That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the finest adventure games accessible right now. This list has something for everyone, from point-and-click adventures to modern action-adventures. We’ve also included a variety of genres, so there’s something for everyone. So, whether you want a tough puzzle game or an engaging story-driven game, this list has it. We’ll assist you in finding fantastic adventure games, as well as the top free PC games to play right now!

Here is the list of Best Adventure Games

Red Dead Redemption 2

In one of the most ambitious and sprawling games in recent memory, you can strap into the stirrups of outlaw Arthur Morgan and spend hours riding across the waning days of the Western frontier with your faithful horse and a few old pals. In this prequel to the beloved Red Dead Redemption, strangely titled Red Dead Redemption 2. You play as a member of Dutch van der Linde’s famed gang, alongside a younger version of the original, legendary Red Dead protagonist John Marston, and can ride freely across a magnificent American landscape. As the Wild West era draws to a close, you must choose between being an honorable man and spending your days as a dreadful outlaw.


You find yourself walking the streets of a neon-drenched, robot-filled city, lost and alone. You’re also a cat. Stray’s feline protagonist first piqued fans’ interest during Sony’s Future of Gaming Show in 2020. The creature’s endearing actions have now earned it plaudits from both reviewers and fans. The story of the game revolves around the titular stray, who longs to be reunited with its family after being stuck in a mystery metropolis devoid of human life. Fortunately, you won’t be alone on this adventure, as you’ll soon come across a friendly drone named B12 who can assist you in navigating your surroundings and communicating with the city’s inhabitants. Stray only has a few hours of gameplay, but its detailed setting, excellent platforming, and endearing main character earn it a spot on this list.

Elden Ring

Few games this year have provided a genuine sense of adventure like Elden Ring. There are eerie catacombs to explore, undiscovered cities to discover, imposing landmarks to study, and towering monsters to slay. Every step of the way, you’ll come across amusing discoveries, such as a magical blade that will permanently transform your playstyle or a tortoise clergyman who will teach you stunning magic spells. But, although adventure is its spirit, fight is its throbbing heart. Although the action is still anchored in the mechanics first established in Demon’s Souls, developer FromSoftware has refined its tried-and-tested fighting formula into something that remains entertaining fight after battle. With a large library of varied weapons, abilities, spells, and armours to choose from, you may shape your character into something that fits like a glove. So, if you want one of the best Adventure Games, we highly recommend this Game, you can download form official website.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The Mass Effect Trilogy is undoubtedly one of the best Third-person Action Adventure RPGs to come out of Bioware when they were on the rise in the mid-2000s; these same games were shortly updated to perfection and are vividly loved by fans in 2022. Reliving the classic Commander Shepard’s and their crew’s odyssey as they stop the invasions and rise of the frightening Protheons is nostalgic and filled with heroics that practically no other game can equal. Players can explore a variety of diverse worlds in order to progress through each of the three mainstream ME games. Most significantly, they are all profoundly interconnected in such a way that your actions and repercussions will carry over to the next entry if you so like, making its Sci-fi world-building and universes the finest in fiction.

God of War

Anyone who possessed a console in 2005 would recall Kratos’s struggles and tribulations as the notorious Spartan deity and harbinger of disaster in the ancient world, right? Even if you haven’t played the original God of War series, the 2018 relaunch for the PS5 is fantastic. In a moving story about a father and son, you play Kratos on what appears to be an ordinary journey to spread his late wife’s ashes, only to become caught in Odin’s wrath, the whispering of the World Serpent, and the stories of a variety of other fabled figures. God of War is both an exhilarating adventure and a sympathetic examination of the sacrifices we make for family.

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge

While The Secret of Monkey Island revolutionized the genre and elevated Lucas Arts to the Adventure Throne, Monkey Island 2 is a better in every way. Guybrush Three wood, a lovable loser, is one of videogames most endearing characters. His fervent desire to become a swashbuckling pirate and win governor Elaine Marley’s heart is admirable. The problem is that he is completely useless, has more confidence than skill, and is an expert at wrecking people’s lives. He is also being pursued by LeChuck, the undead pirate whose ghost he killed in the original game. Elaine naturally does not want anything to do with him. As a result, the game has clever and frequently laugh-out-loud language, scenarios that are outrageously memorable, and puzzles that, while tough, are always hilarious.

Day of the Tentacle

Day of the Tentacle is one of the best adventure games when it comes to puzzles. It is never stupid or mean-spirited, which is especially surprising given that the player is required to manage three characters throughout three separate time periods, with each character’s actions affecting the others. As Doc Brown would say, you have to think fourth-dimensionally, and it is a tribute to Tim Schafer, Dave Grossman, and the rest of the team that this never feels overpowering. Day of the Tentacle is still immensely humorous, charmingly weird, and ageless in its beauty, plus it includes the entirety of LucasArts’ prior adventure, Maniac Mansion, to which Day of the Tentacle is a sequel as an Easter Egg.


Norco is an engrossing, at times frightening, and frequently darkly hilarious story set in a surrealist version of Louisiana. Kay is a young woman who returns home after years away to deal with the death of her estranged mother. When your brother goes missing, Kay uncovers a mystical mystery and an industrial intrigue that has gripped the small community. Norco has excellent writing, compelling characters, and an unique setting that infuses its Deep South style with sci-fi elements. Best of all, the point-and-click puzzles are engaging without becoming tedious, and the game provides plenty assistance to keep players on track with what to do and what’s going on.

God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok is as wonderful a mix of action and adventure as you could possibly imagine. Its furious and varied fighting never feels less than spectacular, regardless of the weapon you choose to wield, whether it’s a hard-hitting axe, whipping swords, or any other items you manage to acquire along the way. That quest epitomizes adventure, a trek through old and new regions studded with scary opponents, pleasing riddles, and surprising side stories. It’s all in service of a complex story that beautifully weaves its large array of people in and out of an ever-expanding Norse tapestry.

Shadow Of The Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is a game that has stood the test of time and is one of those titles that has a nostalgic and mystical appeal to every dedicated fan since its PS2 release. Bluepoint rebuilt the game from the bottom up, using new assets and HD textures to make it look like a whole new game with a fresh coat of paint, which this great really deserved. You take on the role of Wander, a young lad who promises to resuscitate a girl named Mono and bring her to a temple. He is entrusted with bringing down 16 colossi in order to rip loose the seal to a powerful spell. Unfortunately, the game is only available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed reading this extensive list of the best Adventure Games to play in 2022. Adventure games play an important role in moulding and benefactoring different hybrid genres of games. Storytelling and writing are important aspects that allow many of these titles to shine brightly and beautifully. What makes it more enjoyable than most Open World or Action games is that players may end up watching some of the best stories ever told in fiction outside of movie or TV shows.

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