The Best Dark Web Websites and Directories

[contentsdisabled] Dark web refers to content that is not indexed by search engines and requires special software or authorization to access. Dark web content lives on the dark web, a part of the internet that can only be accessed by certain browsers or certain network settings. The dark web is said to offer anonymity by keeping communications private through encryption and routing of online content through various web servers. This is where the “dark” part comes in – accessing the dark web requires the use of special software that keeps you anonymous. While the dark web is often portrayed as an anarchic forum for criminal activity, this is not necessarily true. The dark web is simply an anonymous space on the web, which in turn can be misused or enjoyed. The safest way to enter the dark web is through the Tor network. For added security, first connect to a VPN and then use Tor in a practice known as Tor over VPN. Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and governments may be suspicious of using Tor, and a VPN will hide your internet activity and prevent anyone from knowing you are using Tor.

Here is the list of the best Dark Web sites and directories

hidden wiki

The Hidden Wiki is a dark web where you can find links to various sites on the dark web. Many onion links seem meaningless because they are a combination of too many random numbers and letters. This makes it difficult to find the site you are looking for. The hidden wiki does most of the searching for you. In addition, they provide informational pages on a variety of topics that might be interesting to read. However, be careful. Make sure you don’t click on a link to something you don’t want to see, because the Hidden Wiki doesn’t just index legitimate sites. In fact, there are a lot of “hidden wiki” sites out there.


DuckDuckGo is the most popular private search engine. Unlike other search engines, no personal data is collected or transmitted. Fortunately, it’s also available on Surface Web. This is a better option if you want to browse the web anonymously. Even without monitoring your browsing activity, DuckDuckGo offers decent answers to your questions. You can also use it on the dark web as it contains onion links. It offers an extra layer of privacy and anonymity to access the deep parts of the internet.

the Facebook

Although Facebook is known for collecting all the data on its platform, it doesn’t like to share the information with others. The social media giant is also aware of the many attempts by repressive regimes to limit its access. Finally, it allows users to connect and communicate with each other from all over the world. So it’s not surprising that Facebook has an onion portal. Unfortunately, this does not improve your privacy, it only allows you to access the platform in restricted countries.

hidden answers

Reddit has dominated the news forum space for more than a decade, but a wave of controversy, an influx of new users and persistent censorship allegations have meant the site has lost some of its charm in recent years. Hidden Answers resembles a dark web version of Reddit; We think it’s one of the best shady sites. Users seek advice, post stories and discuss a variety of topics. Unlike Reddit, Hidden Answers gives users complete anonymity.


Daniel is an excellent resource to help you explore various dark web links and the Tor browser in general. Daniel’s website lists 7,000 onion links categorized for easy navigation. In addition, it has a very useful internal interface. feature that lets you know if a particular site is online. This is very useful as you don’t have to click and load every dark web link listed to see if it works. This is a great feature especially given the Tor browser’s potentially long load times.


SecureDrop is a dark web link that allows whistleblowers to securely share information with journalists. The Dark Web offers whistleblowers the opportunity to communicate with journalists without being tracked. In most cases, whistleblowers have confidential information about the government or the company. They can be easily tracked and even processed by sharing the information on the surface web. SecureDrop is the best dark web onion site that protects the privacy of journalists and whistleblowers. The SecureDrop website is currently unavailable. However, many news organizations and publishers have defined up your own SecureDrop URL to harness the power of anonymous whistleblowers.

Tor Metrics

Tor Metrics is a good place to get more information about the Tor project. It collects data from the public Tor network and archives historical data from the Tor ecosystem. This service is a good source of statistics if you have a school project that requires research on Tor and the dark web. However, please note that the site only uses non-sensitive and public data for the metrics. The purpose of an anonymity and privacy network like Tor is not to participate in extensive data collection. However, data is needed to understand, monitor and improve the network. In addition, the data helps detect network attacks and possible censorship events.


ProPublica is investigative journalism on both the surface web and the dark web. This allows site visitors to remain anonymous if they so choose. This can be useful, for example, for people living under oppressive regimes. Finally, ProPublica does not shy away from reporting controversial topics, such as child labor and corrupt politicians. For those who believe in independent journalism, the dark web has a very unique publication. ProPublica is a place for those who dare to challenge abuse of power, corruption and the like. They are completely non-profit and have a dedicated URL that you can access using the Tor browser.

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