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[contentsdisabled] When you activate a VPN, it creates an encrypted connection between your computer and a server operated by the VPN company. All your data is routed to the server before going back to the internet. When HTTPS was a rarity and public WiFi was the Wild West, this protection was necessary for security reasons. However, as more websites and services adequately protect themselves, VPNs are increasingly becoming a privacy product. When you use a VPN, it prevents your ISP from monitoring (and possibly monetizing) the websites you visit. A VPN can also make it difficult for advertisers to track your movements across the internet. Among all the VPN services we’ve tested, the average monthly cost is around $9.96 per month. We assumed that about $2 a month would be considered “cheap” at a minimum and set the threshold for this list at $8.00 a month. We also took a look at our older reviews to detail our options. To qualify for this list, a VPN service must have earned at least three stars in the last two years. Or, of course, you can check out our ranking of VPNs with the lowest prices – we’ve done all the hard work in our comprehensive reviews and compiled the top five VPNs that provide the most compelling combination of cheap and functional.

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Surfshark has been around for about a year now, and while new players are always entering the VPN industries, it’s been an interesting experience. Their consumer prices are impressive, but what Surfshark has to offer in terms of features and can its performance outperform its low prices? Let’s take a deeper look. Surfshark leverages some key protocols – the tried and true OpenVPN as well as IKEv2. OpenVPN is generally accepted as the de facto standard with high speeds and security. IKEv2 is also very good and works well with mobile networks. Adding to that mix, Surfshark also offers Shadowsocks, which is better known as an encrypted proxy.

Private Internet access

Private Internet Access has an excellent price and a good amount of features beyond just connecting to a chosen location. It also has a good number of locations across the country, a ton of servers, and 10 simultaneous connections, double what many other services offer. Private Internet Access has been a favorite third-party VPN for many users thanks to its great price and good privacy promises. The company has changed hands since we last reviewed it and is now owned by Kape Technologies. So it’s the same service we’ve been using for the last few years? Let’s dive in and have a look.


CyberGhost operates under the company CyberGhost SA in Bucharest, Romania. That said, there is an interesting history with company ownership and outside investors. CyberGhost was previously owned by Robert Knapp – a German tech entrepreneur – and based/operated in Romania. However, everything has changed since Knapp sold CyberGhost VPN to outside investors. The cheapest you can get CyberGhost for right now is $2.75 a month, but you’ll have to buy the three-year plan. Monthly plans will be significantly more money at $12.99 a month, as you can see below. This is at the lower end of the pricing spectrum, particularly for the longer plans. This makes CyberGhost one of the many cheap VPN providers.


PureVPN is one of the oldest VPNs on the market out there. Since its headquarters are in Hong Kong, PureVPN is not subject to international surveillance alliances like Five Eyes, Nine Eyes or Fourteen Eyes. This makes it harder for governments to request customer data from PureVPN, a big plus for VPN companies. PureVPN works by creating a virtual private network when you connect to the internet through your home network, cellular data, or a public Wi-Fi hotspot. This creates an intermediary between you and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) so that your ISP only sees you connecting to VPN servers.


You can think of NordVPN as a high quality VPN for all businesses. It does everything to a good standard, and while some rivals may offer better performance in specific departments, if you want everything to run smoothly – and consistent service above all – NordVPN won’t steer you wrong. NordVPN’s torrent support is a definite strength, and there’s a lot to like on the privacy front too, with plenty of smart features features to help keep you safe and anonymous online. Performance levels are good, and this is one of the fastest VPNs we’ve ever reviewed, and for unblocking Netflix (or other streaming content) it got us what we needed (albeit sometimes just by the VPN’s browser extension) .

hotspot shield

Hotspot Shield offers fast speeds across a large network of servers and through intuitive apps. It’s great for HD streaming, but not torrenting because of its logging practices. It also uses a proprietary closed-source encryption protocol. Overall, Hotspot Shield is good for general web use, but not for privacy-focused activities. Hotspot Shield Free is an ad-sponsored VPN with a daily data limit of 500MB. Upgrading to the paid version removes ads and gives you unlimited bandwidth, access to servers in 80 countries and a variety of security packages. features. We put both the free and paid versions of the VPN through our rigorous testing process to see how they performed in terms of speed, security, streaming, and more.


ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPNs in the industry. It will appeal to most users thanks to its high speeds, ability to unblock a huge list of streaming services (including Netflix) and a decent selection of servers. ExpressVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and supports five concurrent devices. After being recently purchased by Kape Technologies, ExpressVPN is now owned by the same company that owns Private Internet Access, CyberGhost, and ZenMate VPNs. Soon after, a report was released about the company’s chief information officer, Daniel Gericke.

private VPN

Since the last time we reviewed it, PrivateVPN has gone through some changes. The service still offers two basic interface modes: Simple and Advanced. Simple mode is the first thing every user sees, and the new design is very similar to many other VPNs. It offers a single pane window that is not size adjustable. PrivateVPN has also added ping times for each server location from your actual location to help you find the best server in your desired country. After choosing your desired server location, click Connect and you will be up and running. If you are a basic VPN user, this is all you need to know to use PrivateVPN.


Ivacy VPN isn’t the biggest name in the game, but they do offer some solid protections that should make them a contender in your quest to find the right VPN service at the right price. Before we start unpacking Ivacy VPN, let’s take a look at some of its great and not-so-best offerings. Ivacy is a VPN service that meets a lot of requirements and all for an incredibly modest price. With Ivacy, you get access to fast servers in 100+ locations, so it’s great for bypassing government-imposed restrictions and geoblocks. Ivacy is also running a Halloween special right now where you can sign up for five years at $1.33 per month.

ZenMate VPN

ZenMate VPN is a VPN operated by the company ZenGuard GmbH. ZenGuard GmbH is based in Berlin, Germany. Although this country has some strict privacy laws, Germany is also part of the “14 Eyes” alliance, which is not always great for your privacy. However, ZenMate is GDPR compliant. It was started by two young friends who wanted to ensure security, privacy and freedom online across the world. They wanted to focus on ordinary Internet users so that everyone could have free Internet access. This idea culminated in the creation of ZenMate VPN.

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