They would effortlessly transition from playing with handmade wooden toys to engaging in Montessori-inspired activities, their minds filled with enrichment. But in the real world, there are moments when you need to speak on the phone, wash your hands, or dine at a restaurant without a wailing 2-year-old demanding your whole attention. Hence, toddler-friendly applications. That is not to say that all screen time must be pointless and lacking in any educational value. The best apps for toddlers are those that engage the small ones briefly while you take a break and may or may not educate them a little bit about alphabet, colours, or numbers.

Here is the list of Best Apps for Toddlers


The educational tools ABCmouse, which offers a subscription-based service, wins our award for the best apps for toddlers overall. If you’re searching for a fantastic educational software for kids, even if it’s not free, this one is well worth your time. The experience starts in a virtual classroom where your children may choose from a variety of various quests. There are several classes available that instruct in reading, arithmetic, colouring, counting, and music. You may enter your child’s age into ABCmouse’s settings so that it can generate a tailored experience for children from the age of 2 up to age 8. For the same monthly charge, add up to three siblings to your membership.

KidloLand Kids

An award-winning software featuring age-appropriate games, music, tales, nursery rhymes, and activities on math, reading, writing, coding softwares, and more is called KidloLand Kids best apps for toddlers. Popular nursery rhymes including Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Old MacDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, If You Are Happy, London Bridge, BINGO, and more are included in the app. Additionally, it offers 400+ toddler-friendly educational games and activities that teach counting, sorting, and spelling. The entertaining tales, which include bedtime tales, fables, and animal tales, will delight your child. You may download games for kids and toddlers on the iPhone, iPad, and Android.

PBS Kids

This app, which is totally free and kid-friendly and enables your toddler to watch all of their favourite PBS programmes, was the one that our readers most often suggested. Among the fantastic children’s programmes that are available to watch are Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and Dinosaur Train. Additionally, they provide weekly educational video features and a terrific parent control panel that lets you add certain programmes to your best apps for toddlers favourite list. You truly can’t go wrong with this software as it is free.

Busy Shapes

Children may explore forms at will, drag them into various openings and spaces, and discover how different items interact to one another. The kid’s behaviour is taken into account by the best apps for toddlers, which also gives them tougher problems to solve and encourages them to try new things. A terrific parent feature in Busy Shapes allows parents to evaluate the ideas their children investigated. Kids may explore and learn using the app’s simple, attractive design without having to figure out a complicated interface. Busy Shapes supports cognitive growth, spatial thinking, and fundamental logic abilities rather than teaching shape names to children.

Khan academy kids

One of the most well-liked best apps for toddlers is Khan Academy Kids. They provide free, entertaining, and interactive content for kids aged 2 to 7. The app leads discussions about the finest children’s books, fictitious characters, and encourages youngsters to engage in a variety of offline activities with their families. Children are welcomed into the realm of entertaining activities by a cast of adorable animals presenting the contents. Khan Kids is the finest site for early learning because of its various activities, including reading, drawing, writing, storytelling, and more. Children may study at their own rate thanks to the customizable learning route.

Lego Duplo World

Open-ended play options with virtual Lego parts, characters, and objects abound in Lego Duplo World. Children may investigate each scenario to learn how things function before building whatever they want. The software integrates nicely with preschool and kindergarten curriculum since it was developed using the Early Learning Outcomes Framework from HeadStart. Rescue Adventure, World Animals, and Number Train. Mini-games with Lego Duplo blocks and figures are included in each bundle. There are several best apps for toddlers Build buildings using virtual Lego Duplo bricks or interact with the scene’s figures. Others include educational objectives, such as playing the age-old game of Connect Four or sorting numbered blocks by colour.

Silly Street

One of the best apps for toddlers to use their imaginations is Silly Street. By engaging in gaming both on and off the screen, it allows them to develop their own personalities. The games provide material that promotes situational adaptation, empathy, and curiosity. Kids may play a physical game off-screen in real life with this special software. Using the app’s narrative and music, they may fulfil certain objectives in the actual game. We like the fact that this is a digital learning tool that encourages embodied play and kinesthetic movement away from the screen.

YouTube kids

Kids and people of all ages are familiar with YouTube because to its never-ending video streaming. An exclusive best apps for toddlers for kids is called YouTube Kids. With more than 100 million downloads, YouTube Kids is regarded as the top video app for kids. The software offers many settings according to the control and nature of the contents, including “authorised material only,” “preschool mode,” “younger mode,” and “older mode.” A collection of family-friendly videos is available on the app. Setting profile settings, video suggestions, and watching preferences is simple for parents to do.

Final Words

There are several best apps for toddlers available now that toddlers and preschoolers vocabulary, phonics, and fundamental problem-solving skills. The best apps for toddlers preschool applications have straightforward interfaces and age-appropriate content. Many of the items on this list feature educational activities designed to improve cognitive abilities and information like numbers, shapes, and the alphabet, and on Common Sense Media, which we mentioned above

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