Most people will buy this watch so they don’t have to take their phone out of their pocket as often, or because they want a decent fitness companion. This package comes in five new colors, and thanks to the larger screen, everything is a bit more visible than on the Watch 6 or SE. The glass covering the attractive OLED display is slightly curved, though we couldn’t really see much of an advantage in that. The larger display allows for more features, such as being able to see more of your messages or having a larger area for larger buttons to tap. Apple also thinks the extra display area means it’s time to add a keyboard to the Watch. Although the chip here is called the S7, it doesn’t bring a performance advantage, it’s just been reconfigured to accommodate the slightly larger design. The Watch 7 handles the basic functions like running, cycling, and swimming (among other workouts) well, and there are some nice extras like the meditation app, which we used often, and Apple’s ring system. The electrocardiogram and blood oxygen monitoring won’t be of much use to many people, but those main features won’t be a major reason to buy for many. While the Apple Watch Series 6 is still on sale, we can’t really recommend the new Watch 7, especially if you can get the 2020 model at a decent discount. The Apple Watch Series 7 can only pair with an iPhone, but the process is seamless. The watch installs compatible apps that are already on your phone, so you can access them directly from your wrist. For cellular models, setting up LTE is quick and easy. After that, you can keep connected using only LTE and leave your iPhone out of range, for example, when you’re working out. Apple had also advertised faster charging speeds when it unveiled the Series 7.

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