Compared to the iPad’s squarer screen, the tablet’s 10.1-inch LCD touchscreen is a little bit brighter than its predecessor and made for watching movies. The new Fire HD 10 is 36g lighter than the one it replaces and employs the slimmed-down and rounded design language first used on the 8in Fire HD 8 last year, giving it a noticeably more contemporary appearance.



Hardware and performance

The 2 MP main camera of the predecessor would be replaced by a 5 MP lens with f/2.4 aperture. The lack of autofocus makes the image sharpness comparable to the 2-MP front-facing optics, and the photographs are likewise blurry. The dynamism in the images are also not very strong, and details and structures are frequently lost in blur. In extremely dim light, our test person is hardly recognizable. Surprisingly well, the Fire HD 10 Plus captures color. We put the rear-facing main camera through additional testing with the ColorChecker port under regulated lighting circumstances, and we examine the 5 MP lens’s color reproduction in contrast to the real reference colors. The colors are faithfully portrayed. The ColorChecker only detects bigger differences in black and grey tones. The front-facing camera only captures moving images in 720p while the image sensor utilized on the back records videos in a respectable quality with a maximum Full HD resolution.

Battery life


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