The majority of contemporary TWEs, whether they are made by Samsung, Jabra, or Apple, have some form of moulded design that fits the shape of the human ear. The only way to keep the Echo Buds in your ears is to either force the full plastic body into your ear or to let them hang and cross your fingers that neither falls out next to a drain. Although your ear’s shape will always determine how comfortable your earbuds are, it’s difficult to conceive whose ears these are genuinely designed to fit. The new laser-drilled vent located inside the earbuds themselves, which releases pressure buildup, is another significant enhancement. A few years back, the Powerbeats Pro introduced this design element, and today it can be found on almost every major brand of true wireless earbuds. The Echo Buds do protrude somewhat out of your ears despite being smaller and unquestionably more comfortable to wear; not enough to make them look odd, but enough to cause them to rub against a hood if you’re wearing one or up against the pillow when you’re lying down. While neither of those is a deal-breaker in and of itself, it may be crucial to consider them when choosing a set of earphones.


Audio performance

In The Weeknd’s Save Your Tears (Remix), for instance, Ariana Grande’s voice has a tremendous richness that was previously impossible to detect. We Feel It Coming with Daft Punk has a good left-right audio separation for a pair of true wireless earbuds, which is rather impressive. No song had a soundstage as expansive as what you might anticipate from a pair of open-back over-ear headphones, but there is unquestionably more clarity than previously.

Call performance

The Echo Buds 2’s call quality is on par with that of the original. But keep in mind that you must have ANC turned on because performance changes significantly when the feature is off. The microphones reduced ambient noise and increased clarity for discussions that sounded natural. On both ends, loud noises were still heard, but at least my ears didn’t feel as jarred. Although we would have preferred a little longer battery life, active noise-cancelling earphones now seem to have a five-hour battery life per charge. The battery life of the Echo Buds isn’t nearly as good as class leaders like the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, which offer 11 hours of playback per charge and an additional 11 inside the charging case. If you need the extra juice, you can do a little better if you disable the ANC and always-listening assistant features (you’ll get about 6.5 hours that way).

Price and availability


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