The Best Co-Op Games on PlayStation 4

[contentsdisabled] The world wants to separate us. Whether political, that is, black and blue dress, life conspired to create friends. Video games have always been a better escape from the rigors of the real world, but what if you could take your friends for a walk with the best co-op PS4 games? Whether you just want to romp around New York City or work together in a busy kitchen, co-op play on PlayStation 4 is all you need for a cathartic bond. Those who say that these types of games that take place in PvP are dying to death with the attention of many are cynical at best. If you look at the variety of options we have, we might be in a better place when it comes to co-op play. The games you’ll discover below require your partner to have their own controller, but many narrative-driven games like B. the edition of Telltale (Rest in Peace) can fall under one roof. Without further ado, it’s adventure time – let’s grab your friends and dive into the best PS4 co-op games. Don’t forget that these games will also work on PlayStation 5 thanks to backwards compatibility.

Here is the list of the best co-op games on PlayStation 4

Take two

It’s Take to Hazelight is the latest from the studio, which has excelled with unique co-op experiences like A Way Out and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The studio’s latest effort is one of the best, and that says something. These two follow a struggling couple as they deal with an impending divorce. The couple’s daughter cries over the dolls they made, turning them into knitting miniatures. from there it is up for you and the teammate to come back home and I hope you fix your marriage in the process. The story is gripping and not afraid to delve into the deeper parts of its subject matter. Still, It Takes Two stands out with its gameplay. As the name suggests, in each puzzle and enemy encounter, two men must be defeated. Each character has access to a new skill at each level, forcing players to work together to progress through the story. It Takes Co-op is well done and shows how powerful a co-op experience can be when made for two people. Buy


Fortnite is a shining example of a game where the more friends you play, the more fun it is, and even better, its wildly popular battle royale mode is completely free to play. Weekly challenges keep things fresh so you have something new to do each week and as each season comes and goes there are new updates coming and as the story develops, by the way the main maps change. Still in Early Access, Epic’s profitable hybrid base defense/shooter/survival game is a better platform for co-op play than many of the full releases. Playing with a handful of friends not only gives you a better chance of fending off waves of husks or building the ultimate base, those friends can also provide valuable XP boosts and grab some of Fortnite’s massive inventory of rare loot. may give you a better chance. Buy


Outriders is an early success. It comes from developer People Can Fly, known for their work on Bulletstorm and Gears of War: Judgment. Outriders brings together several elements from the studio’s previous games, combining a Gears of War cape system with Bulletstorm abilities and a Destiny 2-like loot system. All of these systems combine to create one of the most frantic shooters in recent memory, with looped core gameplay supported up by RPG elements and exciting loot. While you can play Outriders alone, it’s best with friends. The in-game world level system allows you to adjust your difficulty, and you can drop at any point in the game’s history. home screen. This makes it easier for friends to show up, regardless of their level. Additionally, Outriders has four unique classes. Each class recovers health by performing a different action (the Trickster class, for example, recovers health by getting close-range kills). With the class system, each squad member has a role to play in combat, encouraging parties to communicate and work together to win. Buy

Call of Duty: Warzone

While battle royale games aren’t co-op in the traditional sense, they are indisputably co-op, so we wanted to include at least one on this list. Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends are all worthy contenders, but the free-to-play Call of Duty: Warzone is a new twist on the well-trodden formula. Its 150-player matches guarantee action; when you die, you have a chance to instantly respawn when winning a 1v1 fight; and you can choose up “contracts” full of objectives that give structure to each round. Plus, it supports full crossplay between PC, PS4 and Xbox One, so you can scan up with your friends, regardless of the platform you choose. Apex Legends undoubtedly still has a superior ping system for headphone-less communication; so if you want to play with randoms, it might be your best bet. But if you have a few friends eager to join you, Warzone is a guaranteed good time. Buy

Rise of the Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter Rise finally brings the series back to Nintendo via Switch, and it’s the best in the series to date. It’s basically Monster Hunter: World, just in your pocket. Rise brings the many gameplay improvements seen in World, including a unified map for hunting monsters and the Wirebug tool, which allows you to quickly circle around and activate some special attacks in combat. While taking down monsters is fun alone, Monster Hunter Rise is best with a group of hunters. Combining attacks and abilities to deal as much damage as possible is part of the fun. you can equip up with up to three other hunters online or through local co-op. Monster Hunter Rise also features the Rampage game mode, which tasks you with defending a village from monsters by attacks, setting up siege weapons and instruct NPCs. Monster Hunter Rise is a true successor to Monster Hunter: World, and that’s really impressive on the Switch. Buy

destination 2

Bungie’s sci-fi epic is based on the ability to participate up with other players as much as possible. Part FPS, part MMO, Destiny 2’s excellent shooting mechanics and tantalizing loot grinds will keep you and your friends going for the long haul, or at least until Destiny 3 inevitably launches and everyone jumps ship. Not only are there a ton of adventures, strikes, nightfall, and six-person raids to take part in, but you’ll also find yourself working with random players you encounter in the world. Public events literally fall from the sky, leaving you and anyone nearby to fight hordes of enemies for that extra piece of loot. If you’ve somehow never jumped on the Destiny train, you still have time to find a friend and become a Guardian of the Galaxy today. Buy

Between us

Among Us was released over two years ago, and for most of its life, it attracted around 500 to 1,000 players a day on Steam. It is now one of the most popular games on Steam with nearly 500,000 concurrent players. If for some reason you haven’t heard of Among Us, it’s a social deduction game for up for 10 players. You play as a crew member with a short list of tasks to complete, including dumping trash, diverting energy, and uploading files. For crew members, the objective is simple: complete all your tasks and your team wins. The problem, however, is that there is at least one imposter among the crew members. The imposter’s job is to move stealthily, killing crew members in isolation while sabotaging different rooms on the map. Whenever someone finds a body or calls an emergency meeting, your group has a chance to speak out and vote for someone. Among Us is a simple game that anyone can choose up and play, and with people spending more time inside than ever before, a worthy replacement for simple table games. Buy

riders and bicycles

Taking on the roles of tough girls Nessa and Demelza, Knight and Bikes sees you exploring Penfurzy Island in a Goonies-inspired tale where bikes are king and mischief is paramount. It’s made by Moo Yu and Rex Crowle, who are both ex-Media Molecules, so as you can imagine, it’s infused with quirk, cuteness, and the kind of spirit you can only find in a Famous Five book. Yes, the gameplay is all about puzzle solving, crazy golf mini-games, and riding a bike as fast as you can pedal, but it’s also a heartfelt adventure about two kids that offers the kind of gaming experience you can rarely get. . And it’s even better with a real-world friend by your side. Buy

Marvel’s avengers

Marvel’s Avengers might not be the best video game in the world, but it’s an enjoyable romp with friends. Beating up villains with one of Marvel’s finest is a fun enough time on its own, but the union up with your friends to assemble your version of the Avengers is where the game shines. Combat is tight and responsive, each character has a unique set of skills and abilities, and the game-as-a-service elements, while present, never sour the experience. Unfortunately, the game’s excellent campaign is single player only. However, after a few hours with the main story, you’ll unlock the ability to invite others to your game – and join other people’s games – without worrying about finishing it. Buy

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley hands you the keys to a rundown farm in a lazy small town and asks you to change your luck. But it’s not pushy: you and your friends can do as many tasks as you want. you can cut up wood and plant harvests, fish and trade, crafts and gathering, or you can just stroll around the city chatting with the pleasant townspeople. This game is famous for its relaxing singleplayer mode, but online co-op is, in our opinion, the best way to play. If you have already saved, you need to build some cabins to add your friends or everyone can start a new game with a shared farm (progress is only saved for the host). With up for three cooperative partners, you can come up with freeform projects, splitting up tasks to speed up production. Or just sit and watch the sun go up and down – it’s your farm, your rules. Buy

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