Despite how retro this appears to be, it’s a very Apple move because many people will simply buy the company’s own AirTag holders to make things easier for themselves. But those aren’t the only alternatives; many accessory firms have jumped on the AirTag bandwagon, offering its own cases, holders, belts, and other accessories. If you’ve already purchased an AirTag or two, you probably know where you want to put them, and that location will determine the style of case you should obtain for them. These are some of our favourite AirTag cases for a wide range of items. Below, we have mentioned best Apple AirTag Accessories.

Here is the list of Best Apple AirTag Accessories

Eusty Faux Leather Keychain

Caseology Vault Compatible with Apple AirTag

Easily one of the best Apple AirTag Accessories available on the market, The Vault from Caseology has a more utilitarian look and is composed of strong, textured TPU. The oval-shaped holder includes an aperture on one side where you can insert your AirTag. The opposite side has a tiny opening that connects to the provided carabiner, which is one of the best clips we tested. As far as carabiners go, it’s very basic, but it’s better than a typical key ring – especially if you want to easily attach your AirTag to something other than your keys, such as bag straps or even a pet collar. Overall, the Caseology Vault is one of the most appealing holders I’ve seen, and it’s a good option for anyone who doesn’t require leather.

Orbitkey Leather Holder for AirTag

Orbitkey’s leather option is certainly worth considering. It costs about the same as Apple’s Leather Key Ring, but it has a nicer design and a number additional perks. The first is the ring’s slenderness. Whereas Apple’s broad, flat ring can be difficult to attach to automobile keys with a narrow aperture, this will fit into the smallest holes. The second advantage is the novel method keys are attached: a befuddling locking system that, once mastered, is far faster and easier than prying apart the standard two-layer ring with your fingernails. The only serious complaint is that the leather fob is significantly larger than the AirTag itself. It takes up more space than necessary and wobbles somewhat inside the pocket.

Belkin Secure Holder with Strap

AirTags can also be used to keep track of larger bags and luggage, and you can easily tuck one into an inside pocket and go. If you want to attach the tracker to the exterior, you’ll need something a little larger and more flexible than a regular key ring. Belkin’s Secure Holder with Strap is a decent alternative, and it’s inexpensive at $13. The case splits in half, allowing you to place the AirTag inside the circle and twist and snap the two halves together to secure it. You can then use the strap to attach the AirTag to your luggage handle, water bottle, or other item. We like the innovative design of Belkin’s Secure Holder, albeit it was difficult to twist open with the AirTag inside. But that’s a good thing for everyday use; AirTag won’t move when it’s in the Secure Holder. Overall, it is one of the best Apple AirTag Accessories that you can buy.

Olixar Silicone Protective Skin For Apple AirTags

The Olixar’s modest solution costs less than the Belkin key ring and less than a third of the Apple choice. Very useful if you want to outfit a couple of young teenagers with AirTags and monitor their movements. Wrestling the AirTag into the silicone cover is a little tricky no there’s clasp, so you just extend the edges and shove it in there but once inside, it’s snug and magnificently protected. In reality, because it totally covers the rear, it provides twice the protection of Apple’s key ring: only the front face is visible. Currently, this is one of the best Apple AirTag Accessories that you can buy right now.

Elago R5 Locator AirTag Case

Apple TV remotes are wonderful works of exquisite craftsmanship and design, but they’re also tiny and slippery, frequently becoming buried somewhere deep inside the couch cushions. Elago’s locator case could assist in resolving this issue. The case has an AirTag within its layers of silicone, ensuring that you never lose that remote again. It also protects the AirTag from drops and other mishaps while also looking excellent. This product is one of the best Apple AirTag Accessories available right now.

Device Therapy AirTag Bike Mount

Bike stolen? Device Therapy may be able to assist in resolving this issue. There are plenty of excellent, low-key AirTag mounts available, but this one effectively disguises itself as a safety reflector. The red or white reflector keeps you visible when cycling in the dark, and the AirTag hidden inside helps you find your bike if it gets lost or stolen.

ICARER Silicone Case for AirTag

The Silicone case from ICARER takes a somewhat different approach than the majority of the accessories in our table. Unlike most others, the ICARER case is meant to slot onto straps rather than a keyring or carabiner to attach the AirTag to other accessories. With a width of 1.4in, it should be compatible with a wide range of straps, allowing you to add AirTag monitoring to a knapsack invisibly. It also allows you to attach one to a pet collar and track your furry friends, however Apple does not suggest this because the location only updates when in range of an iOS device, unlike specialized pet GPS trackers. So, if you want one of the best Apple AirTag Accessories, we highly recommend this product.

Final Words

So you’ve acquired a brand-new AirTag to track your most valuable possessions, and you now require some form of AirTag adapter to really lock the AirTag to the object. Of course, Apple has some great ones. Before selecting an AirTag attachment, consider where you intend to attach it. However, there are other alternatives to Apple’s solutions including simply MacGyvering a solution using duct tape. Here are some of the best Apple AirTag Accessories.

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