The appearance of the Logitech G335 is the most striking feature. It retains the Logitech G733’s trapezoidal earcups as well as the rest of the form factor. It has an aesthetic that blends in with Logitech G’s newest peripherals while distinguishing itself from other more traditional-looking headsets on the market. The G335 is available in three different colors: black, white, and mint. They also have different colored headband straps to help them stand out even more. The black version has a purple and blue strap, the white has a blue and orange strap, and the mint has a gray and yellow strap. If that isn’t enough, Logitech sells additional reversible straps separately, with a total of eight options. The G335 is more than just a pretty face. It’s incredibly light, weighing only 240 grams, so you won’t get tired after hours of use. And, despite the fact that it’s clearly made almost entirely of plastic, it’s strong enough that you’d have to work hard to break it. The headband can even be stretched and twisted without causing any harm except possibly reducing clamping force. Though the G335 is a no-frills device, Logitech has made it quite adjustable. The earcups slide up and down from the headband with ease, the strap can be removed and clipped on to loosen or tighten the fit, and the earcups have enough swivel to conform to different shaped heads. Unfortunately, the microphone can only be adjusted up and down. As an analog headset with few audio features, it only has a volume control wheel behind the left earcup and a mic that can be turned off and on by flipping it up and down. It would have been nice to have a volume wheel for the microphone as well, but there is none. Because it is purely analog, it has one distinct advantage over headsets that require a wireless or USB connection: you can use it with anything that has a 3.5mm connection, including an Xbox, PlayStation, Mac, or PC. It also includes a PC splitter for PC gamers who require one.

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