Calendar apps are useful for much more than just event reminders. While any calendar software can keep track of social events, deadlines, and appointments, it’s typically worth looking through the options available on the Play Store rather than settling for the app that comes pre-installed on your phone. Some calendar apps, as opposed to the basic options, are designed for a specific function, such as calendar sharing or task management. We’ve compiled a selection of the best calendar apps for Android, ranging from tried-and-true all-rounders like Google Calendar to more specialised apps. You can simply create reminders, schedule meetings, and plan out your days, weeks, and months using the finest calendar applications to ensure you’re managing your time as efficiently as possible.

Here is the list of Best Calendar Apps for Android

Google Calendar

If you’re comfortable with the Google environment, Google Calendar is a no-brainer. It’s free, integrates seamlessly with other Google programmes like Gmail, and has a stunning Material You interface for people who own Pixel phones. Because Google Calendar is integrated with other Google apps, it will recommend names, places, and contact information when you add events. It can also search Gmail for emails containing event information (such as flights or meetings) and add them to your calendar automatically.


aCalendar is a traditional best calendar apps for Android. It includes the essentials, such as several date displays, reminders, notifications, and more. The programme also contains customization options, Google Calendar integration, tasks, themes, and even extras like moon phases and holidays. In addition, the developer donates 10% of all app income to the preservation of the rain forest. That was very appealing to us. The programme is available in both a free and a moderately priced pro version. It was also recently completely redesigned.


Jorte is one of the most popular best calendar apps for Android. It provides a plethora of solutions that are certain to fulfil all of your requirements. The software distinguishes itself from some of its competitors due to its cloud sync feature, which allows you to manage calendars directly from web browsers. Colors, backgrounds, themes, and widget size are all customizable. It also has a marketplace where you can purchase extra backgrounds and icons. Additional features include the option to download sports team schedules, a clickable location that directs you to a map app, and a more thorough day-by-day display than Google Calendar provides.

Outlook Calendar

Although the best calendar apps for Android is Outlook Calendar was originally created for corporate customers and large companies, Microsoft has since changed this calendar tool to make it an amazing solution for both personal and professional users. The best part about Outlook Calendar is that it is absolutely free, and all you need to get started is a Microsoft Outlook account. You get access to Microsoft Office programmes like Word, Excel, and OneNote in addition to email and a calendar. Outlook Calendar may appear to be feature-limited, but the software supports all of the usual view modes, including day, week, month, and schedule, as well as the ability to view several calendars at once, organise them into folders, and share them with others.

Calendar Notify

Some people like widgets on their Home Screen, while others want information displayed under their notification shade. People who desire the latter will get a brief synopsis of your forthcoming events with Calendar Notify, and appointments are presented every time you swipe down to show the alerts. What’s even great is that the notification will appear on your lock screen as well. The ability to view your agenda without even unlocking your phone can help you save time throughout the day. This is a straightforward companion software that connects to and syncs with your preferred calendar service.


Digical is another sharing best calendar apps for Android. With eye-catching styles and seven various calendar displays, this software provides an excellent calendar experience. You may enjoy 6 widget views and 9 pre-set widget themes on your home screen and never miss another appointment again. The fact that the month view and the agenda view are on the same screen is the app’s best feature. When you change the date, all of your plans for that day are presented below, making it simple to access and add an event to your agenda. You can add event participants by email and set up notifications or alarm reminders.


TimeTree may be the answer if you’re seeking for best calendar apps for Android for your complete family, friends, group, or team members. This shared calendar allows everyone to access and add events to the same calendar, making it simple to keep organised and coordinate schedules. You may also use the app to create several shared calendars for different reasons. TimeTree also includes a chat feature that allows users to speak within each event. This can be useful for organising details and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. The software also includes a memo tool for planning and organising activities. TimeTree is free to download and use, but it contains advertisements.

Simple Calendar Pro

Simple Calendar Pro is just that: a calendar. That is its primary characteristic. It does not connect to external calendars such as Google Calendar or anything else. However, CalDAV support is available as an alternative. Otherwise, the calendar is nearly completely out of sync. There was a free version of this, but it is no longer supported. The current version costs $0.99 and includes no additional adverts or in-app purchases. It’s also completely open source and reasonably priced. This is a fantastic alternative for folks who want to keep things simple and don’t want everything in the cloud.

Zoho Calendar

Zoho Calendar is a component of Zoho’s dynamic ecosystem that assists users in managing their daily calendars as well as meetings within an enterprise. The best calendar apps for Android is absolutely free for all users and includes many useful functions. Zoho Calendar includes a simple and easy-to-use interface. You can choose between multiple time zones and then add an event to your calendar using the app. You may also make a group calendar and add other team members or family members to it to keep track of your various schedules. You may also sync your calendar with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and other services.

One Calendar

One Calendar is a cross-platform best calendar apps for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows that combines your calendars from several providers into a single calendar. It is compatible with 12 providers, including Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Yahoo, and Nextcloud. The layout is simple and configurable, with all of the bells and whistles you’d expect from a modern apps for Android. However, it may lack some of the features included in some of the other calendars on this list. However, it still provides more than enough functionality for casual or light professional use, particularly if you have accounts with more than one of the listed providers.

Final Words

To find the best calendar apps for Android, we first create an account with the best calendar apps for Android, which may be downloaded or used online. The service was then evaluated to see how it may be used for diverse purposes and circumstances, such as keeping a diary and organising conferences. The goal was to test each software platform to assess how useful its basic tools were and how simple it was to learn any more complex features.

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