These best Android TV Apps have greatly increased the availability and affordability of Android TVs for a much larger population. It is difficult to look away once you are anywhere near the television area at a shop for home appliances. No matter what has been playing on the screen, the enormous vivid, colourful, and crystal clear screens of Smart small TVs, together with the blazing sound, do a wonderful job of drawing you towards them. One of the best Android TV Apps offered by Android and Google combined that allows us to see and watch whatever we want on the large displays using our smartphones is Android TV. Although the capability wasn’t available until a couple of years ago, several businesses have incorporated Android TV and TV casting functions into their apps, and some others have even created specialized programmes to aid customers in utilizing this feature.

Here is the list of Best Android TV Apps

Sideload Launcher

The Android TV version of the Google Play Store is a condensed version of the one for smartphones. There are fewer options since certain applications are not Android TV compatible. However, because the operating system can run any Android app, sideloading applications on Android TV has become a common practise. But there is a problem. The home screen or list of best Android TV Apps on your smartphone will not display sideloaded apps. The Settings menu is the sole native method for getting to them. Therefore, installing a third-party programme is the answer. The Sideload Launcher is the most user-friendly. You’ll get a list of all your sideloaded applications when you launch it.


Even while Android TV has its own Play Store, where you can download some of the finest Android TV games, Retroarch is a great place to go if you’re seeking for some old retro-console gaming fun. Installing this emulator will allow you to use a controller to play NES/SNES games on your Android TV. Retroarch is one of the best Android TV Apps, emulators for playing SNES, NES, PS1, and N64 games on Android TV, therefore I highly suggest you try it out even if it can take you some time to fully grasp how it works. Additionally, if you have a large collection of vintage games, you can put them on an external hard drive and play from there as well, negating the need to give up TV storage space.


There is no denying that Netflix is the industry leader in its field, and Netflix may not be the best Android TV Apps for watching movies, series, or TV episodes. Since it is a video streaming service that is accessible anywhere in the globe, you won’t need to utilise any proxy or VPN servers to access it. It includes a huge selection of films, TV shows, and series, both those made by other businesses and those made only by Netflix, like the critically acclaimed series “13 Reasons Why” and others. You get 30 days to access Netflix free of charge with no viewing restrictions. You can also find it on any smart TV or gaming console, such as the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, and it supports Android TV boxes.


If one of your goals in purchasing an Android TV is to treat it like an Android phone and experiment with sideloading, alternative stores, and generally venturing outside of Google’s restrictive Play Store, Aptoide is a wonderful place to start. You may download programmes from Aptoide, an alternative app shop, that you won’t find in the Play Store. For instance, many Android games function well despite not being technically designed for Android TV and not being found in the Play Store. These may be found on Aptoide.


On an Android-compatible smartphone, you may watch free TV channels using the AOS TV free live TV app. According to the best Android TV Apps, it hosts more than 1000 channels. The user interface is straightforward; simply search for the channel you want to watch on the list of links below the player. You may choose from the other links if any of the ones you tried don’t work. Live television is available from the UK, US, India, Europe, South America, Australia, Canada, and other countries. Additionally, you may view live sports from all across the world. a fast and simple app for your live TV requirements.


Spotify is without a doubt one of the best Android TV Apps available. You can stream music via your Android TV itself using the Spotify app on your Android TV. The biggest feature of utilising Spotify is that it also offers a free tier of service. There are no adverts between tracks and unrestricted track skipping with the premium membership, however. Spotify is pre-installed on Android TV boxes like the Mi Box, and all you have to do to start streaming music is login in with your Spotify account.


Millions of films are published to Google’s best Android TV Apps every day, and you may use it forever for free without making any purchases unless you want certain benefits, like an ad-free environment or access to certain exclusive material. You may like, hate, comment on, share, and subscribe to YouTubers that submit video material, also known as Vlogs, just as you would a social network or streaming service. Additionally, this Android TV software enables you to download particular films in a variety of accessible quality and FPS, along with auto-captions, to your mobile device.


The best Android TV Apps users is Kodi. It is a HTPC (home theatre PC) interface that manages all of the local audio and video material that you have. A variety of channels are available for services like video streaming, albeit some of them aren’t legally legal. Anyhow, this is a fantastic location to control a lot of things that you can’t handle via the TV’s native interface or things you can manage but aren’t great at. If you want to play local music and videos on Android TV, this is our top suggestion. Additionally, it is totally open source and free.


Another best Android TV Apps on-demand cable TV is called Philo. Despite its tremendous offers, it is only somewhat well recognised at the moment. Philo does not, however, allow you to view sports networks. It provides access to several excellent channels, like Hallmark, Animal Planet, Food Channel, and a long list of others. With Philo, you may stream channels to up to three devices with a single account. Like PureFelix, Philo provides a 7-day free trial. The monthly membership charge is $20. Additionally, you get a month of unrestricted cloud DVR storage so you can record and watch television without worrying about data use.

Total Commander

One of our top selections for the best Android TV Apps, Total Commander is currently the finest option for Android TV. The software can virtually do whatever task you ask of it, including file browsing, side-loading of applications, and basic things management. If you sometimes want to view local content. You can kill three birds with one stone since it also has a built-in media player for music and video files. In terms of networking capabilities, it also supports LAN servers, FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV. A dual-panel arrangement is also included in the Android TV UI for simpler administration. If this one doesn’t work for you, X-plore also works nicely.

Final Words

Our list concludes with best Android TV Apps, which is a pro at locating and quitting Android TV background-running programmes. This helps to speed up your smartphone and improve its performance by preserving the device’s battery, lowering its thermal temperature, and conserving RAM. More hardware could be accessible, but we’re certain that it will do so eventually. The best Android TV Apps can help you enjoy the greatest experience possible if you have an Android TV device. The majority of Android TV applications also have a Chromecast.

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