However, when it comes to mindless amusement and pass time, brain training games and puzzle applications have become one of the most often played game genres for mobile devices. These best brain training android apps main objective is to gradually increase your intelligence. So choosing the best ones is crucial. These exams are available to people of all ages who want to sharpen their memory and focus. According to numerous research, playing brain games can promote mental flexibility and slow brain aging. However, we won’t bore you with the intricate biology that makes up your brain in this instance. Instead, we’re going to talk about something that will give your brain some exercise and aid you in the long journey that is life. You all undoubtedly own smartphones and have already downloaded a number of apps.

Here is the list of Best Brain Training Android Apps


Over 100 million people use the most widely used the best brain training android apps in the world, Lumosity. This well-known brain training software provides 5-minute exercises created using the latest neuroscience findings. Science-based games that train memory, speed, attention, flexibility, and problem-solving are included in this brain training software. You can evaluate your cognitive abilities and contrast your results with those of your peers by taking a free, 10-minute test at the start of the course. The main objectives of Lumosity are memory improvement, decision-making, and detail attention. The memory tests are brief but simultaneously difficult. As long as you have an account, free users are allowed to play three games each day. Through the Games tab, you can play those three games as often as you’d like. With their speed games, memory games, problem-solving games, word games, and math games, Lumosity will help you identify your brain’s strongest training area.

Funexpected Math

Through light-heartedly country-themed exercises, Funexpected Arithmetic! explains a number of fundamental math concepts and theories. Counting, patterns, algorithms, geometry, logic, number sense, and other topics are all covered in leveled games. Without any explicit instruction, all the principles are introduced in a game environment. Each site features a distinctive graphic theme and a variety of engaging math challenges, including shape matching, following patterns, and number line counting. Following a quick explanation on how to play, youngsters begin each game at level one and continue through increasingly difficult levels. Teachers can create several user profiles if they register for an account using their email address.


With the help of the best brain training android apps is Peak, you can create enjoyable, neuroscience-based games to monitor and test your cognitive abilities. The app currently offers over 45 tough mini-games intended to keep your mind engaged. Every game in the app was created in collaboration with scholars from prestigious institutions like NYU and Cambridge. You can test your math, problem-solving, mental agility, creativity, and other skills by playing free brain games.


One of the most well-liked best brain training android apps available is called Luminosity, and there are several solid justifications for this distinction. Similar to Elevate, Luminosity’s library of over 25 games adapts to your unique performance and offers each user a unique brain training experience. The games are part of a daily training routine for people with all kinds of schedules, so if you follow their program, you will improve. The Luminosity team also collaborates with more than 40 university researchers from across the globe to transform well-known cognitive and neuropsychological exercises into entertaining brand-new games for everyone.

Brain Wars

Easily one of the best brain training android apps available on the app store, the Brain Wars also gives you a general idea of the areas of your brain that the games you’ve played have exercised. You can play different games in Brain Wars. The activities, which involve math, shape identification, color matching, and number memory, among others, will undoubtedly improve your ability to concentrate. You don’t need to establish an account to use the app because you can play as a guest and provide no personal information, but you can if you wish. There are several ways to test your opponents during brain-training sessions with Brain Wars. In addition to offering a fantastic design, it also allows you the choice to compete with others around, globally, or in a specific nation. You may enhance your focus, observation, concentration, responses, and math/geometry skills by playing the minigames that are available on this particular app.

Train Your Brain

The Train Your Brain app contains a ton of entertaining and thought-provoking games that are suitable for both youngsters and adults. While some games test your memory, others put your problem-solving and spatial awareness to the test. Each game includes numerous levels to keep things interesting for you. Even though there are just about games in these best brain training android apps. They all gradually get harder and more challenging, so you won’t feel like there is a shortage of material. Additionally, there is a daily task that you must complete, encouraging you to return daily. Additionally, there is no restriction on the number of times you can play any game. You can keep playing until you feel your brain has had enough exercise.


CogniFit, as its name suggests, aims to improve your cognitive abilities. All of your cognitive abilities and mental attentiveness will be effectively improved by the app’s design. An online and mobile app for cognitive training is called CogniFit. It employs quick, easy-to-learn games to develop various cognitive abilities like vision, memory, hand-eye coordination, etc. Users have the option of a customized training session that comprises of three games chosen by the computer, or games of their choosing. Users are advised to perform at least 3 training sessions per week, each of which lasts for roughly 15 minutes. Users can track their progress by viewing performance feedback and cumulative scores.


Another best brain training android apps for enhancing memory is Mnemonist. It requires you to memorize a whole list of words that you are given later. You only have a limited amount of time to glance over and memorize the list since there is a timer that counts down. There may just one word displayed on each panel at times, while there may be a lengthy list of words. The number of words you must memorize grows as you advance to higher levels. The cool thing about this memorizing tool is that you’ll eventually need to employ a memory trick of some sort in order to retain all the words.

MentalUP Educational Games

The MentalUP Educational Games app offers more than 100 fun brainteasers and is a useful tool for mental development. Their focus games foster attention abilities while their memory activities enhance learning. While providing a challenge for the skills they are meant to stretch, their brain training games are simple to understand. Each game starts with a brief, to-the-point introduction, followed by the timed activity. Players can configure the app so that it favors particular skills and takes into account the user’s age. A reports page offers a history of successes and development. By using the in-game currency acquired through achievement, a player avatar can also be upgraded with cosmetic goods.

Final Words

Try out these best brain training android apps, and let us know in the comments which ones most successfully stretched your cognitive abilities. An Android users can access this one. It is one of the most popular best brain training android apps because it is initially free. It enhances a variety of skills, including concentration, communication, memory, and problem-solving. Each user is able to create a custom training plan that is changed as you use it more and more to get the best outcomes. You can also choose in-app purchase options to improve your experience.

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