Guide: Best Chrome Exten­sions for Gmail Users

Undoubtedly, Gmail is one of the most widely used email services mainly for its ease of use and amazing featuresWhat makes this email service even cooler is its seamless integration with other Google apps and services. An example of this are the Google Chrome extensions for Gmail. These extensions not only help in effective management of emails, but also make the job much easier with their handy ones features Today we’ve compiled a list of seven such Google Chrome extensions for Gmail, so let’s take a quick look at them. Also see: 21 Excellent Chrome Extensions to Boost Productivity

1. Simple Gmail Notes

Most of the time we receive emails that only require actions instead of responses. And what good is an action if you cannot remember it later? Simple Gmail Notes is the perfect tool suitable for the occasion by letting you add notes to the important emails.

And since this extension stores the notes in Google Drive, it needs your permission to access it. Moreover, it even supports the sophisticated Inbox by Gmail.

So every time you open an email, the note box will appear at the top of the email. From changing colors, searching notes to adding an email as a calendar event – a lot can be accomplished with this simple tool. And every time you open Gmail, you get a bird’s-eye view of all the notes, in their different color formats.

2. Gmail ™ email templates

Making your own email to look a certain way is quite a time consuming task. Templates can make this task easier. But wouldn’t it be great if you just click on one button Gmail ™ email templates is a suitable solution. It includes a diverse list of templates from birthday invitations to sales and marketing. All you have to do is on the small button next to the Send button, choose your template, fill it up and send.

Compare it to the unnecessary hassle of searching for an image and filling it up into another tool and import it as an image.

And the best thing about this extension is that most of the fillers are pre-loaded which makes it much easier for you to click the submit button button Checking out how to create email templates in Outlook with Gorgias

3. Todoist for Gmail

Emails can be overwhelming at times, especially when one receives a large number of them within a short time on a busy day. Todoist for Gmail, as the name suggests, aids in better email management by turning emails into tasks.

This extension is touted by Verge as one of the best to-do list apps and is compatible with a number of platforms. To create a task from an email, open the email and click the Todoist icon at the top, add the time and project, and you’re done.

In addition, there are a number of keyboard shortcuts to make the job much easier and faster. This extension is free to install from the Chrome web store, although some of the features such as comments, activity log and labels are hidden behind a paywall.

4. Ugly e-mail

Trackers are the ugly side of things via emails. Email trackers are used by many subscription-based businesses or online marketers to identify information such as when the email was opened, whether you clicked the embedded links, or where you opened the email.

Since the concept of online privacy is in danger, extensions like Ugly Email help identify the email trackers. Since most of them use a 1 × 1 hidden pixel for sending information, Ugly Email will identify it and block sending information to its server.

What makes it a must-have is that it doesn’t read emails, and doesn’t store or send your data anywhere. Once an email is identified, a small eye is displayed with the information about the tracking technique used.

5. Checker Plus

Checker Plus is a great Chrome extension that allows you to manage multiple Gmail accounts, all from the comfort of the browser toolbar. From sending emails, customizing sounds and notifications, scrolling through emails and moving to another folder – this handy tool handles most things with ease.

Once this extension is added, the total number of unread emails will be displayed in the toolbar. Click on it and you will get a brief overview of your accounts. You can also compose replies directly from the toolbar, but you cannot add an attachment.

To compose a new email, you need to click the plus icon at the bottom, which will pop-up the Gmail window.up will be opened.

6. FullContact for Gmail

FullContract for Gmail is a contact management tool for Gmail that gives you full control over your address book. It displays the available contact information of the sender along with other relevant information such as position with the company, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, etc.

All you need to do is hover over the sender’s email ID or open the email – all contact information will be displayed in the right panel. And if the Twitter account is connected to the app, the latest tweets from the sender are instantly visible in your inbox.

7. Grammatically

No email should leave your inbox with bad grammar or spelling mistakes. After all, you wouldn’t want the person on the other end to judge you and your skills, would you? Grammar for Google Chrome is the excellent tool for this.

Not only does it point out typos and grammatical errors, it also lets you know the alternative options for a particular word.

Which Gmail extension are you using?

Chrome extensions for Gmail certainly make the job much smoother with their impressive ones featuresDid we miss to include a favorite extension of yours in this list? Let us know in the comments. See following: Inbox by Gmail vs. BlueMail: Android Mail Apps Compared

Best Chrome Exten­sions for Gmail Users: benefits

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