The Best Cycling GPS Units

[contentsdisabled] The best bike computers can show you a lot of data to track your ride, your performance, and improve your cycling. Today it is rare for a cyclist to ride without a bike computer on the handlebars. But not all units are the same. So what should you look for in a bike computer? At their lowest, cycle computers start around the price of a takeout pizza, but can cost up half the price of a decent bike. As you would expect, the more affordable features dramatically increase the more you spend. Like most electronic devices, GPS bike computers are rapidly evolving and changing. Latest models are released all the time, but even existing models get the latest features (and bug fixes) via firmware updates. However, the core functionality of a typical GPS bike computer, which displays speed, distance, time, elevation, cadence, and heart rate, has not changed for many years. with update features on top of these cores features, different players are trying to get you to buy their product or upgrade to the latest variants. Some examples of these features: navigation, event detection, phone pairing, integrated training can improve your safety, fitness and overall driving pleasure. Clearer, crisper screens are easier; Phone applications can greatly simplify setup and modification.

Check out the list of the best GPS units for cycling

Garmin 1030 Plus

The Garmin Edge 1030 Plus is the new high-end GPS cycling computer from the biggest name on the market, replacing the original Edge 1030 as your main computer. There are also a number of notable improvements compared to the original 1030, but it’s more of an evolution than a revolution. At 58×114×19 mm, it looks like you stuck a small mobile phone on the front of your bike when installed. At 124g, it’s also one of the heaviest computers on the market, but that doesn’t matter. If you already have a Garmin from the last six years, the Garmin Connect app will automatically port your device’s configuration to your new computer. Buy now

Wahoo Element Screw

The GPS unit has been tweaked cosmetically, but it’s the addition of color to the screen, along with improved graphics, that make the biggest difference overall. Expect much more intuitive guidance on the go thanks to automatic redirection, which is a definite bonus, while other revisions like better buttons, increased storage and USB-C charging bring the Elemnt Bolt bang up Until the present date. The output version of the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt was good, but it was also let down by some stingy features that tended to spoil the overall device. Wahoo addressed them this time around, with the display being the main improvement. Buy now

Bryton Rider 420 E

This is a solid bike computer with some annoying design flaws. You will not be disappointed with the level of features or what this thing will do and do well, but make sure you get a front mount for it, they look cooler anyway. The 2.3″ screen is bright when lit and will display up for eight of the 77 data fields available on one page at a time. It will even show text messages on the screen if you leave it connected to your phone. This is too much features for one unit you can choose up for £100 online, while the comparable Garmin (the Edge 130) is around £150 and the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt (which has maps) is £185. Buy now

Garmin Edge 130 Plus

The Garmin Edge 130 is identical, the case and display are the same size, the graphics are the same, the noise is the same and they both weigh 33g; the aesthetic difference comes in the form of a sticker on the back denoting the model. The computer even supports Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors, including Varia radar and lights, and syncs automatically. The caveat is that you already have a Garmin device. This eliminates the button- pushing marathon that often comes with setup up non-touch screen head units; however, if this is your first computer, warm your fingers up. The Edge 130 Plus offers the same training metrics (with the addition of MTB dynamics) as the 130, which covers the basics, including support for power meters. Buy now

Lezyne Super Pro

The Super Pro GPS is Lezyne’s $149.99 computer that sits in the mid-range and features a black and white screen and four buttons to browse the data fields. It syncs with a smartphone to allow for more user control and additional training app integration, and can also be mounted vertically or horizontally on the handlebars. The computer has the standard functions of current, average and maximum speed, as well as elevation, heart rate, power, cadence and all the other usual ones. It also has the ability to relay calls, texts and email notifications on the screen if you are on mobile. phone range, common feature for many GPS units. Buy now

Cat’s Eye – Fast CC-RS100W

The Cat Eye Quick Cycling Computer is a simple 7-function model with a unique ‘lollipop’ design and a very clear display. It’s intuitive to use, easy to read and well made despite weighing in at 41g. However, despite the considerable charm, there’s no getting around the fact that it’s expensive, relative to the features you get and the competition. Fits 31.8 bars, but a shim is included for 25-26.0. Narrower sections (like those found in the latest generation of riser-type drops) may require something thicker, but nothing a quick search of the bodge box won’t fix. The clamp is held together by a 2.5mm Allen screw. The main unit is easily removed, for example when locking in the street or changing batteries. Just press one button on the holder and pull up. Buy now

Wahoo Elemnt Roam

Roam is just as capable as Bolt when it comes to recognizing available sensors quickly and easily, making setup up any bike a breeze. The connection to your phone It’s nimble and fast, and you’ve got to give Wahoo a lot of credit for getting so much out of the set-up right with the ease of use up there with Bolt. The Roam looks more like a screw up (which isn’t bad) than a new standalone unit. The color screen doesn’t add much, but the resolution gains over the bolt improve things, especially when it comes to mapping. Buy now

Garmin Edge 830

The Edge 830 isn’t the most compact thing on the market, but the bodywork is all there to support the 2.6-inch screen as your visual portal to a world of data and mapping. The design is robust enough, with IPX7 protection, which means you won’t be bothered by rain showers or soaking wet when you hit a big puddle. The screen is in color, and while the resolution isn’t high by smartphone standards, it’s good enough to show you the detail you need. It’s an LCD, backlit so you can see it easily, dimming in low light and turning off to save battery if you use power saving mode. feature. Buy now

Lezyne Mega XL

The Mega XL has the distinction of being the newest, biggest and best model in Lezyne’s line of GPS bike computers. It is very similar in many ways to its smaller brethren, but sets itself apart with a huge claimed battery life from up up to 48 hours, a large, easy-to-read display that can be used in portrait or landscape orientation, and offline maps and navigation. There are many features not to mention, but its long battery life helps it stand out from the crowd. Read on to see how it stacks up. up. The Mega XL is a newer model in its lineup that boasts the biggest screen and an impressive array of features. features. Buy now

Bryton Rider 15 neo

The Rider 15 neo uses Bryton’s own quarter-turn bracket molded into the base of the GPS computer. Included in the box is a plastic handlebar that uses elastic o-rings for mounting. It’s a simple design that works well on bike stem handlebars and provides a secure fit. We still recommend buying a front mount like the Bryton Sport Mount as it’s a cleaner install and places the computer directly in front of the mount. At first glance, the mount design looks very similar to Garmin mounts, but Bryton uses a slightly thicker guide design that makes them incompatible. Buy now

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