The Liberty 3 Pro earphones, which are available in black, grey, lavender, or white, are more concerned with audio quality and fit than with making a stunning design statement they aren’t ugly, but they do look a little boring. They come with four pairs of silicone eartips in various sizes, as well as four pairs of ear wings that fit around the oval body of the earpieces like a sleeve and provide additional stabilisation. The audio is delivered internally by a dual-driver array comprised of a Knowles balanced armature for the highs and a 10.6mm dynamic driver for the lower frequencies. The earphones are Bluetooth 5.2 compatible and support the AAC, LDAC, and SBC Bluetooth codecs, but not AptX. Because LDAC is included, you can use this pair for high-resolution streaming if your source device also supports that codec. The controls are handled by capacitive touch surfaces on the earpieces. They require a double tap by default, and the right earpiece controls playback while the left skips forward a track. A double tap on either ear also answers or ends incoming calls. To switch between ANC and Transparency modes, hold either panel for two seconds. This layout is not very user-friendly, and some functions are disabled by default. However, you can add or rearrange functions to some extent using the app. The IPX4 rating is standard in the world of true wireless ANC—the earpieces are splash resistant, but they should not be exposed to high water pressure or submerged. In any case, they should be fine for a sweaty workout; just make sure to dry the earpieces before docking them in the case, as the water-resistance rating does not apply to them. The charging case is oval and resembles a clamshell; instead of flipping open, the lid slides back to reveal the charging docks. The case is spacious on the inside, so properly positioning the earpieces inside takes some practice—the magnets are strong and eventually snap them into place, but it’s easy to set them down inside the case a little too far away to trigger the magnetic response. The front panel features LED status indicators, while the back panel houses a USB-C port. You can also charge the case wirelessly with a Qi-compatible charger. Anker estimates that the earphones will last about eight hours on a single charge and that the case will hold an additional 24 hours. However, your listening volume and use of ANC will have an impact on battery life.

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