Over the past ten years, board games have seen a revival, and it doesn’t take much investigation on the Google Play Store to discover that this is also true of Android. Use your Smartphone, laptop or tablet to get these board games if you’re having difficulties getting everyone inside the same house or simply don’t have enough shelf space for another box. It should be noted that it can be difficult to find highly regarded best board games for Android on the Play Store. Many of the board games barely pass my approval, whether it’s due to recent upgrades breaking the user interface, incorrectly translating key elements, or losing the original’s charm. But there are some gems here that are worth taking into account.

Best Board Games for Android

Game of Life 2

The Game of Life 2 is a follow-up to the well-known Game of Life by Hasbro. As they advance through the game, players create a life for themselves, complete with a family and a career. The best board games for Android offers two multiplayer games modes in addition to a single-player mode. You can play in-person with friends or online with buddies. It’s a rather entertaining game that plays quite similarly to its real-world equivalent. The expense is the only drawback. You get the base game for the purchase price, but the creators charge you a little extra for extra stuff. Fortunately, the base game is enjoyable enough that you don’t need to purchase anything. Download Game of Life 2 from its offically website.

Oceans Lite

Oceans Lite is a stunning and engaging game with almost endless repeat potential that explores the enormous undersea realm. If you haven’t tried the digital version of this one of the best board games for Android yet, you absolutely must. The exquisitely illustrated cards and a number of elements (pass, weekly challenges) make it a game that can be enjoyed by both solo players and groups of players.

Among the Stars

Another best board games for Android is called Among the Stars. It takes place in a galaxy where alien races are forced to cooperate in order to stave off an impending menace. The best space station ever constructed is the aim. Even though this is the smartphone version, it is fundamentally a board game that uses cards for construction. The competitive aspect arises from the fact that each card symbolises a different room on the space station. You can put something into play that inhibits another player or use card play to upgrade your space station. Making sure your station has enough power reactors, for example, requires careful preparation in Among the Stars.

Through the Ages

You begin Through the Ages with a small tribe. However, by enlarging your farms and mines, you open the door for scientific advancements, superior leadership, and enormous wonders. Your political savvy is complemented by your military might as you guide your civilization to glory. Through the Ages is a Vlaada Chvátil official adaptation of the best board games for Android that has garnered numerous awards since its initial introduction. This can be a nice choice if you’re looking for an online board games with a Civilizations theme. For improved gameplay, you can also try Through the Ages on PC.

Monopoly GO

Even though the board game Monopoly is highly well-liked, it takes a long time to play. Making that into a Monopoly app is challenging. However, Monopoly GO! aims to bring part of that enjoyment to a portable device. You may still collect from Go, jail opponents, ride trains, and perform other action games in this real-time multiplayer game. However, the game advances considerably more quickly as a result of the smaller board. Despite the fact that Monopoly GO! is a free game, there are in-app purchases available. The best board games for Android is this one.

Really Bad Chess

A chess variant with a few different rules is called Really Bad Chess. Still, everything functions as you would expect it to. Which pieces you begin with makes a significant difference. If you like, you can begin a game with eight knights and four queens. You are forced to play very differently than you would with the standard configuration in this variation of the well-knownbest board games for Android. If you purchase the premium edition of the game, it also includes daily and weekly challenges as well as a vs mode. Additionally, you can undo actions, which is a useful tool for beginners. It deviates from traditional chess in a positive way, without a doubt.


The renowned developer Asmodee Digital’s Carcassonne is a well-executed rendition of the well-known best board games for Android. It was redistributed in 3D and now plays and looks better than before! Players in this tile-based kingdom-building game alternately attempt to finish highways, cities, and cloisters. A limited amount of “meeples” are also dropped by players onto landmarks each turn in an effort to score points after the feature is finished. You can still score some points even if you can’t completely encircle a city or complete a road by the end of the game.

Fort Sumter

This entry could be more your style if you’ve ever admired the aesthetic of Twilight Struggle but found it to be a little too complicated or daunting. The oncoming catastrophe of the American Civil War serves as the backdrop for Fort Sumter, a two-player, card-driven strategy game, which is primarily about moving and placing blocks on a map. This is a terrific experience for two if you’re looking for something with a lot of depth and strategy but you don’t have much time, and Playdek has once again done a masterful job converting best board games for Android into the digital arena. If you like to reenact historical events, our list of the top mobile war games will be perfect for you.

Final Words

The main issue is that most of us are only able or willing to fit a certain number of best board games for Android into our houses. Thank goodness digital board games have becoming more popular. You may enjoy playing well-known board games on your smartphone thanks to this particular subgenre of best board games for Android. While it is true that you do not experience the tactile delight of the real thing, there are advantages to this kind of gaming.

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