The top panel features a central multi-function button (for playback and track navigation) positioned between dedicated volume buttons. It also features controls for power, pairing, LEDs, and XBass. On the rear panel is the connection panel, which is covered by a snapshot-style protective cover. Here you will find a port for the included power cable, a 3.5mm auxiliary input, and a USB-C port for charging external devices via the speaker’s battery. No cables other than the included power cable are included. Whether you want them or not, what you get are 32 LED lights, 15 on either side of the metallic grille and two behind the dual woofers flanked by two tweeters placed in the upper corners of the baffle when looking at the speaker. Ambient lights are available in three profiles: a profile that switches the color of the side panel between speaker LEDs and volume effects, a profile that gives a rainbow effect on the side panel while the speaker LEDs are white, and a profile that turns off all beat-driven light effects but still has the side panel on every volume change. Even with the Tribit app, it is not possible to turn off all the lights all the time. The StormBox Blast has large buttons on the top for controls, and they were responsive. In addition to the usual power and volume buttons, a multi-function button allows you to play, pause, skip, and rewind songs. It also offers lighting controls and a dedicated Bluetooth pairing button. Tribit offers a free app that you won’t find in the user guide or on its website. The app allows users to select sound modes, create custom EQ settings, and update firmware. You can also boost the bass by pressing the speaker’s XBass button.

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