Everyone and everything has an application these days. Smartphones have certainly developed to be a useful answer, whether it’s a news app to start your day or social networking platforms to keep you connected to your loved ones. Many dedicated Linux users wish to run their favourite Linux applications on a computer. Android is the de facto operating system for smartphones that uses the Linux ecosystem. To exploit this capability, you must essentially employ Android emulators to do your bidding. Despite the fact that Android is built on a Linux kernel, the essential functionalities are written in Java. It is common knowledge that Linux does not support Java code.

Here is the list of Best Android Emulator for Linux


If you wish to run games or programmes, Android-x86 is one of the best free alternatives to other best Android emulator for Linux. It contains a distinct ISO to boot as a standalone Android operating system rather than installing on top of an OS. Android-x86, as the name implies, is designed for the x86 architecture. You can also use the Live CD option to run it without installing it. It starts with an interface similar to an Android application launcher by default, but you may convert it to a Windows-style desktop.


Anbox was created to experiment with Android applications, and many people have enjoyed it since its creation. It allows you to run all of your favourite Android apps and games, regardless of the many Linux distros. Anbox emulator abstracts hardware accesses for performance measurements while putting the core Android operating system into a simple contained platform. It incorporates the fundamental system of Android services into the Linux system, allowing for improved emulation and accessibility.

Genymotion Desktop

Genymotion Desktop is a prominent best Android emulator for Linux that has every sensor, functionality, and feature required to interface with the Android environment. This platform allows you to run any Android app through its paces on virtual devices designed for testing, development, and demonstration. This emulator includes cloud support. Genymotion works with the Android Studio and Android SDK tools. The free edition of Genymotion Desktop is solely intended for personal use and should not be used for business reasons.

Chrome browser

You can also use ARC-welder if you use the Chrome browser. This is a Chrome Web store app; the installation takes a long because the software is huge it does include an emulator. When you instal it and launch it, you are faced with a very plain screen. The screen has one large plus sign and the wording you must have the apk file ready in local storage. Once installed, there will be an icon on your new tab that you may click to restart the programme. The Linux version of ARC-welder has major flaws and is solely meant for testing, however it interacts well with the Gnome environment.


AndroVM was created by the same developers who created Genymotion. It is one of the most adaptable best Android emulator for Linux accessible. It has an offline option, which is what makes it unique and different from Genymotion. This emulator is among the greatest options for installing on your Linux PC. You only need to go to their website to download the Linux image. The image will then be loaded into VirtualBox, which you will download. You may now utilise and play your favourite games or apps on the Android platform whenever you wish.


The sixth feature on our list has hit the market, aimed at those like you who want to get your Linux Android emulator up and running as soon as possible. Shashlik, unlike most best Android emulator for Linux, does not require you to instal a Virtual Machine on your Linux system in order to function. Instead, it employs an extremely pared-down Android basis comprised of only the essential components and integrates it directly into your current system session. As a result, in terms of performance, this Android emulator Linux exceeds several of its competitors.


Bliss is an open-source operating system based on Android that aims to run your favourite apps natively on your Linux PC. It is a Linux. The creators have produced an incredibly remarkable package that allows almost any Linux user to run their favourite Play Store apps as system-level software. Bliss offers a number of ROMs and GSI versions, with the x86 variant being used to run Android apps on your Linux PC. It can boot from either MBR or UEFI bootloaders, allowing it to work on practically every Linux PC. Bliss, an XDA project, is simple to use and powerful in terms of performance indicators.


If you want best Android emulator for Linux for run without having to instal a separate emulator, ARChon may be of interest to you. ARChon basically allows you to run Android apps in Chrome, so you can try out apps without having to download emulators, create virtual devices, or deal with the UEFI secure boot issue that Genymotion had. ARChon simply instals as a Chrome extension on your machine, and from there you can use any of the tools specified on the website to convert Android apps into ARChon compatible apps and run them straight in Chrome.

Android Studio

Android Studio is best Android emulator for Linux user that requires an all-in-one tool to manage both app creation and mobile app testing at the same time. The configuration for converting Android Studio into an emulator can be done using an Android Virtual Device (AVD). There have been a lot of great developments recently with Android Studio releases. Because it is the Android operating system’s officially acknowledged Integrated Development Environment (IDE), you may expect high-end app testing output across different Android devices. The built-in emulator can provide you the key to launch the programme even faster than the original device.

Andy OS

Andy OS is perhaps the best bet if you’re looking for a robust Linux Android emulator to take your smartphone gaming talents to the next level. This strong yet sleek Android emulator strives to please gamers and is undeniably successful in doing so. Apart from its gaming capabilities, Andy OS has already established itself as one of the best Android emulator for Linux in terms of overall performance. If all you want to do is play your favourite Android games at maximum settings, we strongly recommend you check out this captivating Android emulator.

Final Words

When testing apps, as a hobbyist, use your own; as a professional, use internet services. Use best Android emulator for Linux to play games it is still in its early stages but is already useful. When building on your own, the best Android emulator for Linux is your best bet, and their own virtual device is the most user-friendly. Genymotion comes into its own when it comes to testing hardware features and mapping applications.

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