There are about 150 different exercise modes available, and six of them are automatically identified and tracked. The accuracy of the GPS, Heart Rate, and SpO2 tracking was fairly good. The Amazfit GTR 3 contains a statistic, similar to some other models, that integrates data from many sensors to give you a number that prompts you to move or exercise more when you haven’t.


At first appearance, the Amazfit GTR 3 appears to be your typical wat. Thunder Black and Thunder Grey are both available, as was the case with the review unit. The case is finished in a lovely black color. There are tiny ticks across the watch’s bezels at each hourly position. The GTR 3 only has two buttons, both on the right side, as opposed to the four side buttons on the T-Rex Pro. The top button returns you to the home screen from any screen, and turning it will scroll through any lists that are currently displayed. The bottom button starts your tracking of physical activities. Like nearly every other smartwatch, the rear houses the heart rate sensor and two charging plates. A quick-release pin holds the 22mm silicone rubber watch strap to the lugs, making it simple to replace out. The strap is black and has horizontal bumps on the rear and angled lines at the top. Our watch’s band is longer and includes a total of 14 adjustment holes, so it can be fitted almost perfectly. Two movable loops on the plastic buckle allow you to secure it firmly and hold the extra strap in place. Due to the materials employed, the watch is quite light and comfortable to wear and neither feels nor appears to be of low quality.

Amazfit GTR 3 review: Interface and controls

The UI on the watch is incredibly easy to use. To access the watch’s main functions, such as steps, heart rate, weather, and sleep data, swipe to the left or right. You can also swipe up or down to access the alerts and quick settings menus, respectively. With virtually no touch screen lag and no issues launching or accessing options, the interface is likewise fairly fluid. Use of the Zepp app is very simple. The three tabs you’ll receive are Home, Health, and Profile. The Homepage functions as a dashboard for all of your health information, including weight, steps, heart rate, and sleep tracking. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy the layout because it’s quite well set up. The Health tab records all of your physical activity, including your walks, runs, bike rides, steps, and calories burned. Even buddies might engage in competition. Last but not least, the Profile tab is your standard profile and settings page where you may configure your devices and upload a picture. Additionally, even though we don’t do much “working out,” we have to confess that the fitness features are extensive. Although 150 different activities are offered, which is obviously way more than we’ll ever need, this watch will be able to keep up if you work out frequently and like to mix things up. Additionally, it offers a wide range of health metrics, from basic measurements like heart rate and sleep monitoring to more complex ones like blood oxygen levels and stress levels.


Of course, a smartwatch’s display determines whether it will survive or not. And while Amazfit chooses TFT LCD technology for its more affordable products, such the “Bip” line, it has gone all-out for an AMOLED panel with the GTR 3. Given the relatively narrow bezels surrounding the face, the display appears even larger than its 1.39-inch size, making it a massive panel for a smartwatch. Its size allows it to show a variety of data, which is made further easier by the availability of interchangeable watch faces. When receiving notifications on the phone, we found this to be really helpful, and even extended text messages were not difficult to read. The claimed 326ppi pixel density, which is close to the “Retina” threshold where Apple claims the human eye can no longer distinguish individual pixels, is at least partially responsible for this being the case. The display uses OLED technology, which produces true blacks and vibrant colours. It also has a “Always On” option. Although it can quickly deplete the battery, this also enables the GTR 3 to function as a “genuine” watch by constantly displaying the time. Although Amazfit makes no claims about the brightness of the panel it uses, we found that the watch did well in the challengingly bright October sunlight. The situation may be different in the summer heat, of course. you can read our article on Amazfit GTR 3 review.

Amazfit GTR 3 review: Tracking

The Amazfit GTS 3 is a very basic, approachable sports watch despite offering a wide variety of activity monitoring settings. Although you must first set it up in the app, six of its training modes can be recognized and begin tracking automatically, which is helpful if you have a tendency to forget things. In our tests, the watch’s GPS performed admirably, accurately tracing our pre-measured 5 kilometre path to within 200 metres. Though Amazfit doesn’t say how long you’ll need to be working out before it’s enabled, we discovered that it takes about 10 minutes for automated workout tracking to start operating. Heart rate monitoring worked well for both daily use and long distance jogging, and the results were generally consistent with those obtained by our Garmin Fenix 7. However, we discovered that the watch’s heart rate monitor didn’t react to changes as quickly as some more expensive sports watches during a class of indoor cycling. If you’re interested in heart rate zone training, it’s important to keep it in mind even though it’s unlikely to be a big problem for runners just starting their fitness journey. The GTR 3 compiles and summarizes your heart rate data from the previous seven days into a single statistic called PAI, like all Amazfit watches do (Personal Activity Intelligence). You earn more PAI the faster your heart rate increases, and you want to consistently maintain a rolling score of at least 100. It provides you with a clear target to strive for, similar to Fitbit’s Active Zone Minutes or the rings on an Apple Watch, but PAI has the advantage of having a single number that is quite simple to comprehend. PAI too low right now? more movement That’s all there is to it, and it’s quite useful if you’re seeking for a tool to encourage you to adopt healthy habits as opposed to helping you with rigorous athletic training.

Battery life

The battery’s capacity has been slightly lowered from 471 mAh to 450 mAh, however the company claims that with ordinary use, the battery can last up to 21 days on a single charge. The battery lasted over 19 days during real-world testing that included five days of sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring set to one minute, stress monitoring at five-minute intervals, two hours of GPS usage per week, and two SpO2 readings per day. Utilizing an animated watch face reduces it to two weeks. also you can check our article on Amazfit GTR 3 review. In the past, the GTR 2 could run on a relatively light load for almost 18 days. With that load, the GTR 3 ought to be able to reach the promised 21 days more quickly. The initial Amazfit GTR and GTR 2e, which could last more than three weeks each on a full charge, are the only devices that outperform these remarkable battery backup stats. This watch can be charged in under two hours using the included magnetic charging base.

Amazfit GTR 3 review: Price and configurations options

In October 2021, the Amazfit GTR 3 went on sale for $179.99 / £149 (about AU$240), which is a reasonable price for a GPS running watch, especially one with an OLED display. The same-day release Amazfit GTR 3 Pro costs a bit more, at $189.99 / £179 (or roughly AU$260).


Upgrade to the new Amazfit GTR 3 Pro if you like the sound of the Amazfit GTR 3 but require a little more from your wristwatch. This sports a sizable 1.45″ screen with super HD AMOLED display technology (one of the largest displays on the market for this type of smartwatch). If you have Bluetooth headphones, you can use them to listen to music while you’re on the go and save up to 470 tracks. You should search elsewhere if you need a dedicated sports watch for severe training. However, the GTR 3 Pro is definitely worth taking into consideration if you’re inquisitive about smartwatches and like the notion of receiving notifications while on the go and being able to track simple fitness data.

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