With extended use, newbie Linux users tend to realise that most of the utilities provided by beginner-friendly editions are superfluous for regular use. That’s when distributions designed for power users give them the freedom to pick and choose what they need. The capacity to have only what you need in the system and not waste resources is what defines a lightweight laptop or systems. Not what has been pre-added. It is without a doubt one of the easiest to use, is quite versatile in a variety of settings, and everything from installation to first configuration is touch and go. The strong APT package manager and extensive feature set that appeals to Linux users from all walks of life provide all best Debian based Linux distributions a major advantage over competitors.

Here is the list of Best Debian Based Linux Distributions


For good reason, Ubuntu is the most popular best Debian based Linux distributions by some criteria. It boasts the most driver support and the most user-friendly graphical user interface. Many Linux users, both new and experienced, adore it because it simply works.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint has long been a favourite among many users, both professionals and beginners, due to its user-friendliness and sleek and simple UI, which makes it simple to navigate. It uses the same package repositories as Ubuntu, and the most recent version, Linux Mint 20 Ulyana, is based on Ubuntu 20.04. ( Focal Fossa). You receive the standard day-to-day software like Firefox browser, LibreOffice suite, multimedia apps, picture editing tools, and so much more, much like Ubuntu. Mint 20, based on Ubuntu 20.04, is a breath of fresh air with its new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. You get a new wallpaper with a variety of high-resolution and beautiful wallpapers and background images to pick from.


Deepin is the most attractive best Debian based Linux distributions if you have a decent machine and don’t mind the origin of the distro. Deepin is a China-based distro with its own Desktop Environment called DDE (Deepin Desktop Environment) and a set of home-grown software for the average user such as Deepin Software Centre, Music, and DPlayer. Deepin can be the ideal alternative if you are switching from Windows or looking for an upgraded Linux Desktop experience, thanks to its ease of installation and eye-pleasing UI.


Whonix is a private and secure best Debian based Linux distributions that reduces the chance of spies or attacks from the outside. These shield users from network eavesdropping while allowing the system to function normally. Whonix is well-known for its protection against malware and DNS attacks, which are nearly impossible to carry out while keeping a user’s ID address confidential. Whonix is made up of two virtual machines, “Workstation” and “Tor Gateway,” both of which are part of the Debian basis. Qubes, Linux KVM, and VirtualBox are all virtualization machines that may instal images on a user-supplied host operating system. All network connections must be handled by a workstation that filters via Tor and redirects them to the Internet.

Fedora KDE

Fedora Linux KDE Edition is the first Linux distribution on our list that I believe is the best. The main reason is that Fedora Linux is incredibly stable and uses cutting-edge technology, while KDE Plasma is super fast and ideal for all users. Furthermore, this Fedora and KDE Plasma combination requires no additional modifications or changes after installation. Fedora Linux with KDE Plasma has become the go-to distribution for every possible use case and process over the last few releases, and following the current Fedora 36 release feedback. Furthermore, KDE Plasma includes KDE Applications and other delights, removing the need for additional software.


Zorin is THE best Debian based Linux distributions with a single goal in mind: to resemble Windows OS as closely as possible. If you’ve chosen to make the jump from Windows to Linux, this may be your first option of distribution. Although the download link includes a charge, it is not payware. Further down the download page, you’ll find two free editions: Zorin Core and Zorin Lite. The first option provides the distribution with no strings attached. The latter provides a lighter version, which the maintainer claims will breathe new life into ageing systems.

Pop OS

System76, an American computer firm, created the Pop OS for their hardware lineup. However, it is one of the most well-known and rising Linux variants based on Ubuntu. The Pop OS is most recognised for being optimised for modern hardware and for bringing several unique features not seen in the regular Ubuntu with GNOME desktop. For example, you get a well-designed COSMIC desktop with Pop OS, a built-in tiling functionality, power controls that are well-optimized, and a magnificent Pop Shop. The Pop Shop is a software store created by its creator to provide you with a well-categorized variety of programmes for study, learning, development, gaming, and so on.


Arch is THE best Debian based Linux distributions. It is one of the best-suited distros for developers, with complete configuration freedom. Users should be aware that there is a learning curve and that everything must be installed manually. The Arch distribution does not come with a lot of pre-installed software, and programmers can tweak and add packages as needed. Furthermore, the distribution is only for expert users, as programmers must execute a set of commands during installation. It is by far the least user-friendly distribution because its major foundation is to allow programmers to customise the system to their needs.

Final Words

Your choice will be determined by your technical skills and expertise, as well as what you intend to do with your best Debian based Linux distributions. If you’re new to Linux, you can’t go wrong with Linux Mint or Ubuntu. Advanced users, on the other hand, will find Arch Linux or CentOS more suitable. If you need an operating system for old devices or laptops, MX Linux is a good choice, while SteamOS is the best choice for gaming.

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