The Best Controllers for Fighting-Games for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

[contentsdisabled] Almost all styles of play can be played competitively, but fighting games are fundamentally associated with competitive play. Each match is a direct test between two player skills, reactions, understanding of game mechanics, and ability to predict your opponent’s next move. All of this is expressed through inputs that should be as intuitive as breathing. if you have to think how to do something – or worse, you accidentally do something else – you’ve already lost. Fighting games require a completely unique setup than other genres. Unlike FPS games, for example, there’s no need for two sticks or triggers. Depending on the genre’s origins in arcades, many players are more comfortable with a controller that mimics that stick and button style layout, but over the years, fighting games have expanded to cater to gamers of all types. There were many innovations.

Check out the list of the best fighting game controllers for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Logitech Gamepad F310

Casual gamers prefer regular console controllers, while elite and veteran gamers prefer gamepads. Logitech’s Gamepad F310 is a perfect controller for those who prefer gamepads. It can be used on almost any platform as it is not exclusive like Xbox or PlayStation controllers. Connection is via USB and buttons are customizable. Users can take full advantage of an 8-way (programmable) and 10-way D-pad buttons. Buy

Qanbra Drone

Qanbra Drone It is compatible with PC, PS 3 and PS4. It’s popular because it’s cheap and very effective for beginners who want to get used to the grappling stick. At a really affordable entry price (around $50), the stick will feel loose, but the quality is high enough to make it competitive in fighting games. Use Qanbra Drone when you want to try to play with a fighting stick but don’t have the experience. This includes playing arcade fighting games. If you have experience with fighting sticks, you will probably want to use something of better quality. Buy

Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4

Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4 is compatible with PC, PS3 and PS4. Its main advantage is the price, as it is much cheaper than other fighting sticks available on the market. The controller doesn’t have a slick gate or fancy buttons but it’s perfect for beginners as it’s portable and lightweight. Professionals don’t like the fact that it’s small, as large areas are preferred by top players. However, if you need something to start with and get used to bat fighting, the Mini 4 is a solid choice. Buy

Combat Commander Hori

The controller is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4. It’s perfect for players who have grown up up with the classic Xbox and PlayStation controllers, as they are not used to a fighting stick. Hori includes a gamepad option optimized for fighting games. The thumbstick is a regular D-pad and there are 6 faces buttons included instead of the standard 4. This makes it easy to make very fast combos and establishes the fighting mat as one of the best on the market. Buy

Mad Catz Street Fighter V FightPad Pro

PS4 Fighting game players have been having fun with the Mad Catz FightPad for some time now, and Mad Catz has refined the control with the Street Fighter V Pro edition. This 6-button the R1 and R2 thumbtacks on the face of the controller for a traditional arcade style similar to the classic Sega Genesis 6-button pillow. While these types of gamepads are nothing new, Mad Catz’s focus on ergonomics and a wicked D-Pad make him a fan favorite among fighting enthusiasts. Plus, it comes in a nice variety of colors and styles! Buy

Vitrix Pro FS

Tournament fighters might want to check out the Victrix Pro FS, especially if they are constantly on the move. Although priced high at $349 dollars, it has a ton of features for fighting enthusiasts who need fast response time, precise controls and durability. Programmable buttons, a 5ms input latency time, and PC, Xbox, and PS4 compatibility make the Victrix versatile and useful in a fight! It even has a liftable storage lid. up to access swappable components or store the joystick itself when not in use. Nice touches, all around. Buy

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