The Best Cases for iPhone SE

[contentsdisabled] The iPhone SE can cost much less than the iPhone 11 line of phones, but it’s still wise to keep it shielded in a better case. Fortunately, you already have many of the best options to choose from and we’ve rounded up our favorites below. We haven’t had a chance to deal with many of these cases yet, but once we do, we’ll move on to a proper review. Before we get too deep, though, here’s a tip: If you already have an iPhone 7 or 8 lying around, you can take out this case and it will work fine on iPhone SE. On the outside, at least, they’re automatically the same phone— all the improvements are under the hood. In fact, many of the case makers listed below are repurposing their old designs for the new device. After all, where can you get the A13 Bionic chipset, 12 megapixels camera, water resistance and wireless charging power for under $400? Fortunately, you are spoiled for choice where matters are related, as almost all accessory manufacturers stock them. So whatever your taste or need, there’s something for you. And these are the best iPhone SE cases you can buy right now.

Here is the list of Best iPhone SE Cases

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case offers classic protection for your iPhone SE without going overboard. The case involves your phone with a soft TPU shock absorber that protects you from drops on all sides by absorbing shock. The edges are also raised, so it can handle a drop on flat surfaces without leaving the screen or camera Hit the ground. The back of the case features a hard and transparent polycarbonate that allows your phone show or that you can use to display your own art. Buy

Tech21 Pure Clear for iPhone 8/SE

Okay, that’s not the case with the iPhone SE. It is not necessary. But when the phone has the same dimensions as the iPhone 8, it makes sense to use cases that are available for the old Apple flagship. Tech21’s PureClear offers 66 feet of drop protection with virtually no extra bulk, meaning you won’t feel like you’re carrying a protective brick. Likewise, the clear shell with a translucent edge is very sleek and minimalistic, and some models even offer antibacterial coatings that are especially useful in the post-COVID world. $30 isn’t the cheapest price, but the Tech21 has a history of offering high-quality accessories, and that makes it one of their more affordable options. Buy

Dockem wallet

If you like to just take yours phone And that’s it, the Candy iPhone SE case might be for you. This case has a simple leather aesthetic that offers some minor protection and a style update at the same time. It might not be the most protective because of its open bottom and lack of much of a lip to protect the screen, but it does have a useful extra. The back of the case has two card slots, so you can drop your wallet and keep your ID and credit card handy wherever you go. Buy

Lucrin glove

Personally, my favorite type of case is still the sleeve. Your iPhone is safely stowed away until you want to use it, and then you can slide it out to feel the iPhone exactly as it was designed to feel. Lucrin produces the widest range of sleeves, wallets and bags, all of exceptional quality and in a seemingly endless selection of colors, leather finishes and so on. There are sleeves with pull-tabs or an opening at the bottom, both of which are designed so you can eject the phone faster. You can also customize the cases further with your initials or contrasting lines. You can even remove the Lucrin logo if you prefer. It’s not cheap, but completely beautiful to look at and hold. Buy

Speck Presidio Pro for iPhone 8/SE

If you’re looking for something solid and fun, Speck has been a company to check out for a long time. The Presidio Pro series is no different. Sure it might be thicker than some of the other cases on this list, but that also means it offers 10 feet of drop protection to keep your iPhone SE safe and secure in the event that it drops and falls the wrong way. This is another one that comes with an antimicrobial finish, which is very useful in the COVID era and continuous hand washing. It also comes in four different colors, with some of the same tasteful two-tone accents that Speck is known for. But obviously you will pay for that privilege. Buy

Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen’s Tough Armor case is exactly what it sounds like. This affordable case offers up serious protection by combining a tough polycarbonate shell to resist abrasion with a TPU bumper for drop protection on all sides. While many cases use this combination, the Tough Armor case also adds a layer of impact foam to further absorb the shock of a drop. And even with all those layers, it only adds an extra 0.1 inch of thickness to the iPhone SE, so it can keep working wirelessly. As an added bonus, the case includes a stand on the back, so you can set it up up to enjoy hands-free content on your iPhone SE. Buy

OtterBox Defender Pro for iPhone SE

Otterbox has been the maker of accessories for durability for almost as long as the iPhone has been around, and its iPhone SE Defender Pro is no exception. This case is as robust as they come, with a dual-layer design that combines a thick polycarbonate shell with a rubber insert. There’s also a built-in screen protector, a lightning bolt door cover, and it’s completely hidden. buttons. It’s also been coated to help repel horrible microorganisms. Naturally, Otterbox is one of the more expensive options, and you can expect to pay up to $40 in some cases. But if you’re serious about keeping your phone protected from the horrors of the world, then the Defender Pro series is among the most protective cases money can buy. Buy

Transparent case for iPhone SE ESR

At just 1.1mm thick, the ESR’s shock-absorbing design presents a good case for anyone looking for a compromise between thinness and protection without hiding the ‌iPhone SE‌ natural color and design. The transparent material used is a yellowing resistant polymer that features Air-Guard corners to protect your device from drops, dents and bumps. The slightly raised bezels also do a good job of keeping the screen and camera from getting cracked in a fall or scratched on flat surfaces. It’s also totally brand-free if that sort of thing annoys you. Buy

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