A browser is a highly useful tool that allows you to easily surf the internet, receive answers to your questions, and accomplish a variety of other things. Every smartphone, Android or otherwise, comes with an inbuilt browser. However, you may not find a browser built into your Android TV and will need to download and instal it from somewhere else. These days, smart TVs are the norm, and the majority of them run on the Android TV platform, which has a nice UI and allows you to download apps from the Play Store. However, when it comes to online browsers, there are only a few possibilities. In this article, we will discuss the best browsers for Android TV that you can use to view websites on your TV.=

Here is the list of Best Browsers for Android TV


You may have heard of the JioPages best browsers for Android TV, but Reliance Jio also has an Android TV version of same browser. You don’t need to worry about sideloading an APK or anything because the app is available directly from the Play Store. Simply download the browser and you may begin using your TV to access the internet. JioPagesTV, in addition to the andriod browser features, provides a wealth of other material. The browser also supports regional languages and provides a selection of handpicked videos. You may also utilise incognito browsing here, which is really convenient.

Puffin TV

Puffin TV Browser is best browsers for Android TV-optimized version of the Puffin browser. While Puffin is an excellent browser in general, I’m not including it first because it only has a restricted free version. While Puffin TV Browser is free to download from the Play Store on Android TV, it has a limited evaluation time; you can only use it for free for one hour every day. If you wish to use it for an extended period of time, you must purchase a premium subscription. However, it has a lot of amazing features, so if you can afford to upgrade, you’ll get a really cool browser. The UI is very user-friendly, and you may use it to browse the web just like any other browser.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and widely used browsers for Windows. Furthermore, it is the best browsers for Android TV. Google Chrome’s developers do not release a separate browser app for Android TV. However, you can get the browser from other websites.

TV Bro

TV Bro is an open-source web browser that, by sticking to the essentials, should meet the majority of your web browsing needs on TV. To effortlessly use the browser, you can use a different search engine, incognito mode, an adblocker, a download manager, dark mode, tab support, and the option to build custom button shortcuts. The best browsers for Android TV admirably in our tests. The loading times were quick, and we had no problems surfing the web. We did notice a glitching effect on top of the YouTube video player, however. This was only observed with YouTube; we did not have the same problem when watching videos on other websites.


Firefox is another well-known best browsers for Android TV that can be installed on Android TVs. This is because no official Android TV version of Firefox is available on the TV Play Store. There is, however, a version for Android TV that is built using APIs and features a card-like interface with a scrollable navigator. You can search by entering a URL, using voice commands, or by opening any of the many available cards. Firefox on Android TV, like Chrome, allows you to sync your Firefox accounts to bring your clipboard, passwords, and favourite websites to your homepage.

Silk Browser

The cloud architecture allows it to run fluidly, decreasing bandwidth consumption and saving storage space, resulting in a quick, smooth online experience. The advantage of using this best browsers for Android TV over any other web-based choice is that there will never be any buffering when streaming video, so viewers can expect constant quality every time they push play.

Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung has released a browser that is compatible with both smartphones and smart TVs. If you want a browser that is simple to use and has a lot of useful features, Samsung Browser is a good option. It has a built-in content blocker, ad-blocker, configurable text size, and so on. The high contrast mode is an additional feature that you may enjoy. The best browsers for Android TV lack this capability, which will provide you with a more comfortable viewing experience. By employing side-loading, you can quickly obtain the television version of this browser.


Opera is yet another mobile browser with a desktop counterpart that offers the same benefits to both users. Opera distinguishes itself from the rest of the best browsers for Android TV with a data-saving option that compresses both videos and ordinary web pages. As a result of the lowered data, pages load faster, and if you don’t have one of the finest unlimited data plans, you won’t burn through your monthly data allowance as rapidly. Opera also includes a free VPN-like option that provides you with a virtual IP address however, you cannot use both the VPN feature and data-saving mode simultaneously.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is another excellent lightweight browser for Windows and Android smartphones. This browser is popular among users, and you want it on your Android TV as well. The good news is that Firefox is the best browsers for Android TV and is available for download on your device.

Final Words

There are numerous browsers that claim to run on Android TV, such as Opera, TVWeb, and Kiwi, however they are not designed for the TV platform. All of the best browsers for Android TV on this list have been tested and proven to operate with Android TV’s remote navigation. Some web browsers mislead their customers into believing that they are compatible with Android TV, however running an app is not the same as receiving the optimum experience from utilising the app on a certain device.

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