And although there’s nothing wrong with using a desktop computer exclusively for work purposes, many businesses may profit from more adaptable small best Business Apps that let them handle duties wherever they are and at any time. When operating your business from home, the office, or while on the road, the finest small business applications offer a straightforward approach to handle many elements of it. Small company entrepreneurs are aware of the necessity to be flexible and productive. The best Business Apps undoubtedly play a part in daily life, but selecting the best apps for them may be challenging. This is especially true if you only want to use one type of office software on your phone or tablet and don’t want to have to move documents between apps just to read them on different gadgets.

Here is the list of Best Business Apps

QuickBooks Online

One of the most well-known brands in accounting, QuickBooks Online is easy to use, strong, and available worldwide. (In reality, a large number of the apps on this list include QuickBooks into their functionality.) If you’re unfamiliar, there are several resources available that can help you get started. QuickBooks can handle everything from tax accounting to payroll, profit analysis, and inventory management—depending on the edition you’re paying for. QuickBooks Online provides a version and pricing range to suit your needs, whether you’re a one-person operation or a startup with expanding needs. Additionally, any version you select will give you access to the mobile QuickBooks app, one of the best business apps available on the Apple App Store.


Shopventory is a very straightforward solution with strong inventory management features for small businesses with inventory. View sales trends, compare locations, and check profit margins. You may reduce items that aren’t selling well and forgo a refill by using Shopventory to identify them. If it detects theft, it will also notify you. The best business apps makes it easier for small business owners to keep track of and manage all aspects of their inventory. Although Shopventory does not have a dedicated payment processing system, it does integrate with other platforms like Square, Shopify, PayPal, and others.

SAP SuccessFactors

The best business apps called SAP SuccessFactors makes it simple to include your whole team and carry out HR-related duties. A primary function of SAP is to increase efficiency by connecting all of your workers so that they can access critical information and operations from anywhere. Managers, employees, and HR can all access self-service tools to stay on top of important tasks. Its HCM function enables “you to automate your people processes, improve visibility and efficiency, and transform your business turning strategy into execution every day.” You can purchase this small business app for $84.53/user/year if you’re interested.

Microsoft 365

Although there are many other office software platforms, Microsoft’s Office 365, which was recently rebranded as Microsoft 365, remains the top suite and a must-buy for small businesses. It also rates as our best small business software despite severe competition on price and functionality. You might recall the time when Microsoft Office was a software bundle that you purchased and set up on your PC. Even while that is still an option, you may now use Microsoft 365 on Android and Apple smartphones thanks to the availability of app versions for both platforms. Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are the three main office best business apps you’ll need, and they are all included with Microsoft 365. Even if you currently use a cloud service like Google Drive or Drop Box, OneDrive is still worth utilising for online backups since keeping your data secure is important and having various backup choices doesn’t do any damage.

WhatsApp Business

You could believe that employing WhatsApp as a useful best business apps seems absurd given its well-known brand. However, WhatsApp Business is an app that was created especially for small companies to use, making it possible to communicate with clients quickly and effectively anywhere in the globe. The programme accomplishes this by employing automation to swiftly reply to messages and filter through them. In addition to being cost-free, WhatsApp Business enables users to showcase items for browsing by potential buyers. In order to establish a business model that retains its human component while letting the algorithm do the hard lifting, automation smoothly integrates with manual communications. This is something to consider if you want to increase the effectiveness of your company operations but don’t want to abandon WhatsApp.


Being the best business apps owner entails having several concerns. The cloud-based platform of FreshBooks, which was created with small company owners in mind, is evidence of this. No matter where you are, whether it’s on your desktop computer or on your phone, you can sync and access all of your financial information. Responding to customer feedback is simple, and you can use the mobile app to see how payments are doing right now. Additionally, you can photograph any receipts to instantly add them to your expenses list, and it has excellent time tracking features. Never before has it been so simple to manage every aspect of your cash flow.


The best business apps from Xero aids in organising purchase orders, paying personnel, and handling bills and costs. You can access your data from a phone, tablet, or laptop thanks to the cloud, which also ensures that you won’t lose any of your data if one of your devices is ever lost or stolen. The accounting app from Xero makes it simple and quick for busy company owners to manage costs, and it even allows them to view their cash flow in real time. Users laud its simplicity and call it a life-saving accounting tool. For the first 30 days, Xero’s app is free for small businesses.


Chanty is a team chat and best business apps that makes it simple to interact and work with your team. Use voice and text messages to contact them, or use audio and video calls. Share your screen and converse privately or in front of others. In addition to communicating, you can manage your projects by assigning responsibilities to messages. Set deadlines and assign such assignments to your team so you can manage your job from Chanty. Finally, your Teambook allows you to view everything in an one location. All of your contacts, messages, tasks, files, and other important information are kept in this unified communication hub.


The best business apps is FreshBooks, a well-known cloud-based accounting service created exclusively for entrepreneurs. Invoicing, cost tracking, time tracking, a variety of business reports, and even the opportunity to accept credit card payments are all included in the package, but you can get started right away thanks to the user-friendly interface designed with non-accountants in mind. Despite its apparent simplicity, this has considerable depth. To make life easier for everyone, you may bill in any currency, create recurring invoices to save time, let clients pay with a credit card by clicking a box, or even charge their credit card automatically. The system interfaces with several other services, like PayPal, MailChimp, Basecamp, WordPress, Gusto, Zendesk, and more if you need more capability.


Although MileIQ isn’t fancy, it works. This free mileage best business apps may track multiple vehicles and up to 40 journeys each month. Trips may be classified as either personal or business-related, and if you’re an employee, you can add comments. Additionally, MileIQ conveniently calculates the amount you may write off on your taxes for each trip; the typical MileIQ customer writes off more than $6,500 annually. Since January 1, 2018, the IRS has allowed you to write off 54.5 cents for each mile you drive for business. Additionally, FreshBooks and MileIQ are integrated, allowing you to import data and add trips to cost reports. This will make filing your mileage report and requesting a deduction during tax season a breeze.

Final Words

Some of these best business apps will work great for your small business, while others might not be a good fit. Do you require assistance with improved accounting services, expenditure reporting. It is obvious that using pen and paper for any area of your small business is not the most effective approach to do tasks. With the correct digital solution, practically everything from communication and work scheduling to training and time tracking is simpler to handle.

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