Beginner’s Guide to Samsung DeX – Guide

Dex extends Android’s multi-window or split-screen mode, allowing you to easily multitask between apps, tools, and devices. In DeX mode, you can view your complete list of apps, access an on-screen keyboard, search for apps and items, and access and edit your phonephotos and files. You can also reply to text messages and receive calls. DeX is not a complete desktop replacement. It’s a slower, less dynamic companion than a traditional desktop environment. For example, you cannot open multiple Google documents or spreadsheets at once, as you would in a laptop or desktop. For some people, like B. authors, analysts and financial professionals, they pose a problem. DeX is also limited to using mobile applications, which may have less features than desktop apps, and there are no browser extensions like ad blockers or password managers. Once connected to a display via one of these adapters, the Samsung DeX platform launches quickly on the display, providing the user with a familiar desktop experience with resizable windows, drag-and-drop functionality, and keyboard shortcuts. In August 2019, Samsung released DeX for PC. This allows users to connect their Note10 or Note10+ to a compatible Windows PC or Mac to access DeX directly from their computer.

Which DeX adapter is better

Compact and portable, the DeX HDMI adapter lets you easily connect your phone to a standard HDMI cable on your monitor. As there are no additional ports for connecting a USB keyboard and mouse, you will have to use Bluetooth peripherals. For longer DeX work sessions, count on wireless charging to keep your battery charged. The DeX cable is like the standard HDMI adapter but is 1.4 meters long and connects directly to your monitor. It’s ideal if you plan on using DeX mostly in one place and can leave the cable attached to your monitor. It is typically used in corporate hot-desking scenarios where users sign in, connect their phone on the cable and get to work. With a full range of connectors, the DeX Multiport Adapter offers the most flexibility when using DeX. In addition to the HDMI port for connecting your monitor’s HDMI cable, you have a USB 3.0 port for connecting a keyboard or mouse, a Gigabit Ethernet port for wired internet, and a USB-C port for connecting your phone’s charging cable. The multi-port adapter is also compact and easy to connect.

How to to define up Samsung DeX

Once you have your preferred adapter or cable, follow these steps to connect your Galaxy smartphone and start using DeX:

Tips to start using Samsung DeX

Adjusting your display settings

When launching DeX for the first time, you will be prompted to verify that the desktop is displayed correctly on your monitor or television. If the corners of your DeX desktop don’t fit the screen properly, you’ll need to go to your monitor or TV’s settings menu to adjust the scale. This is especially common on TVs, where the picture can be adjusted to a specific aspect ratio. Select the “Fit to screen” option and you’re done.

Screen mirroring versus DeX mode

You will see several new options in your phone’s notifications menu after connecting to your monitor, including the ability to switch between screen mirroring and DeX mode. As the name suggests, screen mirroring simply mirrors the contents of your phone screen on the monitor. Screen mirroring is useful in certain circumstances, but DeX offers a very different desktop computing experience that is fully optimized for working productively on a larger screen. Tap the notification to switch to DeX mode.

Use your own phone like a touchpad

Also in your phone’s notifications menu you will see the option to use your phone like a touchpad. Once you’ve selected this, you’ll be able to use your finger or an S Pen to navigate DeX. This is great if you don’t have a mouse handy and want to open an app, Powerpoint, or video, especially if you’re using DeX in a presentation setup. When using DeX on a tablet, you can also use your screen as a graphics pad for sketching and drawing.

Launch and maximize your mobile apps

All of Samsung’s core apps are DeX-optimized, which means you can resize and maximize apps. You can also use right-click functionality and keyboard shortcuts. There are dozens of third-party apps that are fully optimized for DeX, including the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Photoshop Lightroom, Photoshop Sketch, Gmail, Chrome, BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, and all the major VDI clients, to name just a few. For those not DeX-optimized, read on for the next one. tip.

Activate DeX Labs

DeX Labs provides access to “experimental” features that are not officially supported. two recent features include DeX’s ability to force apps to automatically resize and open the most recently used app. To activate, click on the DeX logo in the lower right corner of the screen, open DeX Labs and activate the features. Now when you open an app that is not optimized for DeX, you have the option to force a resize. This allows you to view it in a larger window or even fully maximized view.

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