The Best Camera Cases

[contentsdisabled] These waterproof and weather-resistant cases are designed to take a beating while keeping everything inside safe. to the best camera The case should also be convenient to carry, easy to organize, and easy to store in a studio or on a flight. Even if you only use your camera For casual photography, a hard case is a convenient way to keep your gear safe from bumps and drops. Your equipment is an expensive and delicate instrument and should be treated as such. Hard camera Cases provide excellent storage solutions for your photographic equipment. They are waterproof, crush-proof beasts that laugh in the face of the rudest airport baggage handler. They stay up against torrential rains, and most will even keep camera dry equipment if the case is accidentally submerged in a river or lake. Even small bumps can disrupt the sensitive photography mechanism of today’s lenses and bodies. The inside of the case should also be customizable. Pick and pull foam padding lets you lay out the case however you like, but once you pull out a piece of foam, you’ll be stuck with that layout. Soft removable panels can be used to categorize the camera case and are easy to adjust and change.

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pelican 1500 Camera Foam Case

Pelican cases come standard with an Automatic Pressure Equalizing Valve that releases up air pressure, keeping water out. Pelican’s Pick N’Pluck foam lets you customize the interior and the lock is ABS. Pelican cases come standard with an Automatic Pressure Equalizing Valve that releases up air pressure, keeping water out. Stainless steel reinforced padlock protectors. Pelican cases are kept waterproof through the use of a tongue and groove fit and a polymer O-ring. Comfortable rubber molded grip. Unique folding front handle with non-slip molded pad handle. Buy now

Nanuk 935 waterproof hard cover waterproof

The Nanuk Lid Organizer is the ideal organization and convenience accessory to add to your case. The molded interior is designed to help keep your hardware, power cords and accessories neatly organized and in sight. Nanuk Cases are Waterproof (IP67 Rating), Dustproof, Shockproof | Automatic bleed valve equalizes pressure inside the case when traveling Features They include three zippered, tear-resistant compartments of various sizes for plenty of gear storage. Two (patented) triple-action latches molded from super-strong Nylon hold the case securely closed using compression force | Lockable with optional TSA padlocks. Buy now

large rigid bearing Camera Case

Pre-cut foam squares allow you to customize the interior; Equipped with a folding side handle for easy transport and extendable top handle when used as a roll crate. Large hard protective case for storage and transport camera equipment; quickly converts into a rolling box. Pressure equalizing valve creates an airtight, watertight seal; watertight to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes – IP67 rating. Buy now

MEIJIA all-weather portable waterproof protective case

Smarter and easier to open than traditional cases. Initiate release and offers plenty of leverage to open with a light tug in just seconds. As per the size of your valuables, configure the inner foam to fit and avoid bumps and bumps on the road. Easy to use with our portable handle design. Beautiful and functional injection molded. Durable use with solid construction. The high quality pressure valve releases built-in air pressure, keeping water molecules out. Buy now

Eylar 16″ standard gear

External dimensions are 16″ x 13″ x 6.87″ Interior: 14.62″ x 10.18″ x 6″ – weighs 5.6 lbs. It consists of 3 layers of foam; 1 layer egg crate top coat, 1 customizable pull-and-peel layer, 1 solid layer. The rubber gasket lines the rim of the case, when closed, creates a waterproof seal. Innovative pressure equalizing valve allows the cabinet to quickly equalize to different air pressures. Two adaptable padlock clasps. Eylar waterproof hard cases are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Buy now

Lykus HC-5110 large waterproof hard case with foam

The case is made from new rather than recycled polypropylene resin to ensure robustness. Dust protection and IP67 waterproofing with SGS certification ensures safety in harsh environments with water, dust, sand or mud, etc. Inner size (empty box without foam): 20×11.4×6.7 inches Usable Size (with foam): 19×10.2×6.5 inches / 48.2x26x16.6 cm. Three pieces of foam are easily configurable, tearing the edges of the shape according to the object and pulling it out. Buy now

Tenba Solstice Backpacks

Tenba Solstice bags are made of water resistant material and the bottom panel is completely waterproof. All zippers and clips look solid and well made. Sometimes the zippers on photo backpacks get stuck and you have to force them, but the Solstice slides open and close very easily. Another useful addition to the build design is a top compartment where you can store some of your most frequently used items or even just a bottle of water. A separate zipper gives access to this area for quick access, but you can also access this compartment through the opening in the back. Buy now

Think Tank Subscription

Think Tank’s Signature Series is a modernized version of the classic shoulder bag. Whether you’re a young urban professional or a corporate photographer, the Signature shoulder bag is as stylish as it is functional. Signature 13 Shoulder Bag features Genuine leather detailing and metal hardware add character and support up to the rigors of a photographer’s daily use. The zippered flap provides full closure and security for the main compartment, or folds away when not in use. Buy now

Billingham 72 Small Camera Bag

The Hadley Pro has been around for a long time and has been Billingham’s best-selling bag for good reason. It’s well made, looks great, comfortable and is the perfect size for a variety of photographic equipment, from compact mirrorless cameras to even larger DSLR systems. The sewing work is flawless and all materials are assembled immaculately. The fabric feels thick and durable, the leather they used looks rich, and it’s not cheap by any means. A closer look at the stitching and overall finish tells me that Billingham has very high manufacturing standards and great quality control. The handle is detachable and therefore washable. Inside, the bag comes with lots of extra inserts/dividers so you can customize the interior to fit your specific piece of kit, or remove them completely to turn it into an everyday bag. Buy now

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