Making to-do lists and crossing off the items as you finished them was once the answer. The best daily planner apps can be thought of as online to-do lists. The road to productivity is littered with well-intentioned people who have unused programmes taking up space on their laptop, PCs and smartphones. The best daily planner apps bases itself on an analogue day planner, a time-tested method of keeping track of your calendar, in an effort to separate out from the crowd of other productivity apps. There was the day planner before there was a planner app or even a Palm Pilot.

Here is the list of Best Daily Planner Apps


ClickUp is one of the best daily planner apps available because it aids teams and individuals in organising and planning their tasks. ClickUp has something to offer everyone, whether you’re a task manager, a student organising coursework, or a parent making your grocery list. ClickUp enables you to adapt your tool to your life rather than the other way around. There are more than 15 different ways to view your workload and daily schedule, including the Calendar, List, and Everything views. With ClickUp’s mobile app, you can also remain up to date on significant dates and occasions while you’re on the go.


Todoist is the best daily planner apps that will keep you motivated and organised. Todoist is a great place to start if you’re looking for a really customizable tool. Todoist uses boards in the Kanban manner to assist you in visualising your chores. You can add subheadings, drag and drop tasks, invite team members, and add labels or filters inside these boards. To make finding assignments easier, you can sort through these boards by priority, date, and name. The Kanban boards on Todoist highlight this simplicity with distinct color-coded tags and filters. Additionally, you may make planning more entertaining by adding emojis to the page to make it more colourful. The platform itself can be customised with more than different colour schemes, in addition to your boards. With the help of these themes, you can inspire creativity by matching your planning board’s design and attitude.


The free version of Memorigi offers more features than you might anticipate, and you can upgrade to a tier with even more features by paying $50 on an annual basis. These features include better productivity stats to track progress, access to the Memorigi cloud, and the “Nag Me” feature, which gently prods you to stay on track. With the best daily planner apps, you can select how to organise tasks using features like groups, projects, and lists and see them all at once with the calendar view. Groups might help you keep your personal and professional responsibilities distinct. You may monitor projects inside groups and use headings to structure each project and keep tasks neat.


That is, for the most part, the case for those whose days consist of tasks like doing the laundry, going to a meeting, sending a report, and picking up the kids from school, with the exception of those who use Infinity. With the use of the best daily planner apps Infinity, you can effectively prioritise your chores, complete them, assess what occupies the majority of your time, and become more organised. First of all, Infinity has a bright, clear, and simple design with a straightforward layout. Create a workspace as a base, then add a board, folders, and tasks. This daily task planner includes subtasks, checkboxes, and checklists, some of the most essential components for large-scale planning.


Evernote is made to make it easier for you to manage all of your notes, ideas, and to-do lists in one location. You can quickly add new projects and due dates, make reminders, attach files, and even take and edit images with Evernote. Additionally, the search feature is fantastic for finding what you need quickly. The best daily planner apps is home dashboard gives you a fast summary of your future tasks and events so you can get started on your day. To see your schedule and notes in one location, you can even link your Google Calendar account to Evernote. Additionally, every modification you make will be immediately reflected across all platforms.

My daily planner

By strategically arranging your days, the My Daily Planner app earns its keep. If you enjoy organising your team’s work by combining the To-do list and To-do planner, you should rank this app among the best daily planner apps. You can add some extensions and break up jobs into manageable pieces. The items on your calendar can then be prioritised using colours. Less important jobs will automatically be moved to the following days. Thus, you may say Your digital assistant, the My Daily Planner app, maintains track of your to-do lists.


A strong project management tool for leading a team of workers on a project is nTask. It offers a simple way to keep track of and manage every component of a project, including tasks, deadlines, and milestones. Everyone on the team can easily keep informed and on task thanks to nTask, ensuring that the project meets its objectives in a timely manner. It is an effective best daily planner apps that works great for expanding teams. It was created with a focus on cooperation, openness, and flexibility. Project management, task tracking, and team communication are made simple using nTask.


Trello should be your best daily planner apps if you’re seeking for a free task manager tool with a calendar view. The Kanban board in Trello serves as the centre of attention. To modify a task’s state and start automation workflows, you can drag & drop it across columns. Tasks allow you to collaborate with your peers using comments as well as the addition of files, labels, and checklists. That’s not all, though. Using add-ons, Trello’s task capabilities may be readily expanded to fit your processes . The calendar view is one such addition that allows you to see your plans and upcoming tasks on a calendar.

With a calendar, planner, and reminders built into the useful to-do list software, you can stay organised and complete more tasks. Since syncs with all of your devices, you always have access to your planning schedule wherever you are. You can make your daily schedule while you’re on the road thanks to an intuitive interface. Smart reminders ensure that you never forget to complete any of your to-do items, and appealing themes and color-coding of priority make planning fun. Despite all the benefits one of the best daily planner apps has to offer, the applications don’t work together perfectly. Its free edition only provides minimal planning features.


Clockwise can be used with Android, which is why we’re including it under the iOS area. Few of the best daily planner apps covered in this post offer clever tools to help you make the most of your calendar, but many of them offer numerous levels of functionality so you can maximise the tool. Your concentrate time and meetings with others can be scheduled even without the support of the entire team to keep you on track to accomplish your objectives. To reduce friction in your daily life, there are connectors with Slack, Zoom, and Asana as well as features like lunch holds, travel time, and personal calendar syncing.

Final Words

Your personal and professional productivity will increase with the aid of best daily planner apps, which will help you stay organised and on top of all your tasks. Despite the market having a large number of these productivity apps, the seven stated above are some of the best daily planner apps. It works well for keeping track of your output, the output of your team, and the financial success of your project.

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