The Lightning connection for charging the first-generation device may be located within its detachable cap. The second-generation product also has a magnetic attachment that charges when fastened to the side of a compatible tablet. The newest variant of the accessory allows a double-tap to switch between tools offered by approved applications, while both attachments feature pixel-perfect accuracy, tilt, and pressure sensitivity. The iPad Pro is a fantastic device for taking notes at work or school. While the best apps for Apple pencil support might make it a terrific alternative to paper and a pen, your iPad Pro can’t reach its full potential without. It has the potential to be an excellent tool for authors, designers, painters, and so many other professionals. We decided it was about time to present our list of the best apps for Apple pencil because of this.

Here is the list of Best Apps for Apple Pencil

Apple Notes

Remember what Apple Notes is capable of before diving into the world of incredible third-party apps. The best apps for Apple pencil is compatible with the built-in Notes app. Simply create a new note and begin writing with the Apple Pencil. You are free to write, draw, or do anything else you like. To reveal the toolbar, tap on the pencil symbol at the bottom. From here, you can use any colour you like by switching to a pen or marker tip. To create a section, tap the lasso tool icon. You may pick up and move the note with it by just drawing over a portion of it. Apple Notes’ compatibility with iOS and iPadOS is the main benefit of using it as a quick note-taking tool on an iPad.


Nebo is the preferred app for taking digital notes and is well-regarded for its handwriting recognition. It can transform your handwritten notes into a format that can be transmitted as an email and can comprehend a staggering 66 different languages, which is quite cool. You can also draw a variety of shapes and doodles using the best apps for Apple pencil. You can annotate external material, insert diagrams, and enter photos. After finishing your work, you can save or export your notes in Microsoft or Powerpoint-compatible HTML, PDF, and text formats as well as to iCloud. Nebo is incredibly adaptable as a result, and a vast user base is willing to assist with videos of Nebo tips and tricks.

Adobe Illustrator

The best apps for Apple pencil is 2 works really well with the vector graphics tools of Adobe Illustrator CC. I enjoyed a user-friendly and simple-to-access experience using it on my 11-inch iPad Pro. Drawings may be turned into vectors and customised using lines, shapes, gradients, and text. You may also rapidly mix and clip drawings with your Apple Pencil. It features more than 18,000 font styles, 20 or more colour palettes, and effects like radial repeats, point gradients, patterns, and symmetry. You may invite others to edit your work by using the share and collaboration feature. You can work with all of your Creative Cloud apps and import Photoshop artwork because of seamless cloud connection.

Astropad Standard

The ability for newer iPads to function as a second display for a nearby Mac is one of its interesting features, known as Sidecar mode. However, Sidecar has a small feature set, thus it will be difficult to utilise the best apps for Apple pencil with Sidecar on your Macbook’s screen. Astropad Standard may help with that. Unlike other screen mirroring applications that extend visuals without touch sensitivity, it is a screen mirroring tool designed to transform the iPad into a drawing surface. It is thus developed for low latency and responsiveness. Although Astropad Standard costs $29.99, it may eliminate the need to buy iPad OS versions of your creative apps.

Adobe Fresco

Free drawing software called Adobe Fresco was developed for the iPad Pro. This iPad app’s user interface is incredibly simple to use and navigate. The tools are effective and allow you a sufficient amount of control while designing. Use the best apps for Apple pencil for additional flexibility and creative freedom to get the most out of the app. It is among the top Apple Pencil applications. This is currently only accessible on tablets made by Apple. Gemini was the project’s initial working codename. Using the tools in Adobe Fresco, you may produce your own original paintings and sketches. Although largely experts use it, anybody may check it out and enjoy it because to its user-friendly layout.


Procreate, created by Savage Interactive, has long been a favourite among artists of all skill levels who wish to create masterpieces on their preferred tablets. The software has an easy UI, a full-featured layering system, and hundreds of built-in brushes and creative tools. Procreate uses Apple’s ProMotion technology and quick 120fps performance only for iPad Pro users. Using a Valkyrie engine, it also integrates quite well with Apple’s Metal architecture. Procreate receives frequent updates to add new features, much as Pixelmator and many other programmes. Additionally, there is an best apps for Apple pencil called Procreate Pocket.


Adult colouring books are now not only common, but also incredibly successful. As a result, applications that provide this kind of experience are widely available. One of them is pigment, and it excels at accomplishing its goals, particularly for users of best apps for Apple pencil. You may choose from a sizable selection of books with illustrations to start creating your own digital paintings, although the software does demand some in-app purchases in the form of microtransactions.

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer, Serif’s Illustrator competitor, must be mentioned whenever we talk about Illustrator. This well-known best apps for Apple pencil programme has been released for tablets, and features like iOS integration and gesture support show a unique understanding of tablet workflows not seen in traditional desktop software. Even if the UI is entirely mobile, the feature set is still authentic. It offers sophisticated file management and export options, 120 fps pan and zoom, print-ready colours and bleeds, a wide variety of masks, and support for a wide range of filters. It can smoothly and swiftly zoom far above a million percent.


From its succinct name to its simple UI, Bear may be the note-taking best apps for Apple pencil that most embodies the company’s reputation for elegant, minimalist simplicity. To stay organised, you may make notes and add tags, pictures, drawings, and other items. You can easily sync your notes across all of your Apple devices via iCloud using Bear’s applications for macOS, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. However, you’ll need the pro membership to achieve so. Bear also offers a browser extension. You also get more export choices, encryption, and password security with the pro version, plus the ability to use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock.

Sketch Club

Sketch Club is a digital journal with capabilities for painting, photo editing apps, and drawing. Your work may be completely customised by adding hundreds of layers with different blending modes, naming, and colour tagging. Your artwork is excellent thanks to the capabilities of background autosave, big undo history, automatic ratio snapping, and dual mirror mode. Manga artists will appreciate the pen and text tools’ seamless best apps for Apple pencil integration! Printing canvases at a high quality of 300 dpi and up to 16K with presets is possible because to the excellent layer support. Using your own brushes and features, you may create your own shortcut bar and colour schemes.

Final Words

For your best apps for Apple pencil is a fantastic tool. Whether you want to keep your ideas and thoughts organised or are a writer, painter, or graphic designer, these applications can only help you improve your tablet experience even more. If you want to save money and locate the biggest discounts on best apps for Apple pencil, we advise you to purchase a refurbished model instead. All of them come with warranties and work identically to new models.

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