The best 2D animation software will help you stand out and bring your ideas to life. With so many applications and animation styles available, it might be difficult to select one that is appropriate for your needs. As a result, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced animator trying to improve your workflow, our helpful list below will assist you in selecting the best software. It’s vital to remember that when choosing the best 2D animation software, you should evaluate the variety of tools, exporting options, and ease of use with other programmes if you’ll be working with various apps. Because each software has a unique interface and tool suite, it’s critical to complete your homework before downloading to ensure you’ll be comfortable learning it.

Here is the list of Best 2D Animation Software


PowToon is a simple software that allows you to make best 2D animation software videos online without spending a lot of time learning new skills or money on video equipment. PowToon allows you to play with 2D animation for free. It supports full 1080 HD quality videos, so you don’t have to choose between simplicity and expense. You can personalise its themes and search its library for relevant media files for your project. There are more advanced animation tools available if you want to delve deeper into the world of 2D animation. Once you’ve begun generating and publishing 2D animated videos with PowToon, you may upgrade to its paid editions to have access to additional capabilities and publish mind-blowing videos.


CelAction2D comes in four editions Studio, Professional, Animator, and Educational, ensuring that these best 2D animation software for Windows has something for everyone. If you’re working with a large team, making feature films, animating television series, or creating animated shorts, the Studio edition is a terrific choice. This edition also comes with upgrades and support, and it is always the first to get new features. If you work alone or in a small team, the Professional edition may be perfect for you. If you don’t need all of the rigging tools, there’s always the Animator edition; but, you won’t be able to develop assets in this; you’ll need the Studio edition for that.

Syngif Studio

Syngif Studio is the best 2D animation software for beginners that was created in a small group to make high-quality vector 2D animation. You may use vector objects to create both small animated images and complete cartoons. Furthermore, this tool can be used in place of more expensive picture animation software. In comparison to other free 2D animation apps, Syngif Studio has a professional interface with an image window and dashboards (tools, properties, layers, navigation, settings, etc.) To make animation, you must first set the image’s key points, after which the software will count and produce inbetweening.


This is yet another best 2D animation software for novices. The software is compatible with both Windows laptops and apple laptops. Opentoonz includes pre-loaded plugins for automatically creating fantastic animation effects without the need for any editing. The disadvantage of Opentoonz is that its user interface design is archaic in comparison to other 2D animation tools on the market. Regardless, users would have a thrilling experience. Opentoonz is simple to use, free, and easy to download. In the meanwhile, users can alter the source code to add new features to the software.

Pencil 2D

Pencil best 2D animation software is a versatile cross-platform open-source programme that supports the usage of sketch ink and paint. Pencil 2D’s original version was released almost a decade ago, and the software has evolved significantly since then. The UI is more modern, and there are more tools, such as colour selections, to assist you in creating some fascinating projects. Pencil 2D remains based on traditional animation and does not support tweening the process of creating the intermediate frames in between the keyframes to create smoother, more seamless movement. However, it is incredibly adaptable, and after you’ve mastered the keyboard shortcuts, you’ll be making cartoons in no time.


Animaker is another famous best 2D animation software that allows non-technical users to produce stunning animated videos. You can create a storyboard to organise the scenes of the video. After selecting and arranging the people, texts, topics, and other things in the film, all that remains is to methodically structure the numerous scenes. Animaker has been utilised for video production by large organisations such as Pepsi, Verizon, and Google. If you want to capitalise on a market trend rapidly, utilise Animaker to create, post, and promote videos right now.


Doratoon is a simple movie creator that allows you to create fantastic and interesting videos for professional usage in minutes. Doratoon, founded in 2015 by a group of courageous, active, and creative young people, today has 1 million+ users and covers 160+ countries and regions, as well as several major industries. Doratoon breaks through the limitations of the traditional video production mode, liberates the user’s creation constraints, and changes the overall concept of today’s short video making with its independently developed AI Dubbing & Drawing, Converting PPT to Video, and Repeated Video Editing Mode, among others.

Cartoon Animator

Cartoon Animator 4 is the best 2D animation software designed for both entry-level and productivity. You may use your expressions to control characters, generate lip-sync animation from audio, build 3D parallax scenes, create 2D visual effects, access content resources, and use a sophisticated Photoshop pipeline to quickly personalize characters and create content. Facial movement is difficult, especially if you want to rotate the face from one side to the other. Reallusion overcomes the limits of 2D animation by providing a simple and practical method for 2D animators. Character animation is now simple and quick with Cartoon Animator, but it also works well with After Effects for a professional aesthetic. You may recreate exported CTA projects in AE layers using the AE script.


Krita is a professional best 2D animation software for digital artists that allows them to create and edit illustrations. The programme includes simulations for many techniques such as watercolour, oil paint, charcoal, and pastel chalk. By default, you can utilise a variety of configurable brushes, pencils, and pens. Perspective, halftone filters, layers, and panel templates are all available. The tool supports a wide range of file formats and can process vector and bitmap files. Krita provides a considerably broader range of drawing possibilities, and it is quite simple to use or import assets such as brushes, as well as create your own brushes.

Celaction 2D

Celaction 2D includes 60+ special effects that visually enhance your animation with no effort. Animators can use this software to generate and reuse special effects. This allows you to fast and efficiently animate the settings of special effects over the frames. This software allows you to place yourself anywhere in the workspace and facilitates the loading of 3D CGI models. This procedure aids in the creation of complicated environments by allowing the camera to rotate along all three axes of the scene. The movement of objects and characters in two-dimensional space is referred to as 2D animation. Celaction 2D is a market-leading best 2D animation software for creating high-quality material.

Final Words

You can use best 2D animation software to create characters, backdrops, storyboards, and effects. 2D animation is an abbreviation for two-dimensional animation, which means that the characters and backdrops in these projects are made in two-dimensional, flat space. These programmes create and edit animated images using vector and bitmap graphics. The following is a chosen selection of the Best 2D Animation Software and Tools, complete with popular features and website connections.

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