Guide: Best Alternatives to Google AdSense: 10+ Options

Google AdSense is – most likely – the first name that appears up in someone’s mind when someone is ready to post ads on their blog or website. The reason for this is that it is the most popular option for generate passive income through online advertising, it is backed by Google and works reliably for cost or pay-per-click (CPC or PPC) based advertising. But it is not without problems. First of all, it is relative difficult to get your blog or website approved for Google AdSense. Subsequently, Google’s advertising platform has rigorous fraud and other checks, leading to thousands of accounts being blocked after a few months. That is why bloggers and website owners are looking for alternatives to Google AdSense. However, it is not uncommon to find ineffective or scam services. That’s why I’ve put together this post to help you find the best ad networks for your blog or website. I understand you are looking for one simple but trusted alternative to Google AdSense, which has a low payout threshold and supports numerous ad types to fit your blog or website, right? Well, let’s look at the alternatives. is one of the market leaders in the contextual advertising industry, which prides itself on generating the second largest ad revenue in its industry. It is the best alternative to Google AdSense given the variety of ad types. Also, it offers well-paid advertisements with ad types that are largely similar to Google AdSense. Customization options to fit ads on your website.The payout threshold is $ 100 for PayPal and bank transfer.Fast approval process – especially if you have a quality site. English should be from your blog or the primary language of the site Cross over up

It is Infolinks leader in the text ad industrymaking it one of the best ad networks to partner with for text-based ads. But it also offers banner and video ads. Additionally, the admin dashboard – like others – offers ad customization and live testing options, along with payments and reports.

No minimum number of page views requirements so it’s easy to join.The minimum payout is $ 50, same as RevContent and less than others.Various payment options including eCheck, Paypal and bank transfer. No minimum requirements the payment may be lower than others. About Register Publishers

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is another high-performing ad network. It serves more than a billion users with ad formats such as standard ads, native interstitial ads and push notifications. It features ad units that bypass ad blockers which means you can generate more revenue (although it may bother some of your visitors).

Features several ad units that can do that bypass ad blocking toolsThe minimum payout is $ 5 – much less than other ad networks multiple ad types including on-click and interstitial ads. Minimum payout is $ 550 for bank transfer – more than others. Sign Up


RevContent is another reliable ad network, which provides great options for monetizing your blog or website. It targets quality or quantity blogs and sites so that your blog or site gets better engagement rates. On sign up, it provides an admin interface that allows you to manage ads and payment reports.

The payout limit is $ 50 for PayPal – even less than ad formats including display, mobile, and video ads. Difficult approval process because they only choose quality. PayPal is the only payout option, unlike

Features three types of adsso you can choose from recommendation ads, search ads, and custom ads by blog or website. Easy to join and show ads compared to AdSense. Minimum payment threshold is $ 100, which is more than others. Payments are made by check, direct deposit and gift card. Works best if your blog or site has it traffic from the EU and the US. Sign upHelp

Revenue hits

RevenueHits is another reliable platform to get ads for your blog or site. Her contextual and geo-targeted advertising help you make the most of all your digital assets, including applications, search widgets, toolbars, etc. The network supports multiple ad types such as standard ads, popups and widgets.

Minimum payment is $ 20, that’s one of the low thresholds. supports different payment options such as Payoneer, PayPal and Wire. Payment threshold is $ 500 for wire (more than a few networks). Sign Up


Adcash is another popular platform to add ads to your blog or website to generate some passive income. It offers premium ad units such as In-stream and pop-under videos for standard ads. After you are accepted, you will have an admin dashboard to customize ads and check reports.

Multiple payment options including Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney, as well as bank transfer as opposed to the above two ad networks.Supports multiple ad types including standard and video ads. Payout threshold is € 100 – more than the above networks.


Bidvertiser is another good ad network that works as an alternative to Google AdSense. What makes it special is it pays for every visitor who clicked on an ad – even if the click doesn’t convert, unlike many others. It offers a variety of ad formats, including banners, popups, sliders and more.

Easy and fast approval process, unlike Google AdSense.The payment threshold is only $ 10, that’s the lowest on this page.Multiple payment options such as Bitcoin, PayPal and bank transfer. Serves non-contextual, irrelevant advertisements, unlike many networks.


The payment threshold is $ 25, which is lower than many others.Multiple payment options such as bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill, etc. Referral program you deserve 5% of the income from your referrals Minimum payment is $ 1000 for bank transfer (more than others). AboutPublisher (Sign up

Sovrn // Trade

Sovrn // Commerce – formerly VigLink – is a unique ad network best suited for blogs and sites linking to business or e-commerce sites. It converts the links on your site to affiliate links automatically so you can earn commissions with it. So it is very different from Google AdSense.

The minimum payout is only $ 10, ie the lowest of all networks.Multiple payment options including ACH, Check, PayPal and Wire. Payments are processed after 90 days (longer than many others). Cross over up That’s all about the ad networks that work well as alternatives to Google AdSense. While, Infolinks, and Propeller Ads are some of the best ad networks, there are more options based on your site’s requirements and traffic performance. So, you should consider them before choosing an ad network. Are you already using one of these ad networks? How is your experience with it? Leave a comment below or write me directly to @aksinghnet on Twitter.

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