Benefits of Using a Transcoder for Streaming – Guide

If you like live streaming, you have probably heard that the topic of transcoding is extremely important. Do not confuse live transcoding with transmutation or repackaging or packaging, which is another topic to discuss. You should already be familiar with the concepts and need for transcoding. In the next sections, we will discuss some concepts and ideas about transcoding and what it means and how to Set it. We’ll also talk about transcoding as a service that can be cloud-based. Below we will define what live transcoding is and other concepts related to streaming and streaming transcoders. The term transcoding can be considered broad, as it implies the process of streaming videos. This is because an already encoded video is being edited and changed. For formats required by different players to be able to transfer correctly. Example: Transcode a video from a source quality of 1080p to 720p. There are other qualities that may be required for the video to play on certain devices, for example B. 4k videos are not supported on all devices, so we can convert it so that it can be played on devices that support 1080p resolution and higher , let’s say . This means that the conversion done by a transcoder server would be from digital formats to another digital format or from one quality to another quality.

open Up Lots of playback options

Live transcoding can handle many different configurations, protocols and codecs and transform the video so that viewers can choose their preferred playback option. This gives the streamer and audience the flexibility to make their content as widely accessible as possible for success. final. The preferred viewing resolution is full HD, but sometimes this is not possible due to geographic location, network speed and device.

Simplifies stream settings

A live transcoder essentially removes the technical challenges for the average streamer. You won’t have to worry about bitrate choices or be stuck with a single resolution, or buy any additional hardware or equipment to stream to the audience. Any aspiring streamer will be able to complete a relatively simple setup and enter the industry at a cheaper cost.

Meets the viewer

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