Kids and adults alike would visit adjacent arcades to quench their gaming hunger. The best Apple TV games has become a thriving industry as a result of evolving technologies and the arrival of the fast-paced internet. People all across the world can simply connect to the internet to play and chat with people from other countries. With the best Apple TV games loaded, your Apple TV becomes a lot better gadget. Yes, you can only watch movies and series on it, but it has an entire ecosystem of fantastic stuff. The same apps that make your iPhone and iPad more useful also make your TV more useful — simply modified to take advantage of the larger screen space.

Here is the list of Best Apple TV Games

Lumino City

Lumino City may be the best Apple TV games. The premise is straightforward: your grandfather, the keeper of Lumino City, has been kidnapped, and it’s up to you, Lumi, to explore the city and find out how it works, collecting artefacts and bringing them back to where they complete a circuit or mechanism. The scenery, which is entirely created from cardboard, paper, small lights, and motors, is the main attraction here. The handmade items were then scanned and digitised in order to be animated in the game, and they are frickin’ BE-A-U-Tiful. The soundtrack is also fascinating, as it stops and starts and sort of pulses in and out, creating a unique gameplay experience that completely flips.

Asphalt 8

Gameloft released Asphalt 8 on Apple Arcade in 2021. Asphalt 8 quickly became one of the best Apple TV games, earning widespread acclaim in the gaming community for its exceptional gameplay and stunning graphics. Asphalt 8 features a realistic path that adheres to several physical rules. Nitrous oxide works in four phases in the game: blue, yellow, purple, and perfect nitrogen, offering gamers thrills while driving their cars. It also offers 300 licenced automobiles and 75 circuits where you can perform gravity-defying feats with completely customisable cars.


We’re all sick of paying for every streaming service available. As a result, we like recommending the best free streaming services. Tubi is one of these sites, which provides you with free TV shows and movies. The only catch is that you must watch advertisements. Tubi’s roster changes frequently, but at the time of publication, it had everything from Ace Ventura Pet Detective to the original Terminator picture. You may also watch episodes of The Nanny, Naruto, and the iconic comedy series Whose Line Is It Anyway. Doctor Sleep and Annabelle Comes Home are two recent Tubi offerings.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is the type of best Apple TV games that you will never tyre of playing. While the aesthetics are minimal, the gameplay is simple but addictive once you get into the flow. This never-ending arcade hopper includes characters such as barnyards, animals, robots, and more. As a result, you have lots of leeway to experiment with characters and choose the one that best suits your preferences. Remember that the endless arcade hopper requires you to think on your toes in order to outwit your opponents. Otherwise, you’ll be left wondering why the chicken crossed the road.

Evoland 2

There is no doubt that Evoland 2 is a gamer’s utopia. Consider it a tribute to all the legendary games you’ve played in the past. In fact, there are so many areas to explore in the game that it will most likely take you more than 20 hours to finish it. Evoland 2 seeks to transport you to the land of gaming. The way the game pays respect to previous games is very unique. Some levels are dependent on shooting. Other levels have the potential to transform into a 2D RPG featuring side-scrolling adventures. Furthermore, because the game was first released on a laptop or PC, this PC port fully utilises the larger screen provided by best Apple TV games.

Dead Cells+

Dead Cells is a wonderful looking 2D roguevania platformer that you’ve certainly seen on the shelves of numerous gaming stores. If you haven’t already, you should delve into this furious 2D fighting with amazing visuals and compelling gameplay since it is one of the best experiences available on Apple Arcade right now. The best Apple TV games is randomly generated stages change every time you die, providing a genuine sense of struggle that many smartphone games lack, and driving you to learn from your mistakes and overcome. It’s really great.

AG Drive

This insanely fast and amazing racer has an F-Zero vibe to it. Tracks are made up of steel ribbons that snake their way through glistening futuristic towns, your ship lurching about as its pilot tries desperately to keep their food down. A variety of events allow you to get yourself into the action while also benefiting from repeat play as you gradually improve your craft. And, like Nintendo’s title, this premium game is primarily on skill – no IAP is allowed. When using the Siri Remote for extended periods, keep in mind that the creators apparently despise you and omitted an auto-accelerate option, forcing you to hold Play/Pause to zoom along.

Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally 3 by Brownmonster has it all: beautiful graphics, dynamic simulations, smooth gameplay, and physics that simulate real-time car damage and deformations. The best Apple TV games features stunning 60 fps gameplay and operates seamlessly. Rush Rally 3 is more realistic and may provide you with a racing experience that is both demanding and feature-rich. You can participate in live events that allow you to compete against other gamers from across the world on unique tracks with fascinating cars.

Mushroom Wars 2

If your hunt calls for nothing less than the best multiplayer tower defence strategy game, you won’t find a more fascinating game than Mushroom Wars 2. You read that correctly. This real-time strategy game is an excellent blend of tower defence and MOBA hero skill aspects. The best Apple TV games is upgrading your fungal base, hacking combat map elements, and leading your vast mushroom armies to victory. To ensure you never lose control, summon legendary heroes and employ them wisely to devastate opponents in both PVP and co-op modes. With over 200 missions to complete, you’ll need to improvise and reboot your approach to stay in the game.

The Dragon’s Trap – A

Playing platformer games on your best Apple TV games delivers an unequalled amount of enjoyment. This is primarily due to the incredibly responsive controls and larger screen. These advantages are effortlessly transferred to Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap. The game is based on the same-named older game, which was launched in 2017. When it was released, the game earned rave reviews, thanks in large part to the soulful soundtrack and game visuals. Even though the game is about five years old, the graphics and gameplay are still excellent. Unfortunately, due to poor updates and issues such as game freezes, the game has lost some of its luster in recent years.

Final Words

With best Apple TV games providing more gaming options through Apple Arcade, I’m confident that better games are on the way for users. The gaming community is growing, and gamers all around the world appreciate the variety that Apple games provide. Games are a terrific way to unwind after work, TV shows, and movies. The best Apple TV games has both free and paid games for everyone. Furthermore, playing games on the huge screen will take your amusement to a whole new level.

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