All of these 165Hz monitors offer excellent image quality, smooth gaming, incredible screen resolution, and high refresh rates. Modern 165Hz monitors are designed to meet the sRGB standard, and the models described below fully meet that requirement. Even if your current hardware and graphics capabilities are not up to par, you can still enjoy higher refresh rates thanks to the capabilities of these 165Hz gaming monitors. 165Hz monitors are also a comprehensive display technology solution for home office and gaming setups, with features such as curved surface design, ultra-wide configurations, variable image modes, and many configuration options. Keep reading to find out how to choose the best 165Hz monitor for your needs.

Here is the list of Best 165Hz Monitors

AOC C24G1A Curved Monitor

Easily one of the best 165Hz monitors available on the market, the AOC C24G1A is a low-cost 24″ gaming monitor with a Full HD display and 165 Hz refresh rate for ultra-smooth motion. The display is curved for an immersive viewing experience, and the stand is height and tilt adjustable for optimal viewing. Additionally, the display has a wide viewing angle and features FreeSync Premium Technology to prevent screen turbulence during gaming. However, HDR content is not supported. The display supports a wide range of connectivity options, including a VGA port, a Display Port 1.2 port, and two HDMI 2.0 ports. The back of the display has screw holes for VESA mounting, and the front, top, and side bezels have very thin edges for a sleek look. The display is also flicker-free and uses low-blue light technology to ensure that players’ eyes are not irritated during long gaming sessions.


The BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510S gaming monitor has a 24.5-inch Full HD screen. The refresh rate is 165 Hz and the response time is 1 ms. This gaming monitor also supports AMD FreeSync Premium for a smooth gaming experience. This gaming monitor features two 2.5W built-in speakers and three custom sound modes. This monitor also features one DisplayPort and two HDMI ports. It comes with a height and tilt adjustable stand. The BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510S gaming monitor is an excellent value for money option; the MOBIUZ monitor facilitates transformative gaming. Leave the routine behind and immerse yourself in a new world of fully immersive, all-encompassing, superior audiovisuals; get behind the wheel of the EX2510S and win.

Dell S2722DGM

The standard 27″ Dell S2722DGM combines its screen area with a native resolution of 2560 x 1440, which provides a pixel pitch suitable for fine detail. It is also a good resolution for high frame rates without the GPU requirements of a 1440p 4K display. It is also great to be able to achieve that resolution at 165 Hz. Overall, it is one of the best 165Hz monitors that you can buy. The GTG response time is 2ms, which is only slightly slower than the 1ms or 0.5ms ratings of the best IPS panels, so you are covered in terms of speed. However, if speed is what you are looking for, there are faster panels out there. Given the inherent high contrast of this technology, this VA panel has a high contrast ratio. It is one of the best 165 Hz monitors you can buy today.

Sceptre E25 Series

This 165Hz monitor has a 1ms response time, AMD FreeSync for flicker-free functionality, and default game modes for FPS and RTS. The monitor’s refresh rate frequently exceeds 144Hz, the limit of many gaming monitors. The result is smoother transitions and fewer artifacts when playing fast-paced games. Included is a sturdy adjustable stand that complements the visual appearance of this monitor and adds flexibility to the overall configuration. This means that the position of the monitor can be quickly adjusted to suit the current task. Thus, this product is one of the best 165 Hz monitors available today.

Alienware AW3423DWF

Easily one of the best 165Hz monitors available on the market, the Alienware AW3423DWF QD-OLED addresses the issues that the previous model had. The lower price is solid, as is the inclusion of HDMI 2.1 support. The overall improvements may be small, but objectively speaking, the product has improved. Nevertheless, it is hard to recommend this monitor to those who have already purchased the original version. The HDMI 2.1 support is nice, but if you play mainly PC games, it’s not worth the upgrade. Also, as noted above, few console games support 165 Hz, so owning the AW3423DW won’t hurt much. However, given that the AW3423DWF costs $1,099, it is an easy device to recommend to newcomers.

Acer KG251Q Monitor

Acer’s new 24.5″ Full HD display, the Acer KG251Q, is the first of its kind in the world and is the first of its kind to offer a 24.5″ Full HD display with a full HD resolution. It also features a 165 Hz refresh rate that keeps fast action scenes crisp and clear, and an ultra-bright screen that reaches 400 nits. It also has a full range of input terminals, including one DisplayPort, one HDMI, and one DVI (Digital Visual Interface). The stand supporting the display is also tiltable and adjustable but does not support HDR content, which may put some users off. Gamers who spend a lot of time gaming may appreciate the screen’s Eye Care technology, which reduces screen flicker and cuts blue light. The monitor’s top and side bezels are fairly thin, and the star-shaped stand is highly stable with no chance of wobble. A 2-watt speaker is mounted on the back, and easy-to-use controls are located on the front.  Still, it is one of the best 165Hz monitors you can think of.

Dell S3222DGM

The Dell S3222DGM wants a piece of the budget that many of us have. It is a 32-inch monster with a VA panel that operates at up to 165 Hz and a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. This 1,440p resolution is widely known as the sweet spot for real-world gaming, offering the ideal balance of performance and visual detail. The only catch is that it usually applies to 27-inch models; 32 inches tall? Based on pixel density, that’s a pretty big 1440p panel. To put a number on it, that’s 93 pixels per inch. The low pixel density is most noticeable in Windows. If you like crisp fonts and lots of desktop area, this is not the monitor for you. For the rest of us, it all comes down to value proposition. There are faster monitors available. There are monitors with IPS with excellent image quality. There are monitors that support various types of HDR that are not listed here. And there are those with much higher pixel counts and dramatically different aspect ratios. Currently, this is one of the best 165Hz monitors that you can buy right now.

ViewSonic Elite XG270QC

The ViewSonic Elite XG270QC is one of the best 165Hz monitors available on the market, a large curved monitor with a bright display. Its stylish triangular base will take up a lot of desk space, but the trade-off is well worth it. It has a colorful 27-inch 1440p screen with a refresh rate of 165 Hz. This means Quad HD gaming for gamers with powerful GPUs, with the potential for over 100 frames per second for each game. There is not much to recommend the XG270QC except for its price and size. With a full menu, numerous ports, and convenient presets for a variety of games and applications, the XG270QC’s bright, bold, and beautiful screen is ideal for playing the latest games or enjoying a large library of streaming media.

Final Words

Yes, many of the best 165 Hz monitors are on the market today. While not as widely available as other monitors, you can still find one that meets your requirements. Before heading to a large electronics store or online retailer, think about the features and functions that are most important to you; 165Hz displays are primarily intended to be used as gaming monitors, but several other features are to consider.

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