Thankfully, there are several options available for grooving out to your favorite music. Here are our best choices for best Android music player apps. Nowadays, private music collections are uncommon due to music streaming. A personal music collection is still beneficial to many people, though. Higher-quality music is available; it is offline-compatible and doesn’t require a subscription. Thankfully, there are several options available for grooving out to your favorite music. Here are our top choices for best Android music player apps. There are countless music apps available in the Play Store. Finding the finest Android apps for your needs might be difficult because there are so many. Whether you want something that can play audiophile-quality tracks or prefer to stream, we’ve put together a survey of the top music players available to help you pick through the options.

Here is the list of Best Android Music Player Apps


Easily one of the best Android music player apps available on the app store, the Spotify is the biggest streaming service in the world. The corporation has access to an incomparable wealth of information about how people listen to music, especially when you consider the enormous number of customers who take advantage of its free listening tier. When it performs at its best, Spotify uses that data to power a recommendation engine that, in the streaming industry, is without equal. Unfortunately, the business has lagged behind the competition in other important areas, so you might want to look elsewhere for a music streaming service until those problems are resolved.

BlackPlayer EX

BlackPlayer is a straightforward yet stylish best Android music player apps that barely stands in the way of your favorite tunes. It has a tabbed interface, and you can personalize the tabs to only utilize the ones you need. Additionally, it supports the majority of the most popular music file types and contains an equalizer, widgets, scrobbling, an ID3 tag editor, no advertisements, and themes. It’s pleasantly straightforward and a great choice for minimalists. The commercial edition has far more functionality, while the free version is a little more basic. Fortunately, the pro version is reasonably priced. The free edition of BlackPlayer appears to be inactive as of our July 2019 update. In a few months, we’ll revisit to see if it has returned.


Since it can be used as a standalone music player to playback tracks that you have downloaded locally as well as because it gives other apps more features, Musixmatch has long been one of my favorite apps. It concentrates on live lyrics and does a respectable job of it. It enables you to listen to locally downloaded music and provides you with the song lyrics front and center. Then, using a feature called FloatingLyrics, you can use it to show live lyrics on apps like Spotify. One of the most functional and all-around best Android music player apps on this list is this one.

Impulse Music Player

What distinguishes the Impulse Music Player? It is made to be a gesture-controlled music player, making it ideal for any situation in which you are distracted, including while driving or cooking. In addition to gesture controls, Impulse Music Player offers a number of practical features, including a five-band equalization with bass boost and virtualizer, gapless playback, cross-fade, metadata editing, and automated album art downloads. This offline music player is quite useful and is certainly worth trying; it is not a gimmick. Keep in mind that the app’s free version is listed on Google Play as “Music Player”. Both Impulse and the Pro edition were created by Appmetric. So, if you want one of the best Android music player apps, we highly recommend this apps.

Neutron Music Player

Despite having a less visually appealing design than many of the choices on our list, Neutron Music Player is one of the most audiophile-grade programs available. You may maximize the performance of your DAC thanks to its platform-independent internal 32/64-bit audio engine, which excels at playing high-res music directly to the DAC, taking out the middleman (the OS). With support for all audio codecs, a parametric equalization, bit-perfect playback, and all the other features you’d expect from an audiophile-grade music app, Neutron Music Player is excellent for high-resolution audio. The technology behind the software makes this release shine even though the UI is a little antiquated and awkwardly organized. Currently, this is one of the best Android music player apps that you can check right now.


Despite having enormous catalogs of classical music, streaming services are poor at introducing you to it. Primephonic, in contrast, hooks you in right away with playlists it predicts you’ll enjoy by providing background information about the music you’re listening to. When it comes to search and listings, the app is also smarter than its rivals. Still, it is one of the best Android music player apps that you can consider. You can compare recordings, browse by composer, conductor, orchestra, and other classical-specific parameters, and then listen to the streams in lossless audio. Not eager to put forth the effort? Based on your selections for the app’s radio’s time period, genre, instrument, and atmosphere, an unending stream will be played. Primephonic is a great starting point for both newcomers and aficionados to the world of classical music.


An uncomplicated best Android music player apps is Musicolet. It includes a ton of useful functions, many of which you wouldn’t often connect with music player apps. This comprises a totally offline experience, a minimal user interface, and a compact APK size. The program also has widgets, folder browsing, an equalizer, a tag editor, support for integrated lyrics, multiple queues (another uncommon feature), and more. Its straightforward attitude is welcome. For those who simply want a music player that plays music without a ton of extras, this is a fantastic alternative. Due of its lack of Internet access, it is also fully free and has no in-app purchases or advertising.

Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp lives up to its name in terms of power. It allows you to import HTTP streams from websites like Digitally Imported in addition to playing numerous local audio file types. To fill the void left by Play Music’s departure, it provides support for Android Auto, Chromecast, and Google Assistant. A user-friendly equalizer interface allows bass enthusiasts to modify the bass and treble, while Direct Volume Control (DVC) allows for a wider dynamic range and deeper bass. Choose the Speaker (Loud) setting in the equalizer to raise the gain and produce loud results if you want to listen to music loudly on your phone. Whatever menu item you’re looking for playlists, streaming, or all songs you can locate it quickly. You can select from a variety of animated visualizations that show over the interface or take over your screen as an ambient display if you’re putting on a party.


TIDAL is the best Android music player apps for you if you want the backing of a big streaming service and the best audio. However, due to various restrictions, we’ve put the service in this section. TIDAL subscribers can import their music libraries and playlists from other music platforms into the platform, despite the fact that they cannot yet add local music files to the service. Simply choose MP3 as the source service and the local folder containing your MP3 audio files. Select the playlists you want to transfer from the Playlists page and click “Transfer.” Although TIDAL’s catalog of more than 80 million songs is accessible with all three subscriptions, the free tier does not support offline listening or unlimited skips. The TIDAL app allows subscribers of all tiers to stream playlists of audio and video content to Android TV.

Final Words

The best Android music player apps are covered in this post along with comparisons and in-depth reviews of each. The greatest music players for Android right now, in our opinion, are Spotify and Tidal. Tidal comes in second place despite having excellent sound quality but being expensive. The majority of them have a free trial, which is useful if you want to see if it works for you or not. We mostly discuss the best Android music player apps in this article. You may easily get what you need in this page if you are using an Android device and looking for the finest Android music player.

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