones, the Glory G1S performs admirably. Applications and browsers load rapidly, and many games can be played with respectable framerates and performance.

Price and availability

The AGM Glory G1S, which is available directly from the manufacturer, has just one SKU and one accessory choice. The cost is a fixed $699, and an additional $20 will get you a charging dock. It’s vital to understand that this design was made for other markets and not just the US market, therefore it only works with the frequencies that T-Mobile uses in that area. The Glory Pro, which is based on the G1S and costs $819.99, has a slightly different feature set, twice as much storage, and wireless charging, according to the AGM website. The G1S and the Pro are both at the very top end of what users could anticipate paying, even from Samsung or other more well-known brands, when compared to the average pricing of tough phones.


It has flaws including a weak SoC, a dull screen, little RAM and storage, and a subpar camera system, but it still has features that customers will find useful. The AGM Glory G1S is the ideal work phone, especially for blue-collar people, due to its robustness and ergonomics for field use. Consider this device if you’re thinking about purchasing a work phone and generally use a thermal camera. It provides a more lightweight and durable alternative to specialised equipment as well as add-on thermal cameras for iPhones.

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