Arch Linux is a well-known operating system that is generally utilised by sophisticated Linux users, however it has several downsides. Consider the complicated installation method. Users are drawn to best Arch-based Linux distros because of their utter minimalism. There is a lot to discover on this fantastic, open-source distro, from customisation to installing software of your choice. However, due to some evident advantages of Arch, there is a growing Arch Linux community that is constantly expanding this distro with new features and benefits. To address the small faults with the original Arch Linux, they have created a number of custom distros based on Arch. I’ve compiled a list of the best Arch-based Linux distros for you to try.

Here is the list of Best Arch-Based Linux Distros


Manjaro comes in three officially supported varieties (Gnome, KDE Plasma, and Xfce) as well as around a half-dozen community-supported variations. You may get images for dozens of ARM-based devices, including the Raspberry Pi 4, Pinebook, and Pinebook Pro, in addition to the 64-bit ISOs. Manjaro, unlike Arch, employs a customised Calamares installer, which makes it relatively simple to instal the distro on your machine. If you choose to instal one of the office suites, the installer lets you choose between LibreOffice and FreeOffice as the default. Manjaro comes with all of the normal mainstream popular software, such as the LibreOffice suite, GIMP, VLC, Firefox, Thunderbird, the Steam client, and more.


EndeavourOS is ranked fifth on DistroWatch because to its popularity among Arch fans. The system is well-known for its rapid and robust configuration, as well as its balance of minimalism and customizability. Users adore this platform because of its diverse selection of desktop environments, ISO images, and window managers. The best Arch-based Linux distros features are quite similar to the original Arch Linux, in which users can choose from eight alternative desktop environments with the least amount of bloatware. You should use this platform because of its basic style, colourful symbols, and cheery components. In case of any questions, the customer care team and OS developers are always available.

Garuda Linux

The majority of popular best Arch-based Linux distros are from Europe or America. There are some nice Asian distros, however they are largely of Chinese origin, which some people find suspicious. Finally, an distribution that has received excellent feedback from the Linux community throughout the world. Anyway, this is just another Arch Linux-based distro, yet there’s something special about it. Of course, you can use themes to make any Linux distribution appear beautiful. The unique feature of Garuda is that it comes preconfigured with colourful icons and a gorgeous desktop environment.

Anarchy Linux

Many Linux users who want to try Arch Linux are put off by the manual installation process, which is detailed on the Arch Wiki. Anarchy Linux is a simple best Arch-based Linux distros that aims to make the installation process easier. The installer simplifies the installation of Arch Linux into a series of simple steps that result in a fully functional system complete with a desktop environment, graphics drivers, optional software, and AUR support. Anarchy Linux’s creators offer five fully customised desktop environments and window managers.

Elementary OS

Elementary OS is one of the most visually appealing best Arch-based Linux distros available, with the custom-developed Pantheon Desktop Environment closely mimicking Mac OS in appearance and feel, making it excellent for anyone transitioning from Mac. It is based on Ubuntu and is an incredibly popular choice for laptops because it comes packaged with a variety of drivers necessary by laptops, including some required by older machines. It is a very lightweight distribution that includes essential packages such as a browser and an email client.


VeltOS is a stunning Linux distribution based on Arch Linux. VeltOS is powered by its own Graphene Desktop, a simple interface designed to keep out of the way while still providing rapid access to all of your applications and preferences. Graphene is built using Google’s material design guidelines, making it both attractive and simple. The best Arch-based Linux distros is VeltOS provides with only the essential applications you’ll need out of the box, with no bloatware. All of your other software requirements can be met by the thousands of Arch Linux programes.


RebornOS is a strong best Arch-based Linux distros that includes over ten desktops and thirty optional features. It has its own repositories, and the Reborn Updates and Maintenance Tool lets you rollback packages to any point in time. It also has a lot of graphical support to make things easier for novice users and save them from the horrors of the command line. It has its own version of the Cnchi graphical installer. RebornOS makes it simple for newcomers to use an Arch Based system without experiencing any of its horrors.

Archman Linux

This was launched as an independent project by some Turkish developers. Despite the fact that it is based on the source code of Arch Linux. In general, Arch Linux is not ideal for inexperienced users. This project’s developers worked hard to make it a general-purpose distribution. They are actually quite successful at this. XFCE is their flagship desktop environment, which is included by default with the distribution. You can, however, choose from a variety of other desktop environments and window managers.

Garuda Linux

Garuda Linux is one of the most visually appealing best Arch-based Linux distros available, and it is designed specifically for desktop/laptop users. It comes with the Zen kernel, which is one of the best for desktops and laptops. It also uses BTRFS as the default file system and enables automatic snapshots using Timeshift out of the box. Despite being built on Arch Linux, it features extensive GUI support. For example, unlike most other distros, you can instal software, change kernels, manage drivers, alter GRUB settings, and so on via GUI choices.


ArcoLinux, unlike other best Arch-based Linux distros, is marketed as an online learning platform with the goal of transforming new users into Arch masters. To that purpose, the initiative creates a number of distros. The ArcoLinux learning process is divided into six parts, which include the various ArcoLinux distributions. There’s the ArcoLinuxD release, which comes with just enough components to get you started on your own bespoke ArcoLinux system. Then there’s ArcoLinuxB, which allows you to edit the default ArcoLinux ISO and create your own unique image. The project hosts a number of such modified ISOs that its community has submitted.

Final Words

It’s quite cool to create your own best Arch-based Linux distros. You can instal only what you need, when you need it, without the extraneous software that is frequent in pre-designed Linux distributions. If following this path is too much of a burden, we believe some of the distros, being clean, tiny, or focused, will come quite close. This best Arch-based Linux distros is for those who want Arch’s stability, security, and simplicity but don’t have the time or patience to build one themselves.

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