The Astro A10 may lack the metal components and fancy features of its more expensive siblings, but for a plastic headset, it is impressively slick and sturdy. It’s essentially a smaller version of the premium Astro A50, with big, boxy ear cups and a bendable mic that can be flipped up to mute. The A10 is available in blue, green, and red variations aimed at Xbox One, PS4, and PC players, respectively, though all versions work on any platform. The 6.5-foot cable of the headset has a convenient in-line volume slider and is fully detachable, making it ideal for travel. The Astro A10’s unboxing is nothing new or exciting. It’s actually quite disappointing. The packaging experience consists of sliding off the outside cover, and then the A10 headset sits right underneath in a flimsy plastic casing. The headset is wrapped in plastic wrap, and the cords are wrapped in a plastic bag. Everything in the box came out easily and in perfect condition, but I’m not thrilled with Astro’s overall effort. They appear to have done the bare minimum for packaging, with no extra thought or care given to the handling of the headset. ASTRO Gaming has done well recently to establish itself among the slew of gaming peripheral companies. They manufacture high-quality devices and even have some of the world’s best gamers and streamers, such as MLG Champion Nickmercs, using their products. However, some of ASTRO Gaming’s equipment can be quite pricey, especially for the average gamer looking for a quality headset to help them communicate with teammates online. Fortunately, ASTRO Gaming’s A10 wired headset is compatible with a wide range of platforms and won’t break the bank when compared to some of the company’s deluxe models. But does a decrease in price imply a decrease in quality? Not as much as players might think, but the lower-tier headset still has some serious flaws. We spent a few nights playing a variety of games, both multiplayer and single-player, on the device. We also performed a “drop test,” which provided a good quality control check for the overall hardware’s durability. Here are the pros and cons of the Astro Gaming A10 wired headset.

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