The Best Android Deals Apps

[contentsdisabled] Scraping up a newspaper clipping, cutting out discount deals, and getting an extra discount at the grocery store can make everyone’s shopping experience fun. Despite being busy with the office routine, most of us don’t have time to look for discount coupons and shopping deals. This is where discount apps like Groupon come to our aid and make your shopping experience worthwhile. Receiving a great offer is good. People will do just about anything for a good deal too. This includes shopping sales, looking at different stores and using coupons. Coupons have been around for a long time and manufacturers use them to take products off the shelves. Also, stores distribute them to attract people. As competition in the market increases, the race between companies to reach more customers and generate maximum profit also intensifies. Consumers also benefit from these deals as this race between businesses gives you more deals to choose from and offers the best value for your money.

Check out the list of the best deals apps for Android


Groupon is one of the most recognized coupon apps out there. Supports over 500 cities. This too features a decent design and easy to use. There are deals for a lot of different things too. You can even find deals for vacation destinations and hotels. From others features include collections of specialized offers for holiday shopping. The Groupon app is a popular app mobile commerce app that brings you new local offers with real-time discounts every day and is customizable to suit what you are looking for. You can buy and redeem deals right from your smartphones and easily track your coupons by expiration date and location. It’s a simple general app, but the things it does seem to do just fine. The app is completely free. is the most typical of a coupon app. This features coupons for grocery items mostly. Just take a picture of your receipt. The app refunds the money if there are coupons available for those products. It has hundreds of coupons, store loyalty card support, and a completely paperless experience. The developers are still working on some kinks. However, this is a solid experience overall. It’s completely free with no in-app purchases. There are some ads, however. This is one of the best mobile coupon apps and offers multiple ways to save money. It connects users to your stores through loyalty cards. You can add discount coupons to your account, visit the store, shop and enjoy additional savings at checkout.


Ibotta is one of those coupon apps that works on a cashback reward program. The basic premise is that you get offers to shop at specific stores. You then earn cashback that you may have sent to a Venmo or PayPal account. Unlike most, you can use Ibotta along with other apps like Groupon to combine savings and cashback. It has 700+ compatible locations and is also compatible with loyalty reward points. You could do worse for sure. Ibotta is the best discount app for grocery shopping. For our digital generation, Ibotta is the best online platform to search for offers and discounts online. You can search for deals based on the popularity of the store and grocery department to discover the various deals. It also includes fabulous offerings on beer, spirits and wines.

The coupon app

The Coupons App has excellent offers on restaurants, products and services. Similar to DealsPlus, when you tap to view a coupon, you will see its physical form. Lots of deals from stores near you, including Forever 21, Gamestop, Kohl’s, Dollar General, etc. The app has been on the market for over 12 years. It has already been downloaded by over 10 million people. One of the best deals apps you can find on the internet is ‘The Coupons App’. All the offers from your favorite stores are at your fingertips. Your saved codes will be applied automatically while you place an order. Other than that, the user can get free items in the sweepstakes. You can save the coupons you find and automatically send them to your device’s calendar. The app has some bonuses features to explore such as weekly ads, a shareable shopping list, and the cheapest gas price near your location.


In fact, I personally found an LG B7 OLED TV. Plus, it lets you know things like price matches, sales events, and other opportunities to get good stuff for less money. Notifications can be a little annoying, but on the other hand, this is a solid app for promotions and sales. It’s also free with predictable ads.


Coupondunia allows you to shop at your favorite online stores and earn Cashback plus free coupons, deals, promotions and discount codes for 2000+ Indian online shopping sites. The additional cashback is part of this commission being offered to users. The value is above and above the discount store offers. In addition to coupons, the app even allows you to make purchases on its portal from where you can earn cashback.

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This app allows you to grab the latest coupons to get the best deal for you shopping. The app gives you several categories to choose from – so you don’t have to worry about not finding one for you. Android users can download the app from the Google Play Store. Whereas, iPhones users will need to visit your website for the deals.


It is focused on Indian shoppers for online shopping. As of now, it is only available for Android users. The app brings trending deals on various e-commerce sites, push notifications to deal alerts. In addition, it also has a coupon store for some offline retailers. With the “FreeKaaMaal” app, enjoy super fast and amazing deals from 500+ e-commerce sites in India at your fingertips. Plus, join the shopping community of 150,000+ smart shoppers and start getting cashout offers, price error, free stuff, and more.

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