A cat litter mat is a terrific way to capture additional litter from your kitty’s paws before it gets tracked all over your home, just like you have a mat in your foyer to catch any dirt and debris from your shoes when you come inside. Furthermore, as cats age, they are more prone to mishaps such as leaning too far over the side of the box, which results in a mess worse than scattered litter. A large enough cat litter pad might catch those mishaps and save you time mopping. There are numerous possibilities for these mats, and we have selected our top picks that will work for practically any budget and home. We have something for everyone, whether you want something easy to clean or something that can accommodate many cats.

Here is the list of Best Cat Litter Mats

Pieviev Cat Litter Mat

Our best cat litter mats for most litter box setups is the Pieviev Cat Litter Mat. Litter falls through the top layer and is kept in the bottom layer, thanks to an ingenious double-layer honeycomb construction. The two layers of the mat may be pulled apart like an envelope, allowing you to pick up the mat and divert the accumulated litter into the trash or back into your litter box. The Pieviev is constructed of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam, which is commonly used in flip-flops and foam clogs. It is also non-toxic because it does not contain any phthalates or plasticizing compounds that may interfere with hormone production in people and animals. It also has a rubber-like squishy texture that is both sturdy and gentle on your cat’s paws.

Gorilla Grip Cat Litter Trapping Mat

Cat Litter Trapping Gorilla Grip The mat effectively captures fine-grain scattered litter and is more comfy for cat paws than most of the other mats we tried. It also comes in nearly two dozen different colours and seven different sizes, so you can easily choose a mat to fit your litter box size and personal style. However, because of the mat’s tight coils, cleaning gunky messes is more difficult than with most of the other mats we examined. If your cat has a habit of making a major mess outside the box, skip this one. Currently, this is one of the best Cat Litter Mats that you can buy right now.

Cosyearn XL Cat Litter Mat

The Cosyearn Cat Litter Mat XL is ideal for a multi-cat household since it is large enough to fit many litter boxes. The Cosyearn, which measures 47 by 36 inches, gives a lot of runway for cats coming out of a litter box, catching more of the litter particles that get caught in their paws. The Cosyearn Litter Mat XL has a coarse woven pile similar to that of a scrub brush or door mat, but it is manufactured of PVC vinyl and will not collect stains or smells. Instead, it is simple to clean in a sink or with a hose. Most everyday litter spillage should be handled by a vacuum. While nominally waterproof, the XL litter mat lacks any area to hold water, thus liquid will flow off into your floor or even pool beneath the mat. Still, it is one of the best Cat Litter Mats that you can consider.

PetFusion ToughGrip Cat Litter Mat

The PetFusion ToughGrip cat litter mat is made of grey FDA-grade silicone and features a raised wave pattern as well as an outer lip. The pattern should be placed from the front of the litter box in a portrait orientation to catch litter and stimulate paw cleaning, while the outside lip keeps litter contained within the mat. The ToughGrip cat litter pad is extremely stable on both hardwood and carpet. It’s easy to walk on with bare feet and was approved by two of our cats, who mostly disregarded it. The ToughGrip really shines when it comes to cleanup at 5.3 pounds, the extra-large litter mat can be a little heavy to take up and shake off, but the approach effortlessly gets rid of all the litter.

iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper Mat

The costlier iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper Mat is the most effective at concealing litter dispersal. Because of its dual-layer construction, this mat captures both coarse and fine litter better than the Gorilla Grip mat, while hiding the granules in the bottom layer. And for cleaning, the iPrimio opens like a book. Simply avoid this mat if your cat has an upset stomach or pees outside the litter box: The honeycomb-shaped openings tend to trap gunk, and the manufacturer warns that the fabric piping can trap sour aromas. Thus, this product is one of the best Cat Litter Mats available right now.

Fresh Kitty Jumbo Foam Litter Mat

We were impressed by how much litter the Fresh Kitty Jumbo Foam pad caught and how simple it was to clean with soap and water. Not to mention the inexpensive cost. When walked on, the memory-foam layer material is soft and pliant, which is ideal for cats with delicate paws. It also collects a surprising amount of garbage in its groove pattern, which was simple to shake off. In a lab test, we discovered that the mat itself remained waterproof, despite the fact that the ribbed surface did channel liquid off of the mat, and that cleaning it in gunky-mess tests required very little wiping and rinsing. It is also machine washable, but must be air dried. It’s large enough to suit any of the three litter boxes in our real-world tests, and the black and grey design looks nice against the floor.

Blackhole Large Cat Litter Mat

The two-layered honeycomb pattern of this multifunctional mat traps kitty litter. The majority of cats enjoy walking over the smooth texture. When it’s time to clean this mat, simply open the ends and dump the trapped litter out. If necessary, pet parents can swiftly clean it with soap and water. One thing to keep in mind is that because it opens on both ends, litter may spill out during cleaning. These rectangular cat litter mats are large in size and prevent litter from tracking or scattering over floors, maximizing cleanliness. The litter mats are entirely waterproof in the event of an accident, collect trash between two layers, keeping your home clean, and work with all varieties of cat litter! Overall, it is one of the best Cat Litter Mats that you can buy.

Petmate Catcher Mat

Easily one of the best Cat Litter Mats available on the market, The Petmate Catcher Mat is one of the top low-cost cat litter mats. Why would you spend a lot of money on something that is only used to collect your cat’s waste? The Petmate Catcher Mat is one of the most budget-friendly solutions that still performs well. It costs less than most bags of litter. It is available in two sizes, so you can select the one that best meets your needs. The big is 25 by 23.5 inches, while the extra large is 47 x 32 inches. There is also a half-circle shape that measures 23.5 x 14 inches and is ideal for placing at the litter box’s entry/exit point. The mat’s bristles are rubberized to catch litter as your cat walks over it. Customers remarked that it captures the majority of litter particles and is simple to clean.

Final Words

There are several various varieties of cat litter mats available, so how do you know which one is ideal for your cat and the type of kitty litter they prefer? These mats can assist in keeping your home cleaner by collecting any stray litter that is either kicked out of the box or tracked by your cat’s paws. We’ve compiled a list of the best cat litter mats and included tips for pet parents on how to select the best mat for their cat.

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