In a nutshell, it is a sleek little webcam that will completely transform your home office tech. The C300 is a 1080p webcam with 720p or 360p capture at 30 or 60 frames per second. As previously stated, it has a 115-degree lens, which is much wider than what we are used to seeing; most webcams are around 80 degrees. It works with Windows 7, 8, and 10, as well as macOS 10.13 and later. The PowerConf is a straightforward rectangular black box with rounded corners that measures 1.2 by 3.9 by 1.3 inches (HWD). The lens is positioned in the center of the front panel, with pinhole microphones on either side. When the camera is recording video, a status LED to the right of the lens and to the left of an Anker logo illuminates. The back panel includes a USB-C port for connecting to your computer. The camera is permanently attached to a black hinged clip. With a smaller fold-down foot for secure positioning, the clip folds back to brace against the back of your monitor or laptop. The camera is supported by a small, separate hinge that allows it to tilt down from a forward position, and it has a short neck that allows it to freely pivot left and right. When the monitor clip is folded flat, a tripod screw mount sits on the bottom. A three-foot USB-C-to-USB-C cable is included, as is a small USB-C-to-USB-A adapter for plugging into your computer’s USB-A port if a USB-C port is not available. In addition, Anker includes two stick-on privacy shields that attach to the front of the camera and provide plastic sliding doors that can be moved in front of the lens. Anker’s AnkerWork software allows you to customize the C300’s resolution, frame rate, lens angle (a fixed digital zoom), and color balance. It also allows you to enable automatic face-tracking (a dynamic digital zoom that moves with you) and update the camera’s firmware. However, because it is not capture software, it cannot be used for recording or streaming.

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