The Best Call of Duty Games

[contentsdisabled] Picking the best Call of Duty game is no easy feat, not when the series alone hosts the best games in the main series. The first game, Call of Duty, was released in 2003 and the most recent was Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Each game in the series brings something new to the party, but we managed to pick the best Call of Duty games that are worth a lot. . Regardless of location or story, Call of Duty games typically feature Exciting single-player campaigns and intense multiplayer. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, changed that and ditched the campaign, brought another exciting experience to the table with its new battle royale mode called Blackout. But not all Call of Duty games are created equal. Some were just better than others, and with that in mind we ranked them from worst to best. If you’re looking for the single-player storyline that makes Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare so memorable, or want to know if Call of Duty’s free-to-play multiplayer mayhem is worth it. In compiling this list, we’ve taken everything into consideration – the twists and turns of each game’s campaign, the quality of its multiplayer experience, the visual fidelity and realism of the well-priced MuttonChops – you name it, we’ve taken it into account.

Here is the list of the best Call of Duty games

Modern war

What other Call of Duty game could it be? Of course, the first Modern Warfare would have to come first during this conversation! This is the game that made headlines and attracted casual fans to the game – everyone and their grandmother heard about how awesome Modern Warfare is and got hooked when they finally played it. The campaign may be short compared to other entries in the series, but it made a big impression on everyone who tried it. And the multiplayer? Damn close to perfection! The introduction of UAV reconnaissance sweeps, airstrikes and attack helicopters reinforced the already heavy firefight and set of modes introduced in previous entries. Buy

modern war 2

Modern Warfare 2 arrived with a lot of fervor and fanfare thanks to the tremendously positive response to the first Modern Warfare. This sequel did a great job of showing the bombastic scenarios and high fun and replayability associated with the multiplayer that was present in its predecessor. The “No Russian” quest definitely left many players uneasy, and the general lack of innovation in this game was noticeable. But overall, Modern Warfare 2 holds a special place in our hearts. Spec Ops is very good in this entry for sure! Buy

world at war

After the overwhelming success of Modern Warfare, the upcoming annual entry has decided to return to the familiar realm of WWII. What we took from this pivot was one of the best games of the time, Call of Duty: World at War. The intense violence and bloodshed involved in its campaign perfectly represented the brutal nature of the main conflict that was the Pacific theater of World War II. The option to play this campaign with a friend, the fun multiplayer suite and the hugely successful debut of Zombies put World at War at the forefront of Call of Duty releases. However, some fans bemoan this game for not doing much to differentiate itself from other entries in the WWII-themed series. Buy

Black Ops 2

The original Black Ops ended up being a resounding success and a true milestone for the series. So when Black Ops 2 arrived, expectations were incredibly high. Fortunately, those high expectations were met. This entry in the series continued the amazing storyline introduced in the original and even introduced some futuristic plot elements that allow players to step into the shoes of Alex Mason’s son. The multiplayer and Zombie suite reached the same high levels as the variations seen in the first Black Ops. However, Strike Force missions and the Pick 10 weapon system in competitive multiplayer are over up the two main flaws of this game. Buy

Modern War 3

The third installment in the Modern Warfare 3 series has kept the Call of Duty sub-series in a good place, thankfully. The ongoing in-game fighting between the United States and Russia provided the campaign with its usual series of explosive moments and big reveals. Multiplayer stood out thanks to the addition of three new modes – Kill Confirmed, Team Defender and Infected. The Spec Ops and Survival modes weren’t as captivating as the other two parts of Modern Warfare 3, but they didn’t do enough to bring down the overall great quality of the game. Buy

Cold War Black Ops

The Vietnam Era campaign of Black Ops Cold War is part of the reason this entry in the series is well regarded by many. Its use of real-life political figures, a captivating storyline, and clever approach to solving key mysteries gave it a different feel that was much preferred by fans. However, Black Ops Cold War’s underwhelming maps and new modes prevent the multiplayer from excelling at the usual high-level COD multiplayer rests. And as far as Zombies go, it’s passable at best. Buy

Second World War

It certainly took a while for Call of Duty to return to its modern roots. Sledgehammer Games has returned fans to the WWII era in this back-to-form series. Call of Duty: WWII offered a compelling campaign that removed the health regeneration system in an effort to make enemy encounters even more difficult. Zombies was the real highlight of this entry in the series, plus the multiplayer mode set has kept the high fun factor of the best installments in the franchise. The only drawbacks to Call of Duty WW2 are its over-reliance on loot boxes and the general predictability factor that comes from the well-used Call of Duty formula. up up to this point. Buy


Many point to Ghosts as the initial downfall for the franchise as a whole. And it’s easy to see why. While the campaign was solid enough, it didn’t really offer anything memorable other than an adorable dog that most fans have taken with them since the first trailer. And in the case of multiplayer, the game’s expanded maps and complex architecture took away a lot of the fun that most fans associate with the series. Ghosts ultimately feels like an uninspired take on the franchise that die-hard fans lament to this day. Buy

Black Ops III

Black Ops 3 hasn’t really done anything remarkable to push the series forward in any significant way. But it still managed to be a satisfying installment that retained all the sustain modes fans have come to expect. The game’s campaign stands out thanks to its four-player co-op option and the cool gear progression system contained within it (the uninteresting storyline gets in the way, unfortunately). The set of multiplayer and Zombies modes follow the beaten path of previous series entries, however, which keeps the experiences within them a little stale. Buy

advanced warfare

Advanced Warfare was a crazy leap forward for the series from a thematic standpoint – it embraced a new brand of warfare that felt like it could exist in the near future. For those who enjoyed Titanfall, this entry in the series came as close to that underrated FPS as possible. The explosive campaign, the Exo Suit implementation, and the Pick 13 system did a great job of elevating Advanced Warfare among the weakest entries in the franchise. The game’s co-op Exo Survival mode was a decent experiment, but it turned out to be nothing more than an oddity. Buy

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